Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Naked!!!

Gadot’s boobs have caused trouble before!

Looks like her jet ain’t the only ting that’s invisible

In addition to being Wonder Woman, and Fast & Furious, Gal Gadot is also pitchwoman for Castro’s. That’s an Israeli dept store. Naturally pitching fashionable clothing requires occasional nudity. Like when a phone booth isn’t available and you have to duck into a near by elevator. Maybe she did her Wonder Woman spin in reverse, and her outfit disappeared. So instead of transforming from buttoned down Diana Prince into a star spangled crime fighter, she wound up naked!

That’s good news for those who want to judge her controversial breasts for themselves! So go on and have a closer look, though it should be said that her wonder boobs have been pixelated for viewer discretion.

Seeing her nude like that you just can’t help noticing that she has a really nice face – with a good combination of strength and elegance!

vindication is the ‘breast’ revenge

That ad was done about a year ago and back in 2012. When it came out it caused a brouhaha. That’s because it was done in Israel and there are still enough religious traditionalists there to get offended by the site of a woman’s bare bosoms. In fact it was accused of being “pornographic”!

It was also done before Gadot became Wonder Woman and her breasts sparked some kind of international outrage among fan boys. Apparently some of them are upset that Gadot ain’t stacked like a jersey heifer on growth hormones! Comic fans can be demanding and in this case they expect Wonder Woman’s airbags to be fully deployed at all times, and not only in emergencies! In the fight against villainy heroic bosoms can never be too big, apparently!

disturbing breasts set tongues wagging!

At any rate Gadot’s ‘wonder boobs’ have been getting her into trouble for years! Now she can arguably be the proud possessor of the most talked about, and consequently famous, boobs in the world, as the debate on super heroine’s minimum breast requirements continues. Gal’s gals have been covered on every comic book and entertainment website, and might have even got mentioned in the New York Times as far as I know! Whether or not they’re everything comic book fans expected, Gal’s gals are making a big impression! Pussy Riot eat your hearts out.

Coming Soon to Wondertrash! Phil Robertson has been reinstated back at Duck Dynasty but still keeps making outrageous comments. So that has A&E devising contingency plans in case the situation goes too far and Phil has to go on extended hiatus. They’re already reviewing a number of rehabs and sensitivity training courses in case Phil needs to be reformed. Failing that they’re working on a Dancing With The Stars appearance!

Meanwhile A&E has already got a short list of engaging personalities that are almost guaranteed not to go rogue, like this interesting character set to step in if Phil goes too far again! He’s Skipper the Cat and he likes coveralls, dirt roads, and sneaking moonshine from the still when no one’s around. Looks like he’ll fit right in too!