Watch the Grammy’s Online Here Now

This is really worth a look cause I hear that Katey Perry is feuding with Rhianna!


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Some updates on Whitney Houston: No illegal drugs were found in her hotel room but there were the usual prescription stuff like Xanax and Valium. Houston was found unconscious in her bath tub. The current belief is that she popped some pills and went into the tub to relax before Clive James big pre Grammy bash and fell asleep. While she was not drunk at the time of her death she had been drinking heavily the night before. So that might’ve helped heighten the sedative effect of the tranquilizers. By the time her attendants found her she was beyond help.

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More Lindsay in cuffs

Now this was a long time coming, so enjoy it one more time.

Oh yeah and Aussie model Megan Gale who was almost Wonder Woman in the movie that never got made was spotted out in public with her new boyfriend. This is news because she was keeping him under wraps for awhile. So much so that some were speculating that he might be invisible, or an imaginary boyfriend – like the unpopular girls in high school used to have. Well Meggers guy is flesh and blood, and gorgeous. He’s Shaun Hampson and plays foot ball or something. So her ex Andy Lee better make sure that the split stays “amicable” like he claims – even though Meggers has been getting a lot of blow back in the Down Under Media for some reason – her ex’s profession being merely coincidental ’cause I’m sure he wouldn’t go spreading shit around about her while getting her to agree to a classy split – no not Andy; or he could be getting some free dental work!

Now here’s a special music video dedication for Ms. Lindsay Lohan.

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