Jenny McCarthy Is Engaged!

Guess who’s gettin’ hitched! & she’s doin’ it with a yellow sapphire engagement ring! BTW she’s engaged to Donnie Wahlberg. According to Jenny on the View he made numerous proposal attempts and finally enlisted the help of her eleven year old son Evan. That cinched it.

Let’s hope she uses the ring’s power for good!

You’ll probably wanna have a look at the ring. Yellow sapphires aren’t something you hear about everyday. This particular specimen is so big and bright that it probably has some kind of Yellow Lantern super powers associated with it. Jenny will have to be careful where she points it. Should it be fully charged for the fight against evil, and go off accidentally while pointed in the wrong direction, who knows what effect it might have! View colleagues might be sent into the Phantom Zone with nothing more than an evil look and a flash of Yellow Star Sapphire Lantern Power! Annoying Internet bloggers might be reduced to gibbering idiots (but who could tell the difference?)! Reese Witherspoon might accidentally get called “Jenny McCarthy” in an interview. Anything could happen under the influence of this super sapphire!

Readers with glaucoma or detached retina may want to avert their eyes!

Now lest you think that these are wild exaggerations just have a gander at the ring in question featured in the photo below, which got posted about one hour ago over @ news-headlines-info.

Donnie Wahlberg makes it official with fiancee Jenny McCarthy - with the help of her son Evan and a huge yellow sapphire ring