Padma Lakshmi is a burger whore

Freaky Food Fetish is finger lickin’ good!

Watch as pretty Padma Lakshmi does things with a hamburger that are still illegal between consenting adults in some US states, even between man and wife (Though not between man and burger. No law can regulate that!). As you can see her mouth gets maximum clearance, as if her jaws had hinges instead of joints! If Bill Clinton ever sees this – and he’s got a lot of time on his hands now that Hilary is out of the house – he’s gonna have the twitches for weeks! Just look for the former president with a limp (not Gerald Ford)!

Ha! Sap mad milk

selling sizzle – It’s slobberin’ time!
Geez lady, wear a bib! Somewhere out their Heather Mills is choking on her George Clooney flavoured PETA approved tofu (Now you know why the content warning is on the blog -that and the pic of Nicolette Sheridan’smud flaps several posts back!). Not exactly Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar, but like they say ‘sex sells’. Still the voice over could’ve used more sibilant sounds like ‘succulent’ and ‘sinful’, just in case anyone misses the point.  So is Paddy just not getting enough since she parted ways with fatwahed ex husband Salman Rushdie? More to the point if that’s what she does to a burger, how would she smoke a cigar? I will say this, if she ever wins an Oscar they’re gonna have to censor the broadcast!
Bogus Zen: 
Sex is the mysticism of materialism and the only possible religion in a materialistic society.
 ~Malcolm Muggeridge
Speaking of late British journalist Malcolm Muggeridge, any one think that British actor Malcolm McDowell now looks enough like him to play him??

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