Stirring Up Trouble – Cookbook Controversy Continues

Who would’ve thought that a cook book could be controversial, let alone bring together uptight white chicks in a bonding moment. Well that’s exactly what Gwyneth Paltrow‘s It’s All Good has done. Paltrow penned the book to share her low carb gluten free lifestyle with the world. She also wanted to share the insights and experience that she gained along the way. Stuff like her family experiencing ‘specific hunger’ when they swear off of the pizza crust and potato chips. Specific hunger is a term for “cravings”. It would’ve saved a lot of misunderstanding if Paltrow had just said “cravings”, because now the idea that she’s starving out her family on some kooky lifestyle kick has raised hackles. Now this is the part where uptight white chick bonding comes in because it’s Elizebeth Hasselbeck to the rescue.

uptight white chicks stick together, just like gluten

Hasselbeck has been getting some press lately too. That’s because no one knows whether she’s in or out over at the View. Official word is that she’s in. The grapevine is still saying she’s out. Either way she recently made her opinions known when the Gwyneth gluten cook book got mentioned over at the View. Liz took the opportunity to come charging to Paltrow’s defense. Hasselbeck says that she completely gets the whole anti gluten thing. In fact to hear Hasselbeck talk you’d think that gluten is one of the great scourges of our society. In fairness I believe that gluten intolerance has been linked to many mental conditions like depression, bi polar, and even more series stuff, such as an irritant in schizophrenia. It’s also been linked to auto immune conditions like arthritis. The link to gluten hasn’t been conclusive proven though.

Elizabeth says – “I do believe that there is a growing number of people with gluten intolerance, not just celiac disease, like myself,” said Hasslebeck, who’s authored two bestselling gluten-free cookbooks. “I do think it causes inflammation in the body, whether you are celiac or gluten intolerant or not.”

People with celiac disease cannot tolerate gluten, a protein found most often in wheat, rye and barley. Gluten is a like a kind of glue, or binding agent, that holds the grains together after they’ve been ground up and baked. Most people don’t have a problem with it. However it throws some people for a loop. Celiac Disease is the recognized form of gluten intolerance, but it’s believed to effect people in milder, or unrecognized forms. There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence of people who claim that chronic health conditions improved once they got rid of carbs in their diet. Hasselbeck’s own experiences seems to bear this out – “I’ve been on the diet for 10 years,” she explained. “I’ve never felt better.”

Not that Liz is fanatically anti carb or anything. She’s willing to keep an open mind. For instance –  Hasselbeck continued, “I do believe that there are quality carbs that can replace gluten, like a quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, rice, corn, all those things . . . They’re alternative grains that provide a great amount of nutrition. You need quality carbs. Kids need quality carbohydrates to run.”

Besides Hasselbeck has another reason for backing Paltrow. They’re both moms so they’ve got each others’ back. Well Hasselbeck has Paltrow’s back anyway. Says Liz –  “She could do whatever the heck she wants“, says Hasselbeck, and continues,  “She’s a mom, those are her kids, do what you want.” Naturally ‘do what you want’ means ‘with in reason’. For instance that wouldn’t include subjecting your kids to radical scientific experimentation. It usually means things like curfews and dress codes. Radical lifestyle choices like fad diets, home schooling, or choosing to raise em religious is a grey area. No one likes those things but they’re not sure what to do about it. However let’s please try to keep this in perspective. It’s not like Paltrow has banned vaccines for her kids or anything. She’s not a regular Alex Jones caller, yet. When the kids are restricted to Tangy Tangerine food supplements then you can call CPS.

BTW this whole gluten free thing seems to be catching on. Aspiring actress and short list candidate for CW‘s Amazon Alexandra Daddario took a bite out of a gluten free pancake recently, and her face says it all.

potential CW Amazon pick Alexandra Daddario tries to keep her composure after tasting a gluten free pancake
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Alex Jones Goes Ballistic with Piers Morgan

The best TV since the WCW went out of business and the WWF turned into the WWE

If you’re following Twitter trends then you’ve noticed that Alex Jones (they guy who drove Charlie Sheen “warlock” insane) is now at #3. That’s because Jones was just on Piers Morgan‘s CNN show and gave a performance the like of which has never been seen outside the world of pro wrestling (I’m an Andy Kaufman fan so that’s a huge compliment). Basically Alex Jones has accused Piers of being a foreign object that the ref needs to eject from the ring. At least that’s the gist of his petition. The petition has reached over 100 000 signatures. Now whether or not that’s enough to send Piers back to London, it was more than enough to get Alex some mainstream exposure on CNN, & that’s got the twittervcerse buzzing. See what the commotion’s about by viewing Piers and Alex go at it in a no holds barred Texas style smack down in the following videos. Have fun and don’t forget to get yerself riled up!

