Johnny Depp’s Future is ‘Questionable’

Johnny Depp thinks his future is questionable unless he can cut down from 50 packs of cigarettes a day

Johnny Depp has recently described his future as “questionable”. Now before any of you Johnny Depp fans out there start getting all panicky he didn’t mean he’s quitting show biz or anything. Johnny’s professional future is just fine. He was speaking in a personal and literal sense. That’s a normal reaction in a man who’s jsut got engaged, but that wasn’t what he was talking about either.

 You see Johnny smokes way way too many cigarettes. He’s basically a chain smoker. When asked how many ciggies he can burn through in a day he was quoted as saying it must be about 1000, or something. I think that must be some kind of wild exaggeration because at 20 cigarettes to a  pack, then he’d have to smoke about 50 packs a day or something. So that’s prob Johnny’s way of saying that he smokes way too much – but view the video below and decide for yourself. Also if you spot Johnny Depp in public with a cigarette pack clenched in either hand while wildly puffing on multiple cigarettes simultaneously, then he was being exactly literal!