Some Bull over Foster

Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster have always been close. Jodie has stuck by Mel through the hard times, defended him publicly, and even employed him in her movie The Beaver. When Jodie won a recent Golden Globe her good friend Mel was there to cheer her one too. Foster made sure that Gibson got an honorable mention in her acceptance speech – ‘Mel Gibson – you know you saved me too.’

It seem that all the mutual admiration has some people talking – namely some one named Sarah Bull over @ the Mail. According to Sarah Mel & Jodie are so close that Mel might even be the bio dad of Foster’s two sons. Even though Mel & the two boys look nothing alike Bull claims that the resemblance is unmistakable. Especially when the whole group are set together in a family style arrangement as they were at other Globes dinner.

I don’t know what Sarah sees but the guy in the front of the picture looks like he might have more blood relationship with Mel (although perhaps by way of Orlando Bloom) that Jodie’s 2 kids.

Speculation about the paternity of Foster’s kids has run wild because Foster has always kept the identity of the father a secret. She claims that she will reveal the truth when her sons turn 21. Since the oldest is 14 that still a few years away. So people get to play the guessing game. Foster & Gibson go back a way so he’s a short list candidate. However the front running favorite is the late Randy Stone. Stone and Foster were also good friends. Stone died in 2007 of heart disease. Since then his mother has been dropping some hints that he may possibly be the bio dad of Foster’s boys Stone’s mother, the Rev. Beverly Bates, told MailOnline earlier this week: ‘Randy told me that Jodie said she’ll tell the boys who their father is when they’re 21.’

Another Pricey wedding

Some one who never keeps people guessing is Katie Jordon Price (nee Katrina Amy Alexandra Alexis Infield ). She started her career as a page 3 girl over in Britain. Page 3 girls are the ones who pose topless on page 3 of the tabs.She’s also known for her reality TV appearances, disastrous marriages, and outrageous public spectacles. Those three often over lap. They seem ready to over lap once again as Katie, 34 (?), has recently married male stripper Kieran Hayler.

Now the pair have been seeing each other since at least Christmas. That’s when Kieran popped the question. Katie Jordon accepted. She thought it was a good idea based on the advice of her psychic. As Katie tells it “My psychic told me I’d marry a man named Kevin and Kieran is so close to Kevin I thought that he must be it!” Now that might be close enough for a Ouija board but if you made a miss like that with medications Katie might have wound up shaving! Anyway Katie is one of those women who never let details, or even common sense, stand in the way of impulsive true love; so the pair were hitched down in the Caribbean just recently. Katie Jordon picked out a 9000 engagement ring which Kieran obligingly paid for.

Katie Jordon has been married before: to Peter Andre whom she met on the set of Help I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, and to cross dressing cage fighter Alex Reid. Her relationship with Andre was unfortunate since the couple came off as mismatched in their frequent reality TV appearance. While Andre seemed good natured and hen pecked, Katie Jordan came off as bossy and shrewish. When the pair busted up most of the public took Andre’s side. Her relationship with Alex Reid was more noisy and boisterous – especially when overseas airline flights were involved. They also allegedly shared and interest in sex fetishes, with rumors that Reid made Katie wear a bondage gag face mask during sex. That was what came up during one of Price’s noisy boisterous plane rides when the former ‘glamor model’ got drunk and started scolding fellow passengers for even thinking that she and Reid were into such things.

Katie’s optimistic about this relationship. In addition to the green light from her psychic, friends say that Katie Jordan is pleased that the new guy has none of the flaws of her previous husbands. Since Jordan is a tabloid mainstay and has been fairly quiet (like a dormant volcano) oiver the past several months, it’s good to see her getting back in action again. Love her or hate her the girl is a hoot!

“Yes, I’m following my heart — but I’m not harming anyone. If I feel something is right, I’ll do it, even if it comes out of the blue.”

Surly Ms. Hurley

Liz Hurley got huffy lately. Liz was passing through Perth, Australia when a reporter cornered her boyfriend Shane Warne to ask him a question. To be clear Shane Warne ain’t the guy Megan Gale is seeing. Gale is seeing Shawn Hampson who plays rugby or something. Warne is a cricketer. So don’t let the fact that Gale’s ex Andy Lee cracked some post split joke about seeing her kissing Hurley in a ‘lift’, and the fact that their respective boyfriends play sports north americans are unfamiliar with confuse you. Confusing you is the job of gossip bloggers!

Anyway the whole incident occurs when Aussie reporter barrels up to Liz and Shane, pushes apst HUrley, and asks boyfriend about something sports related.It probably had something to do with the Melbourne Stars match against the Perth Scorchers. Anyway for some reason Liz took exception to this – maybe because the reporter wasn’t trying to talk to her. So Liz interposed herself into the midst of the exchange – so to speak. Liz’s response was “I think that you should fuck off!” Since there were reporters around the whole thing got caught on tape – just like Gisele Bundchen at the Superbowl. Now here’s that little incident!

No one is quit sure what put Liz’s knickers in a knot.Maybe it was because Melbourne lost to Perth (unless it was the other way round). Maybe it was just one of those aggressive catty exchanges that go down between women. Either way it made Twitter and has got Hurley, who rose to fame playing ladies in the movies, back in the tabs again!

In other news Michael J Fox expressed the feeling s of many well off Californian men when he recently said that he hopes his son doesn’t date Taylor Swift. That  lead to another Twitter exchange and Swift revealing that “we’re good” & that “Everyone has my back“. At the rate she’s going everyone will have soon seen the back of her.  It seems like only yesterday that she was the darling of the VMA’s. People couldn’t help liking her because they disliked Kanye West. That’s a back door to popularity, if you can’t be liked for yourself then get liked as a reaction to someone else’s unpopularity. Just like Rihanna made it on the anti Chris Brown thing. Anyway Swift has apparently matured into some kind of poison pussy. So maybe there will be a reverse backlash for Kanye now?

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