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If you ain’t following Condola Rashad on twitter yet then you might wanna start. She’s the daughter of legendary TV mom Phylicia Rashad (Dr Heathcliff Huxtable’s better half on The Cosby Show). She’s been in numerous movie and TV roles, and Tony nominated twice. She’s Juliet opposite Orlando Bloom in Romeo and Juliet (Ain’t he a bit old to play Romeo?). Now they’re currently involved as Bloom finds love on the rebound from Miranda Kerr with his costar. Orlando says that he’s wild about the way she kisses! Or as Orlando says via the Mail –

‘We sometimes get applause after our first kiss because it just goes on and on,’ he told a US talk show. ‘Sometimes I’m like, “I’m not letting go.”’

Condola has been equally enthusiastic in her praise, declaring: ‘What’s funny is we didn’t have to force it.
‘We had a connection from the minute we met, a sense of comfort. We’ve built the relationship we have just by being around each other.’

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Fashion gets "racy"

Panic at the Disco

like Gary Larson's the Far Side, celebrity gossip has it's own kind of horror, like the horror of MIlan's Halloweek which turned out even worse than the name might imply. Some high powered fashion types turned out to the Disco Africa themed party wearing blackface, others showed up wearing slave chains
Horror & the transmundane

Celebrities like to set new standards in bad behavior. Call ’em all time lows. Like the time Julianne Hough went out dressed up in blackface because she thought that it would be okay in the right context (which is something like what Dr. Laura Schlesinger thought before she went tilt on the air and then went over to Sirius XM). Since she’s a fan of Crazy Eyes on Orange is the New Black then it was practically a compliment and really a homage. Oh yeah and it also gave her a chance to smirk mischievously for the cameras. Surely no other celebrity would be daft enough to do anything like that, that is outside of Paula Deen in the onset of a sugar coma. Well then if that’s what you really think then you’ve made the mistake of applying common sense standards to a wild and crazy profession. This time their standards of wild and crazy have brought some real celebrity horror just in time for Halloween! It’s not the gothy emo Twilight “You don’t get me – I bite people!” stuff either. It’s much less sullen, and much more shocking and absurd!

Fashion is never tacky, even when it’s tasteless?

Celebrity fashioistas at Milan's Halloweek don blackface as if they didn't know it was offensive
If you must be tasteless, don’t be tacky

Fashion is wild & crazy even by celebrity standards. For one thing the movie industry is localized in Hollywood while the fashion industry is disbursed, as it were, across the globe. So it intersects a number of borders and cultures. Plus is means that you can always get far enough away to get away with something, usually. Take Milan for instance. It’s pretty far away from the USA. If Miss South Carolina from several years back can be believed then most Americans might not be able to find Milan on a map. Any Jay Leno audience member might mistakenly locate it in China, or Australia. Oddly, it was recently located in Africa. At least only for a little while, and then in disco form.

not since the days of Al Jolson

It’s not so much that Milan went to Africa as it brought Africa to Milan, sort of. Milan was having it’s annual Halloweek festival and it was themed Disco Africa. It was a chance to network, dance, and of course dress up. I don’t know how the dancing and networking went but some of the costumes came off a bit tasteless. In fact the party wound up looking like a display of support for disgraced TV chef Paula Deen. What I mean by that is, and to come straight to the point, some of the honoured guests arrived wearing blackface. Just take a look!

caution – racy pictures!

things took a freaky and offensive turn at Milan's Halloweek - is this a morning after disaster, or a lack of basic good sense?
things took a freaky and offensive turn at Milan's Halloweek - now even Archi Bunker onj All In The Family back in 1975 knew that this was just plain wrong
things took a freaky and offensive turn at Milan's Halloweek - so next year they're gonna ask Tila Tequila to host - Tila will make trouble but only the kind you expect
things took a freaky and offensive turn at Milan's Halloweek - Steffano Gabbana kept it classy but Alessandro Dell'Acqua got out of hand

So there you have it blackface, chains, guys singin’ “Mammy”, the whole sad sorry spectacle. At the very least it’s ‘borderline’ politically incorrect. At worst hurtful and offensive. Not that everyone was tearing around in KKK mode or anything. Most people kept it cool and copacetic. Like Vogue Japan editor Anna Dello Russo, & Dolce & Gabbana’s Steffano Gabbana, while others like designer Alessandro Dell’Acqua got ‘racy’.

‘You got me wrong – I was doin’ a retro thing!’

Some people ask “What’s the harm in it?” Julianne Hough claims that her blackface was in homage to a beloved TV show.  We don’t know what excuses the Milan Halloweek crowd have. twitter has so far been strangely silent on the matter. Perhaps there will be an announcement about how things were taken out of context and no offense was meant. Then thing is that even in the 70’s, and as early as 1975 – people knew this shit was wrong. I know that because I have documentary video evidence that even in 1975 some kind of awareness and sensitivity was beginning to dawn. Maybe it was only in TV sitcom form, but that’s why we have the proof now. So don’t knock sitcoms! They’re a great genre.

Those were the them there days

Anyway the proof come sin the form of an old All In The Family episode entitled Birth of a Baby. That’s the one where Archie is all excited about taking part in a minstrel show with the boys at his slightly bigoted lodge. Mike tries to explain to him that it’s ignorant. Archie won’t listen. For one thing no one listens to Mike because he’s a loud mouthed snook, or a meat head, as Archie calls him. Basically he’s a know it all with a big mouth and an opinion on everything (and born way too soon to blog!). Besides Archie is set in his ways which is good enough when you know your way around.

So when Gloria goes into premature labour Archie is caught off guard and winds up in the hospital emergency ward, still in his stage make up! So for a guy who thinks he knows his way around he gets caught flat footed at precisely the wrong time. Let’s have a look at that 2 part episode which is oddly enough, almost as timely even in this day and age.

So if you can’t find it in your heart to abstain from such hateful displayed out of human decency, then at least do it because this is the age of Twitter & Instagram. That means no one is safe and in a way Marchall McLuhan never explicitly warned us about (although he did mention something about privacy becoming irrelevant, or “obsolete” as he called it, in a new info based electric global village). So if you can’t be honest about it then at least be on your best behavior – or this Halloween could be more trick than treat. Meanwhile sit back and wait for the next celebrity offender.
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