Anne Hathaway "gifts" annoying paparazzo!

Anne Hathaway gives a shit!

Anne Hathaway ain’t all smiles and sunshine. Like the time she got tailed by a paparazzo. That happened only recently on Dec 26 in NYC. Naturally Annie got irked, and found a creative way of giving the guy shit, literally.

Twas the day after Christmas and Anne left the house, 
to walk her dog Esmeralda, and ran into a louse! 
He followed her through the streets of New York, 
until Anne finally got pissed with the dork.
So the next time Esmerelda had to make poop,
Annie saved some up for the reporter’s next scoop!

Anne gives reporter a scoop, but it’s shit you can’t print!

That’s right – Annie left a wad of dog shit right on the guy’s windshield Perhaps not the most appreciated Boxing Day re gifting present but it probably expressed how Anne felt at the moment. Like the say it’s the thought that counts! Besides she deliver it nicely wrapped in a plastic bag. At least it’s better than a lump of coal in his stocking.

Anne Hathaway knows what to give the pests in her life