Amy Winehouse: Back to Black & White Strip Cartoons

Honky Tonk Woman

What’s new with Amy Winehouse? Her career as a singer is in indefinite stall. Her career as a celebrity train wreck and public spectacle is till going strong. Amy is still out and about hitting the clubs. She’s as drunk and messed up as ever. For instance Amy was out and on a tear recently when she decided to take things up a level. So what did she do? Well you heard the song “I kissed a girl”? She did!

something about Amy Winehouse is kind of gay when you think about it

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Life’s no bowl of cherries — it’s a black and white strip cartoon!

The photo comes courtesy of DListed. DL was so courtesous that they don’t even know that I’ve got it! By way of fair play here’s the link to that post where they’ve got plenty more disgusting pix of Amy in action! I wanr you, it’s not pretty (DListed’s ‘caption this’ postings are so disturbing this week that I’m not even gonna post the links!).

I’d say Winehouse is starting to look like Bill Wyman, but Billo never looked that rough. Let’s just say that the black and white strip cartoon of her life was drawn by Chester Gould.

The 10 commandments of wondertrash

Lest we be too hard on Amy lets remember that even super heroines can have the occasional off day!


Of course in Amy’s case it’s not so much an odd off day as waiting for a ticking bomb to go off!

Lynda Carter is a bound and gagged Wonder Woman

Coming soon: 10 ways wondertrash can help you get a date!


Modern Love : Amy Winehouse & Blake Civil Fielder Snapped Holding Hands

Matches & Gasoline: together again
Funny how I blind myself
I never knew if I was sometimes played upon
Afraid to lose,

Amy Winehouse & Blake Civil Fielder Snapped Holding Hands

Amy Winehouse has become even better known for her self destructive behavior than for her singing. She’s managed to get addicted to a plethora of drugs, she’s a regular boozer, she get’s into public brawls, and has done everything short of dose herself in gasoline and light up a cigarette. Now she’s back with the guy who started her down the path of pain, her felonious ex husband Blake Civil Fielder!

Dumb woman, stupid choices

The two were recently photographed holding hands together – as can be seen in the video below. Even worse the pair are said to be a regular couple again. They even have plans to move back in together in Winehouse’s Camden home. Cynics might say that this is the equivalent of walking in front of a firing squad without the benefit of a blindfold!

Back to Blake

Perhaps it’s only natural that Amy should come full circle by gravitating back to Black Blake. He is the guy would introduced her to drugs. By Blake’s own admission he gave Amy her first hoot of crack cocaine. According to Blake she immediately went into seizures and was clinically dead for a short time. If you can live through death then you can live through anything!

Back to black out

Blake swore up and down that he was sorry for this, and even tried to prove it. He went to rehab. He even got another woman pregnant while he was there. It seems however that Amy won’t be deterred. So like they say in the gossip game ‘let the train wreck begin‘! She should have learned something from Whitney Houston’s sad decline, at least that crack is whack.

Funny how I find myself in love with you
If I could buy my reasoning I’d pay to lose
One half won’t do
I’ve asked myself
How much do you commit yourself?

I’m sure those two will be together at the very least until Amy’s first liver transplant. The world will always welcome lovers, as time goes by. Now here’s a little music video dedication for our post modern Romeo & Juliet. On the bright side, and aren’t you glad that there is one; at least Blake is a better man than Tiger Woods or Jesse James.


Rehab Romance Rebound

Matches and gasoline: together again!

Believe it or not, it’s being reported that troubled singer Amy Winehouse, and her troublesome ex Blake Civil-Fielder have had a ‘commitment ceremony’. Though some think that they’d be better off being committed to an institution, the pair are said to have had some sort of a ritual, involving vague promises and rambling vows sometime during Christmas. The proceedings took place near the rehab center where Blakie is currently being held.

While most folk aren’t surprised by anything Winehouse might do (except pull herself together), this one is an eyebrow raiser, even on the Winehouse scale. Not only has Blakie admited to being the one who got her hooked on drugs, and who almost accidentally killed her by way of an over dose; but he also got hooked up with another woman during one of his numerous rehab stints. That resulted in a pregnancy, and more Civil-Fielder DNA floating around in the gene pool. It’s enough to undermine your faith in Charles Darwin – “What natural selection?” If Amy is prepared to over look that, then let’s the rest of us hope that Blake’s rehab love child got what ever good genes might have been available in that pairing up.


Blake Civil Fielder gets friend pregnant

Friends with benefits? What are friends for?

Looks like celebrity scuzz bag Blake Civil Fielder is gonna be a daddy, but not by estranged wife Amy. It seems that while Blake was in rehab he was doing more than the 12 steps. He was also seducing an unemployed 31 year old fellow inmate, Gilleen Morris. The pair met on the sly for secret sex sessions. Things worked out about how you might expect, with Gilleen informing Blakie that she was knocked up and Blakie responding “Oh Shit!” Gilleen confesses that she was as surprised as Blake – the fling was for fun and she never thought about the consequences.

He shoots, he scores!
Now Blake has promised to stand by her. That’s gotta mean a lot considering how he’s stuck by Amy Winehouse. In fact Blake is currently involved in building a divorce case against Wino. He hopes to get half her 20 mill fortune based on grounds of her infidelity! His own infidelity might prove a fly in the ointment! Remember Blake that there’s no failure – as the New Agers say – only a lack of the desired result. You did have the fun of trying, and now you’ve got the consequences too!
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