TV has been crying out for this kind of entertainment ever since sit coms got squeezed out by countless Kardashian reality TV shows. The public has responded too. At least some where tonight some one has thrown a boot through the TV screen. Even the approx half of you who think that Alex has no business on the air are still eager for a rematch! The way the net’s been burning up, CNN would be nuts not too!

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Alex Jones goes off on Angelina Jolie!

Alex Jones thinks that Angelina Jolie is some kind of Illuminati spy. Well that’s not exactly what he said. His own words were closer to ‘an empty husk of a woman who looks like a dead carp and is possessed by demonic entities’! He called her other names to like a ‘ring wraith’, and a ‘globalist whore’. Also he feels that even though she’s supposed to be attractive, she actually is a cunning vampire who looks like a reanimated corpse. Plus she breaks up marriages and steals kids. Oh yeah, she’s also got blood on her hands and should be arrested for war crimes.

So what got into Alex? Well he takes exception to her whole Kony thing. Alex feels that Kony is a minor warlord who hasn’t been seen in years. He might even be scarcer than Bin Laden. So the whole Kony fuss is just a pretext – Alex says – for some African invasion. To do that a pretext is needed – something that the public can get behind. Since Uganda doesn’t have weapons of mass destruction, or a nuclear program, something else is needed. In this case is the kind of heel that even Hollywood heroines hate. So Jolie would thing it was sexy if you went in and killed Kony for her. Or that supposedly is the spin.

Don’t take my word for it. You can hear Alex say it for himself. During his daily broadcast Jones ‘went ballistic’ on the subject of Angelina Jolie, Kony, the globalist agenda, and the United Nations – that well known front for the Council on Foreign Relations, which is in turn a front for the Rothschild World Order; depending on which side you tilt your tinfoil hat. His rant got youtubed, and here it is submitted for your entertainment – since approval might be asking a lot.

Now those are some strong words, and the kind of talk Chelsea Handler wishes she had the guts to say out loud. Still don’t be too hard on Alex. He and Jennifer Aniston share a boirthday – Feb 11, and those Aquarians stick together! It’s a conspriacy thing. Besides ever since Jolie made a spectacle of hers elf at the Oscars, with her dress and her telescopic extendable leg (too bad it wasn’t also retractable), the poor woman has become a popular target. I’d say she’s become unpopular put I like to put it in more positive terms. So now that she’s a lightening rod for controversy she’s may come in handy for attracting attention – even only as a ‘useful idiot’ in the wild world of conspiracy radio. Still asking for her arrest on war crimes is a bit harsh. Maybe Jones would settle for some kind of sexy gag order being slapped on Jolie?

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Gossip Round Up

Today on Wondertrash: more distressed celebrities!

a tactless act

The big story of the week has been Gisele Bundchen and the way she spoiled the Superbowl by defending her husband. Standing by your man is admirable enough. The problem is the way in which Gisele did it – by slamming the rest of the Patriots. It was very tactless and Gisele ought to have known better. Slamming patriots in this day and age can get you on a no fly list. So Gisele is more than just some bombshell, her mouth is like a live grenade with a loose pin!

Dizzy Gizzie didn’t get any visits from Homeland Security – that we know of (Though if Alex Jones stories about The War On Natural Milk are to be believed her breast feedings comments probably got her on some kind of government shit disturber watch list). It did get her a whole heap of blow back from foot ball fans who feel that women who make their living by strutting about in their undies have no business critiquing the performance of pro jocks. The consensus seemed to be that she should be satisfied with spoiling Tom Brady‘s game an not add insult to injury by airing her comments out in public.

angels rush in where fools fear to tread

Well it’s times like this that you find out who your friends are and Gizzie has found herself a guardian angel. That angel came in the form of her Victoria’s Secret colleague Adriana Lima. Lima is the other Superbowl model. She was picked to appear in multiple Superbowl ads. Any way when Adriana was recently interviewed the subject of Gizzie’s recent hoof in mouth attack came up. Adriana’s response was “Leave her alone!

It’s great that Adriana stuck up for her colleague like that. Then again considering that this mess is currently more radioactive than Fukoshima she might have thought twice about stepping into the middle of it. You don’t have to say everything you think – unless you’re a blogger. When dealing with hot potatoes – and this thing is still like a grenade with a lose pin – it’s better to say something supportive and non committal.

Christian love and amicable divorce

In other there have been some developments in the Russell Brand Katey Perry divorce. That was bound to happen after the Superbowl since Katey got in on that act. She made some comments about what a Christian catch born again Quarterback Tim Teebow would be. I’m not sure a gal who shoots cream out of her boobs in public is really his type. Still Katey casts a wide net. She was also seen trotting up to Gizzie and Brady after the Superbowl blow out. She looked at the and grinned, waiting for some acknowledgement from higher up the food chain. The pair ignored her. They had bigger problems.

