Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Naked!!!

Gadot’s boobs have caused trouble before!

Looks like her jet ain’t the only ting that’s invisible

In addition to being Wonder Woman, and Fast & Furious, Gal Gadot is also pitchwoman for Castro’s. That’s an Israeli dept store. Naturally pitching fashionable clothing requires occasional nudity. Like when a phone booth isn’t available and you have to duck into a near by elevator. Maybe she did her Wonder Woman spin in reverse, and her outfit disappeared. So instead of transforming from buttoned down Diana Prince into a star spangled crime fighter, she wound up naked!

That’s good news for those who want to judge her controversial breasts for themselves! So go on and have a closer look, though it should be said that her wonder boobs have been pixelated for viewer discretion.

Seeing her nude like that you just can’t help noticing that she has a really nice face – with a good combination of strength and elegance!

vindication is the ‘breast’ revenge

That ad was done about a year ago and back in 2012. When it came out it caused a brouhaha. That’s because it was done in Israel and there are still enough religious traditionalists there to get offended by the site of a woman’s bare bosoms. In fact it was accused of being “pornographic”!

It was also done before Gadot became Wonder Woman and her breasts sparked some kind of international outrage among fan boys. Apparently some of them are upset that Gadot ain’t stacked like a jersey heifer on growth hormones! Comic fans can be demanding and in this case they expect Wonder Woman’s airbags to be fully deployed at all times, and not only in emergencies! In the fight against villainy heroic bosoms can never be too big, apparently!

disturbing breasts set tongues wagging!

At any rate Gadot’s ‘wonder boobs’ have been getting her into trouble for years! Now she can arguably be the proud possessor of the most talked about, and consequently famous, boobs in the world, as the debate on super heroine’s minimum breast requirements continues. Gal’s gals have been covered on every comic book and entertainment website, and might have even got mentioned in the New York Times as far as I know! Whether or not they’re everything comic book fans expected, Gal’s gals are making a big impression! Pussy Riot eat your hearts out.

Coming Soon to Wondertrash! Phil Robertson has been reinstated back at Duck Dynasty but still keeps making outrageous comments. So that has A&E devising contingency plans in case the situation goes too far and Phil has to go on extended hiatus. They’re already reviewing a number of rehabs and sensitivity training courses in case Phil needs to be reformed. Failing that they’re working on a Dancing With The Stars appearance!

Meanwhile A&E has already got a short list of engaging personalities that are almost guaranteed not to go rogue, like this interesting character set to step in if Phil goes too far again! He’s Skipper the Cat and he likes coveralls, dirt roads, and sneaking moonshine from the still when no one’s around. Looks like he’ll fit right in too!


Anne Hathaway "gifts" annoying paparazzo!

Anne Hathaway gives a shit!

Anne Hathaway ain’t all smiles and sunshine. Like the time she got tailed by a paparazzo. That happened only recently on Dec 26 in NYC. Naturally Annie got irked, and found a creative way of giving the guy shit, literally.

Twas the day after Christmas and Anne left the house, 
to walk her dog Esmeralda, and ran into a louse! 
He followed her through the streets of New York, 
until Anne finally got pissed with the dork.
So the next time Esmerelda had to make poop,
Annie saved some up for the reporter’s next scoop!

Anne gives reporter a scoop, but it’s shit you can’t print!

That’s right – Annie left a wad of dog shit right on the guy’s windshield Perhaps not the most appreciated Boxing Day re gifting present but it probably expressed how Anne felt at the moment. Like the say it’s the thought that counts! Besides she deliver it nicely wrapped in a plastic bag. At least it’s better than a lump of coal in his stocking.

Anne Hathaway knows what to give the pests in her life

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot gets Fast & Furious?

Bullshit disclaimer – the following is written as humor only!

Gadot driven to steroids over Lynda Carter comparisons!

Lynda takes the twins for a run!

Ever since Gal Gadot got cast as Wonder Woman there have been complaints. For one thing she’s not Lynda Carter. Now she can’t help that so it can’t be held against her. Fort another fanboys think that she’s not “Amazonian” enough to fill out the part. In this case “Amazonian” doesn’t mean Lucy Lawless. It means “big boobs”. This must be a bit of a shock for Gadot. For one thing she looks fairly normal boobwise.  For another she’s a former beauty pageant winner (like Ms. Carter herself). So she’s always had her good looks going for her. Probably the last thing she ever figured she get complaints about. Gadot is learning that fanboys are hard to please.

Now Gadot has tried top make some defense of her casting. She’s made some official statements in interviews –

Hmm. I represent the Wonder Women of the new world. Breasts… anyone can buy for 9,000 shekels and everything is fine. By the way, Wonder Woman is amazonian, and historically accurate amazonian women actually had only one breast. So, if I’d really go “by the book”…it’d be problematic.

