Ashely Judd accuses sister Wynona of spying on her

Judd’s Big Sister turns Big Brother, oh bother!

What does Tennessee Code Annotated 39-13-606 have to do with the sleazy world of celebrity gossip? Well 39-13-606 concerns Invasion of Privacy by Electronic Monitoring of a Motor Vehicle. Basically it makes it a crime to place electronic monitoring devices in some one’s car without their knowledge and consent. Techno-snooping is a crime on the annotated code that can lead to a fine, criminal charges, and some jail time. Now there are exceptions, like when a parent wants to monitor their teenager’s car. However it doesn’t extend beyond that. Bugging an ex or sibling is a no no. It’s an invasion of privacy.

Ashley leads an interesting life, Judd gets bugged

That brings us to the entertainment gossip part. Celebrated actress Ashley Judd, who’s done a whole slew of flicks, married world’s fastest Scotsman Dario Franchitti, and dodged a few demented stalkers along the way, is accusing her sister Wynonna, one half of the famous mother daughter country music duo the Judds, of having a GPS planted in her car to spy on her! It seems an unnamed friend of Ashley’s was driving the actress’s silver Mini Cooper and took it to a mechanic after becoming suspicious. The mechanic found the GPS. That’s when the police became involved.

Nashville PI

Police discovered that the tracking device was registered to a local Nashville PI named Janice Diane Swafford-Holt. Holt had worked with Wynonna during her divorce from ex husband Arch Kelley. According to Ash her sister gave the device to Kelley, who then had it implanted on the actress’s car. Naturally Kelley denied involvement when questioned by the police.

expect anything and you won’t be surprised

So far the case is inactive. No charges have been filed. However it might not be over. This sort of alleged behavior also carries the possibility of a civil lawsuit. So if the gals wanna get ugly there’s still plenty of room left to play. Or as a Franklin, Tennessee county (the scene of the alleged crime) police dept spokesperson said “Nothing comes as much of a surprise with this family. You have to expect anything from them.” 

 Hollywood Family Values

Now that was a heartwarming story of Hollywood Family Values and right in some for the Christmas season too! So the moral of the story is that if you wanna bug some one pick a reliable PI, and pick your eavesdropping equipment up cheap – perhaps during some Boxing Day Sale! Perhaps Wynonna will pick up Ash one of those nifty remote controlled shock collars? It’s what you give the person who has everything and besides, it’s the thought that counts.

from Judds to jugs?

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Weird Science Chick Gets Busted – Kelly LeBrock DUI

Remember Kelly LeBrock? She was that 80’s model who starred in Weird Science, married kung fu fighter Steven Segal, and then went off to live like a hermit. Well she’s back in the news. What got her back in the news was her very recent arrest for impaired driving. According to TMZ back on Nov 30 LeBrock was spotted by CHP officers and not just case she’s built for speed. She was driving around Santa Monica in what was described as an erratic manner. In plain English that means she was going over the 55 mph limit, she was weaving over the center line, and she failed to stop at a stop sign. Oh yeah and she failed a sobriety test. So she got arrested. Cheer up KLeB fans cause so far no charges have been filed. Maybe her ex Segal has used some of those heavy CIA connections that he’s rumored to have and cut the ex some slack legal wise. Even if he didn’t, there’s nothing like a conspiracy angle to spice up a story.