Alex Jones Goes Ballistic with Piers Morgan

The best TV since the WCW went out of business and the WWF turned into the WWE

If you’re following Twitter trends then you’ve noticed that Alex Jones (they guy who drove Charlie Sheen “warlock” insane) is now at #3. That’s because Jones was just on Piers Morgan‘s CNN show and gave a performance the like of which has never been seen outside the world of pro wrestling (I’m an Andy Kaufman fan so that’s a huge compliment). Basically Alex Jones has accused Piers of being a foreign object that the ref needs to eject from the ring. At least that’s the gist of his petition. The petition has reached over 100 000 signatures. Now whether or not that’s enough to send Piers back to London, it was more than enough to get Alex some mainstream exposure on CNN, & that’s got the twittervcerse buzzing. See what the commotion’s about by viewing Piers and Alex go at it in a no holds barred Texas style smack down in the following videos. Have fun and don’t forget to get yerself riled up!

TV has been crying out for this kind of entertainment ever since sit coms got squeezed out by countless Kardashian reality TV shows. The public has responded too. At least some where tonight some one has thrown a boot through the TV screen. Even the approx half of you who think that Alex has no business on the air are still eager for a rematch! The way the net’s been burning up, CNN would be nuts not too!

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