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If you ain’t following Condola Rashad on twitter yet then you might wanna start. She’s the daughter of legendary TV mom Phylicia Rashad (Dr Heathcliff Huxtable’s better half on The Cosby Show). She’s been in numerous movie and TV roles, and Tony nominated twice. She’s Juliet opposite Orlando Bloom in Romeo and Juliet (Ain’t he a bit old to play Romeo?). Now they’re currently involved as Bloom finds love on the rebound from Miranda Kerr with his costar. Orlando says that he’s wild about the way she kisses! Or as Orlando says via the Mail –

‘We sometimes get applause after our first kiss because it just goes on and on,’ he told a US talk show. ‘Sometimes I’m like, “I’m not letting go.”’

Condola has been equally enthusiastic in her praise, declaring: ‘What’s funny is we didn’t have to force it.
‘We had a connection from the minute we met, a sense of comfort. We’ve built the relationship we have just by being around each other.’

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