Lindsay Lohan Disses Jennifer Lawrence

courtesy of  ENTV

Lindsay Lohan disses Jennifer Lawrence with some ugly accusations and reveals some of her more interesting personal facts, like dating Jared Leto.

Now this isn’t a new thing because Lindsay & Jennifer have had their celebrity run ins before, like in the following video posted by RumorFix on youtube over 1 year ago (Published on 16 Jan 2013)!

Jennifer Lawrence is becoming a popular target. The aforementioned Jared Leto, with whom Lohan was connected somehow, also has an opinion on JL, brought to you courtesy of Just Do It on youtube.

Nor is Lawerence herself a stranger to dishin’ out the dis. In Lawerence’s case she picked some one who seemed safe enough to take a swipe at, and that’s because she’s an even more popular target – namely Miley Cyrus!

So celebrities are no strangers to dealing the dirty dish! Slagging the trash talk is one of the things that keep the public interested, until the celebrity feuds become annoying. Then everyone wants to get involved! In Lawerence’s case she’s drawn some acerbic criticism from Joan Rivers. Joan things Lawrence is “arrogant”. Ticking people off is something Rivers is a n expert at, so I’df be inclined to take her opinion on this seriously. She knows where of she speaks!

So there you have it backstabbing, infighting, &jealousy , and just as advertised in our header! Just another reason why you have to keep checking the Trash. Plus you can dish Wondertrash as much as you like. No one gets into celebrity blogging for respect!