It’s the physical preparations that I’m starting now. A very serious training regime – Kung Fu, kickboxing, swords, jujutsu, Brazilian…1,000 and 1 things…I’ll gain body mass. 

Gadot jacked up on horse estrogen? 

Very diplomatic. Still breasts can be a touchy subject and hard not to take to heart. Completely unsubstantiated rumours (that I just made up) have have Gadot doing more than Kung Fu and carbs to bulk up. She may be turning to steroids in the form of horse estrogen! Horse estrogen is a very hi octane version of the female sex hormone. They would also explain some rapid and startling changes taking place in Gadot recently. Not only has she gained a layer of sleek muscular curves, but she has grown an extra 3 inches in height!

eat like a horse with the Wonder Woman diet

However there appear to be some side effects. For one thing she can’t stop eating! Her appetite has not only increased but changed from her usual meat & fish diet to oatmeal & fresh raw veg salad. When nothing else is available Gadot has been seen sneaking stacks of fresh cut grass! Shamefully she has also been secreting salt licks in her purse. Gadot claims that she’s ‘addicted’ to her new treats, and can’t get enough, especially with the stress of the boob criticism. It’s also cut down on the compulsive ‘cribbing’ on table edges, backs of chairs, and even her bed’s headboard!

Fast, furious, and born to run?

make a Gal mad & Wonder Woman gets Fast & Furious!

Her new muscular vitality has caused some behavior changes too. She’s taken to racing cars. Now she’s done that in her Fast & Furious flicks. The difference now is that she’s racing them on foot, & winning about half the time! More over she’s developed some personality changes. The old low key thoughtful Gadot seems to be replaced my a hormonal Gal-zilla! For instance she was recently over heard bragging to friends about how she would answer boob questions in future – “before I would’ve said some thing low key.The next time anyone pulls that shit on me, I think I’m just gonna slap ’em!” Wonder Woman smash! Sounds like Gal is feeling her oats!

ovary overdrive?

So the moral of the story is never criticism a woman’s boobs unless you’re prepared for the consequences. Otherwise normally quiet and complacent women could been driven to extremes, and end up running in the Kentucky Derby! Now if she’s good you could win some money. As a paying proposition you’d only have to worry about keeping her dose on horse estro. However just think of what could possibly happen once a woman’s ovaries go on overdrive.What’s a Gal to do?

Incidentally Gal Gadot seems to have been anticipated by DC Nation’s animated Wonder Woman shorts! Not only does the DCN Wonder Woman look like Gadot, but she even drives a souped up speedster like Gadot does in the Fast & Furious movies! Just take a look.

BTW if you’re having a confidence crisis then there’s no need to turn to horse pills like Gal Gadot. You can simply do what even Hollywood’s most successful celebrities do to boost their image and self esteme. Strike a pose. The good news is that it won’t cost you a cent. I don’t know what the possibly side effects might be.


Ben Stiller fires daughter from movie!


Say what you will about Ben Stiller – funny guy, great comedian, successful actor, Zoolander, he’s also a consummate professional. Like when his daughter got a part in his new flick but just wasn’t working out. So he had to cut her. Not because of anything that she did or didn’t do. It was for the good of the film. Now that’s commitment.

Ben has some heavy connections in his own family, that may or may not have been helpful in his own career, like Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller. They’re his parents, and also talented successful comedians.

stay tuned for Soupy Sales!

So young Benj got his start when dad intro’d him to Bert Convy!

You’ll remember Jerry as George Costanza’s irascible father on Seinfelda Festivus for the rest of us!. Anne’s been everywhere from TV to Broadway to movies, but also did a short stint on Archie Bunkers Place, the short lived Carroll O Connor All in the Family spin off. Everyone had left the show already by that point so Norman Lear & co had to reinvent the wheel again.

The point being that in addition to practically being another George Burns & Gracie Allen, Stiller & Meara were well connected in the ent biz so that didn’t hurt Ben one bit. However Ben might say in his own defense that when he got his breaks he pulled his weight! As for what Ben actually says here’s some clippage from Chelsea Lately.

Incidentally the movie is out today, Festivus!

Festivus material courtesy of Calvin’s Cave of Canadian Cool. Meanwhile keep checking the Trash where grievances are regularly & freely aired & shared. While there are no feats of strength, tears are a possibility!


Ashely Judd accuses sister Wynona of spying on her

Judd’s Big Sister turns Big Brother, oh bother!

What does Tennessee Code Annotated 39-13-606 have to do with the sleazy world of celebrity gossip? Well 39-13-606 concerns Invasion of Privacy by Electronic Monitoring of a Motor Vehicle. Basically it makes it a crime to place electronic monitoring devices in some one’s car without their knowledge and consent. Techno-snooping is a crime on the annotated code that can lead to a fine, criminal charges, and some jail time. Now there are exceptions, like when a parent wants to monitor their teenager’s car. However it doesn’t extend beyond that. Bugging an ex or sibling is a no no. It’s an invasion of privacy.

