George Clooney engaged to Julian Assange’s lawyer!

Clooney finds his woman, & she’s a wonder!

George Clooney s is starting to worry me. He was always so smart. He was Hollywood’s Mr Cool. He never put a foot out of place. Then he got in that drunken argument with Las Vegas casino owner Steven Wynn about who was the bigger asshole, Pres Obama with his Affordable Care Act, or Wynn himself with his inflammatory political rhetoric. Clooney thought that was a no brainer, and called Wynn a jackass in addition to an asshole, to cinch the argument. The Big Dirty F got thrown in there too. Then Wynn gave a few press statements so that everyone in America would know just what George Clooney is like when he’s been drinking and politics comes up!

george Clooney's new fiancee Amal Alamuddin is a Lebanon bron Oxford educated international lawyer who represented Julian Assange, and a pretty hot looking woman
Amal Alamuddin & her boyfriend George Clooney

You know celebrities like to get political. However such strong language seemed out of character for some one like Clooney, who’s usually so careful. Well anyone can have a bad day or an off nite. However it looks like Clooney’s condition might be more serious. That’s because the news is out that what you thought would never happen is happening: Clooney’s got engaged! The lady in question is a lovely young  woman named Amal Alamuddin.

Amal ain’t a movie star. Nor is she a cocktail waitress or aspiring model. This chick is 100% serious. Born in Lebanon, she racked up some impressive accomplishments along the way: she’s an Oxford educated lawyer, she does humanitarian legal work with Doughty Street Chambers in London, & she’s wikileak’s Julian Assange’s lawyer! She’s also been an advisor to Kofi Annon – former head of the United Nations, is an advisor to the King of Bahrain, & edited ‘The Law and Practice of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon’ – which is some kind of law book. She was also voted Hottest Barrister in London by legal blog, Your Barrister Boyfriend.  In other words she’s got an impeccable curriculum vitae! That’s legal type talk for her particulars are above reproach!


With so much going for her it’s prob no wonder that Clooney has been taking her around and showing her off to his celeb friends, like longtime pal Cindy Crawford. He’s also planted a whopping rock of an engagement ring on her finger – just to seal the deal. So now you know what it takes to bag Big George: some one who can talk international law with Barack Obama on his own level, and one up his best bud Brad Pitt’s significant other Angelina Jolie with the United Nations talk! I wanna be a fly on the wall when Amal meets Angelina!

LA Clippers Donald Sterling – there’s putting your foot in your mouth and then there’s kicking yourself in the teeth!

LA Clippers skipper Donald Sterling has gotten into shit after asking his half afro american mistress not to hang around with her black friends, but instead to comport herslef like a 'pretty white girl' or latina
LA Clippers’ Donald Sterling and mistress

Hopefully Big George’s new relationship will work out better than LA Clipper’s Skipper Don Sterling’s relationship. Sterling is seeing a very lovely you woman who’s half afro American. That’s caused a little bit  of controversy, basically for what Sterling was recorded saying to her in public. He apparently gave her some lecture about how he doesn’t like her hanging out with black people, and wants her to act more like a ‘pretty white girl’ or Latina.

That went over about as well as you’d expected, and resulted in calls for Sterling to step down, and even drawn commentary from Pres Barack Obama. Basically the Pres says that when an ignorant person opens their big mouth up, let ’em speak. Soon everyone will know! Just like the time Dr. Laura Schlesinger put her foot in her mouth and stepped in so deep that she followed her foot on in & disappeared.

BTW the chick Sterling was with ain’t his wife, she’s his mistress!

What inquiring minds want to know, but are afraid to ask!

There are mysterious goings on happening in the world. Pope John Paul 2 just got sainted in a ceremony presided over by 2 popes: Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Cardinal Ratzinger, the former Pope Benedict 16. It was only natural for Cardinal Ratzinger to be there since John Paul 2 was his closest friend and the two worked together very closely.

Now if you’re completely paranoid then you know that there are no accidents or coincidences. Everything that happens is part of some far reaching global conspiracy intended to do nothing more than interfere with your life and drive you nuts! It’s probably the fault of the New World Order and their globalist agenda! That is unless satanic Baphomet worshiping Freemasons are to blame. It might even possibly involve satellites and extra terrestrials!

The thing about raging paranoia is that just because they’re out to get you doesn’t mean that you’re not also bat shit insane. If they’re out to get you then cracking up ain’t gonna help you. it’ll only make things worse. Now you’ve got enemies and you’re nuts, too! Nuts can be a worse problem. If only Richard M Nixon had known that during his White House years then airports and nuclear subs would be named after him today! You gotta be Bill Clinton cool to play the President Game.

So if there is some vast overarching conspiracy brewing, then finding out about it is probably not gonna do anyone any good. Still it’s fun to stay informed. Since it probably isn’t even remotely true then wallowing in some light paranoia might be as harmless as indulging in celebrity gossip! The two have always gone hand in hand, in the tabloids!

So with that in mind here’s the latest broadcast of Gary “The Spaceman” Bell and his Toronto based conspiracy show The View From Space. It’s the conspiracy show that makes all others (except for anything by Fritz Springmeier) obsolete, because it’s got everything: astrology, numerology, sacred geometry, and great menstruating goddesses! So fasten your seat belts and get ready for the count down to a trip that’s like freemasonry on acid!

Disclose.tvA View From Space April 26 1014


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