Amy Winehouse Got 4 on the Floor

If you thought that that Amy Winehouse’s problems were behind her with her separation from Blake Civil Fielder – then you’ve under estimated her ablity for trouble! Amy did seem to be on the upswing with a trip to the Caribbean and the addition of a few extra pounds. How ever hold habits have come back with a vengeance. Amy was recently witnessed falling down drunk at her hotel resort; crawling around on all fours and stealing other patrons drinks. How bad was it?? Well take a look at the following shocking picture of Amy during her National Lampoon style vacation:

amy winehouse crawls on all fours during vacationamy winehouse crawls on all fours during vacation

Now before we go jumping to any conclusions there’s probably a perfectly rational explanation for why Amy is on her hands and knees, and apparently very slowly making her way to ward the bar. An explanation other that the obvious that is. For instance perhaps she lost a contact lens (or her crack pipe)? Maybe she is in prayer. More likely she has temporarily lost rack of the earth beneath her feet. Any way you look at it this chick got some serious problems. Hopefully she’ll get he help that she needs.

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