Megan Fox on set TMNT – 4/1/14

Remember Megan Fox? She’s the hot chick who almost shut down the Internet a few times or something. For a brief history she was in Faith & Hope for 5 years with Kelly Ripa. Then she did Transformers and became an international phenomenon for being to hot for the planet. Then she started saying things that many people found outrageous but were perhaps only a little blunt. Then she was in Jennifer’s Body – bad move. Then she called Michael Bay “Hitler” on the Tonite Show – which was a worse move. Then she had to take a little break for a while, which in show biz is called a hiatus – but might sound more mysterious if it was said that she’d gone ‘on sabbatical’. Anyway during that time she had a couple of kids with husband Brian Austin Green. By that time what powers may be seemed to decide that she’d learned her lesson, so she’s back in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She’s playing April O Neil. & here she is on the TMNT set dated 4/1/14. As you can see Meggers is back and better than ever!

Between slagging Michael Bay and overlasoding the Intnernet actress Megan Fox has lead a hectic and interesting life. She has recently come out of sabattical to do more movie work nad has been photographed on the set looking her usual sexy self.
#Megan Fox 4/1/14 – Megan Fox on the set of ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ in LA.
picture courtesy of Celeb Starlets Tumblr

BTW it should be noted that the girl who didn’t want to play Wonder Woman because an invisible jet is “lame”, has gone from working with talking cars to giant talking turtles. It’s OK. Not everyone gets what Wonder Woman is about.

Megan Fox may be a comic book fan but like some people just doesn't get what Wonder Woman is about. Gina Carano seems to have a pertty good idea though.

Bar Refaeli gets cheesy, or something

I think it was the movie Zoolander that used the phrase “supermodel sandwich”. Then again it might have been a TV commercial parody based on the popular Zoolander flick. Success, like reality TV, breeds imitation. Sometimes, like reality TV, it even comes covered in melted cheese! Well it might have been melted cheese. It could have been anything. Whatever it was model Bar Refaeli – the second most famous Israeli model right after Gal Gadot, who’s Wonder Woman now and so peerless! – was covered in it when she posted her cheesy selfie to one of the many INTERNET social networks recently. No word on whether she was reading the Miranda Kerr GQ interview and tried to spice up her life, or was perhaps being served up at some celebrity roast, but either way here she is, wet, slippery, & grinning like a maniac!

Bar Refaeli is covered in slimy goop which maybe honey, melted cheese, or even mustard, but it ain't whipped cream, in a social media selfie

With some cucumber slices over her eyes, and perhaps even an apple in her mouth, & she’d be properly garnished! Either way, & lying there in a shade of crispy golden brown and covered with that goop (maybe it’s mustard!) – she looks good enough to eat – bon appetite! You know, I think this might be from that Celebrity Chef Rehab I was talking about in a previous post! It’s the episode where Nigela Lawson has to come up with an unbeatable dish to avoid rehab elimination! Then again it could be from that rumoured Soylent Green remake.