Back to the divorce. That thing started to get ugly with rumors leaking out – somehow – about Brand’s idiosyncratic porno viewing habits. Then there was the news that they married without a prenup. Since Katey made a ton since hooking up with Brand that put him in line for a community property windfall! So when final divorce papers were filed by Brand on Tuesday people took note when Brand announced that he would not be seeking Katey’s money. “This divorce is as amicable as it gets” a source told TMZ. If only more marriages were like that! That must be good news for Katey’s parents, and will give her more time to pursue Christian celebrities!

Perry earned $44 million between May 2010 and May 2011, according to Forbes.

the big dirty

Speaking of nasty divorces with financial undertones that brings us to Kim Kardsahian. She was briefly married to Kris Humpheries. By briefly I mean for a few weeks. The marriage allegedly made Kim a ton of money – maybe as much as 20 million. So naturally everyone thought that this was some kind of reality TV scam – like Octomom‘s misadventures with artificial insemination, or the Balloon Boy‘s stab at back yard aviation.

Humpheries recently came out and made some statement about the marriage being for real and for love. However latest developments have Humpheries suing Kardashian for fraud! According to Anything Hollywood Humpheries is prevented by prenup from speaking too freely about the Kardashian marriage. Since Kris can’t speak for himself he and his lawyer Lee Hutton want the divorce to be televised. This may be intended to “expose the modus operandi of reality TV”. This could further show that Kim never intended to stay married to Humpheries, and support his counter suit – annulment. This thing is getting messy ain’t it? So feel better Katey, even a prenup ain’t exactly marriage insurance!

So the moral of the story is that if you make your living by wearing your underwear in the outside – like superheroes & celebrities – then make sure your shorts are clean. Also watch your back, just to be on the safe side! Also read Wondertrash, the blog that ain’t afraid to tell you when your ass is showin’!

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Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove – (Full)

Now for a classic in the conspiracy genre. This is the one that helped Alex Jones make his name in fringe journalism, that and getting fired down in Austin. The following documentary is the one that clued the world into the fact that high level republicans are crypto pagans who engage in gay sex rituals! Lest you think that this is far fetched, and it is, it also has basis in fact. Much of the gay sex rituals have been confirmed by Skull & Bones members, who own up to the mutual masturbation practices. To go even further back, Nancy Reagan wouldn’t let poor Ronnie make a move until she’d consulted with her coterie of astrologers, witches, soothsayers, and shamans – and that’s just the stuff we know about. Still government by tea leaves would explain a lot about the state of mismanagement that prevailed in hi places for oh so long. It’s also the art of a good conspiracy theory – shockingly close to the truth!

RAND Corperation

Though RAND is called a corporation it’s actually a government think tank. It was assembled back at the height of the Cold War when the State Dept was so Red Crazy that they were determined to leave no stone unturned in their attempts to gain some kind of advantage over the Commies. To that end RAND funded any kind of kooky project no matter how far fetched. By kooky I mean these guys were nuts enough to research tin foil hats as a possible means of blocking telepathic transmissions!

For instance they developed games theory with Cold War super brain John von Newman.Von Newman was described by Life magazine as the most intelligent man in the world. He’s the guy ho off offhandedly described Albert Einstein as “A fairly bright fellow”. Von Newman was fascinated with probability & human behavior, so games theory became a kind of obsession for him. He sold that to RAND with the angle that it could give them some kind of strategic advantage for anticipating the Russians. Though von Newman never did translate games theory inot that winning poker strategy he was after, he did come up with The Prisoner’s Dilemma. That’s the principle which says people will rat each other out even if they don’t have to,, just out of fear that others will rat them out first. The man in the street has a more concise description of that called “Do unto others but do them first”. The man in the street wasn’t paid the fortune von Newman was though.

What else has RAND been up to? Well here’s Texas wild man Alex Jones interviewing the author of a new expose on RAND!

BTW be sure to check out Gary Bell’s broadcast on The View From Space tonight. This guy makes Alex J look like a Sunday school teacher! Bell can be found @ 640 AM, right after the hockey game!

Flouride causes brain damage

Flouride has been controversial ever since the government began adding it to the water supply in an attempt to suppress pineal gland function. The pineal gland, or 6th chakra in yoga, is associated with higher consciousness so of course the masters of the matrix want to keep it offline as much as possible – sustaining the illusion is good for business! Society as we know it is based on fear, & strong teeth! Anyway Texan wild man Alex Jones claims that he now has proof of a government admission that flouride is harming children! Here’s Alex!

It’s probably no coincidence that autism rates have soared as fluoride became more widespread. As for the real effects of those so called ‘vaccinations’ that’s another story. Now some more on that fluoride controversy:

Coming Soon: A guide to Illuminati hand signs! There’s a special trick to recognizing them, but you’ll have to wait until that post is done & posted for the full story!

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