Ashley leads an interesting life, Judd gets bugged

That brings us to the entertainment gossip part. Celebrated actress Ashley Judd, who’s done a whole slew of flicks, married world’s fastest Scotsman Dario Franchitti, and dodged a few demented stalkers along the way, is accusing her sister Wynonna, one half of the famous mother daughter country music duo the Judds, of having a GPS planted in her car to spy on her! It seems an unnamed friend of Ashley’s was driving the actress’s silver Mini Cooper and took it to a mechanic after becoming suspicious. The mechanic found the GPS. That’s when the police became involved.

Nashville PI

Police discovered that the tracking device was registered to a local Nashville PI named Janice Diane Swafford-Holt. Holt had worked with Wynonna during her divorce from ex husband Arch Kelley. According to Ash her sister gave the device to Kelley, who then had it implanted on the actress’s car. Naturally Kelley denied involvement when questioned by the police.

expect anything and you won’t be surprised

So far the case is inactive. No charges have been filed. However it might not be over. This sort of alleged behavior also carries the possibility of a civil lawsuit. So if the gals wanna get ugly there’s still plenty of room left to play. Or as a Franklin, Tennessee county (the scene of the alleged crime) police dept spokesperson said “Nothing comes as much of a surprise with this family. You have to expect anything from them.” 

 Hollywood Family Values

Now that was a heartwarming story of Hollywood Family Values and right in some for the Christmas season too! So the moral of the story is that if you wanna bug some one pick a reliable PI, and pick your eavesdropping equipment up cheap – perhaps during some Boxing Day Sale! Perhaps Wynonna will pick up Ash one of those nifty remote controlled shock collars? It’s what you give the person who has everything and besides, it’s the thought that counts.

from Judds to jugs?

For the rest of you, when a bottle of booze is the right thing to do, give them the gift of alcohol! Then pour yourself a cup of wonder. At Wondertrash the jugs are always full!




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Weird Science Chick Gets Busted – Kelly LeBrock DUI

Remember Kelly LeBrock? She was that 80’s model who starred in Weird Science, married kung fu fighter Steven Segal, and then went off to live like a hermit. Well she’s back in the news. What got her back in the news was her very recent arrest for impaired driving. According to TMZ back on Nov 30 LeBrock was spotted by CHP officers and not just case she’s built for speed. She was driving around Santa Monica in what was described as an erratic manner. In plain English that means she was going over the 55 mph limit, she was weaving over the center line, and she failed to stop at a stop sign. Oh yeah and she failed a sobriety test. So she got arrested. Cheer up KLeB fans cause so far no charges have been filed. Maybe her ex Segal has used some of those heavy CIA connections that he’s rumored to have and cut the ex some slack legal wise. Even if he didn’t, there’s nothing like a conspiracy angle to spice up a story.



Taylor Swift’s Birthday Gift!!

courtesy of Clevver News

It’s December 13th, and you know what that means, ITS TAYLOR SWIFT’S BIRTHDAY!!

It’s a really great day to be Taylor Swift you guys. First of all the Sagittarius songstress turns 24 on the 13th, and 13 is obviously her favorite number, and it also just so happens to be Friday the 13th, which is equally as cool/creepy/definitely more cool than creepy.

But, perhaps even more exciting is that Taylor got to kick off her birthday celebration with a birthday present of massive proportions, and that’s because she just received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Song for “Sweeter Than Fiction” which was a song that she co-wrote and recorded for the biopic called “One Chance.”

Taylor, who is currently in Australia on the last leg of her Red tour, actually got to celebrate her birthday a few hours before she usually does because she is obviously in in a different time zone. So, while the Golden Globe nomination was announced on the 12th here in the states, it was already her birthday down under. And as soon as she found out the news, she took to her twitter page to express her initial excitement tweeting quote

“A Golden Globe nomination on my birthday…I think its safe to say that there will be no walking for me today, only skipping and frolicking!! And speaking of twitter, Taylor also tweeted the sweetest vine ever showing off a birthday card from her mom that featured a cat ensemble meowing the Happy Birthday song. And it is completely adorable.

Taylor’s 24th year will have some big shoes to fill, because this past year has been epic for the star. She cleaned up at both the CMA Awards and AMA Awards this year, and she even got to sing with royalty. I am of course referring to her recent backup performance that she did with Prince William for Bon Jovi.

So, from all of us here at Clevver News, we want to wish Taylor a very happy 24th birthday. And before we go, we want you to share with us your favorite Taylor Swift moment from this past year. And also don’t forget to share your congrats to Taylor over on our Facebook and Twitter pages as well.

For ClevverNews Im Erin Robinson. Thanks for watching friends.

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