JUSTIN BIEBER, SELENA GOMEZ Engaged?: Her Gold Ring Starts Rumors

courtesy of  John Basedow

JUSTIN BIEBER, SELENA GOMEZ Engaged?: Her Gold Ring Starts Twitter Rumors

Are Justin Bieber & Slelena Gomez engaged? Gmoez shiny new gold ring has social media like such as Twitter Instagram and Facebook speculating

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez got Twitter, Instagram and Facebook spreading rumors the pop star pair are engaged after the ‘Slow Down’ singer was spotted wearing a thin gold ring on her left hand. As John Basedow
(@JohnBasedow) reports, Gomez hasn’t commented but. since she’s already been sucked into the Biebs’ legal nightmare, she probably doesn’t need any more court dates with him.

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 Now for Wondertrash Weekend Cinema with The Naked City. Now before you go getting your hopes up in the expectation of naughty nudity, this is the film that inspired the popular TV series.


3/28/14 – Rihanna at LAX Airport.

Now some of the very latest Rihanna

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So what are the chances that this could be some kind of reality TV scam?


Chelsea Handler: DUI led me to comedy career

Chelsea, if you get sick of vodka try Bombay Sapphire!


Consider Paris Hilton’s Little Dogs

Base Jumping One World Trade Center | NYC Freedom Tower BASE JUMP

Urban dare devils and a kick ass angel!

The late great Julia Phillips, producer of the Sting, & author of You’ll never Eat Lunch in This Town Again, once said “If you can’t be good be fast, and if you can’t be fast be first”. The following might be a case of  2 out of 3. That’s because it involves a group (James Brady, Andrew Rossig and Marko Markovich) of base jumpers who’ve gotten into some trouble for jumping from the 1776 ft. The Freedom Tower – or World Trade Center 1. Naturally they got hit with a bunch of charges like felony burglary, and etc. Trespassing is probably on the list.

The guys turned themselves in, insisting that they meant no harm. Their only intent was to avoid getting caught. So naturally the jump got posted to youtube.  Now their intention is to avoid going to jail.

people get their kicks in different ways, like the 3 men who recently jumped off of the Freedom Tower in an illegal base jump. Adriana Lima on the other hand is content to get sweaty by going a few rounds in the ring!
Never underestimate the appeal of a sweaty angel!

Not everyone needs to go jumping off of tall buildings to get their kicks in life. If you’re Adriana Lima then life might be thrilling enough already! Not that Adriana is content to rest on her laurels, or halo. When the wings come off then the gloves go on as Adriana engages in her spare time hobby of boxing! Here’s a look at the Brazilain Amazon in warrior woman mode, with her trainer, in the following video!

Jumping from high places seems like an extreme way to get thrills. Some of us enjoy the challenge of a good book, a strong cup of coffee, and a big thick joint more! Add a couple of slices of pizza into the mix and it adds up to a very satisfying afternoon workout! However if a little extra edge is needed, then going a few rounds with Adriana might be more fun that leaping off of the Brooklyn Bridge with a open umbrella! Then again she looks pretty serious about this boxing, so I wouldn’t underestimate the damage she might do!


‘Divergent’ Scores $56 Million Box-Office Opening, ‘A’ CinemaScore — An…

Looks like it’s looking good for Maggie Q and her co stars in Divergent. The flick came in No 1 in the box office. If this works out soon she’ll be able to afford underwear! Of course she may still choose not the wear undies. When you’re on a winning steak why mess with the routine?

As you may recall Maggie Q stirred things up at he Divergent LA Premier by showing up without underwear. Now before you get your hopes up she was otherwise dressed. “Paneling” in her outfit revealed that Q had no buffer zone between her dress and her buff. So her duff was riding rough!

Naturally that got a lot of attention. Fashion tactically applied can do that. You don’t have to be a world class fashionista to pull it off either. Some times you just need to be a bit cheeky, or maybe just careless – as in the case of the following young woman and her shoulder pillow, that got posted to Ricky Gervais facebook timeline!

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