Donald Trump Jr Killing Spree Sparks Outrage


Donald Trump Jr is in the middle of a controversy. That’s because he has an unpopular hobby. He likes hunting. In particular he likes to go off on safari and bag a few exotic beasts. That was great back in the days of Teddy Roosevelt. These days it’s not so “bully“. When TMZ published some picks of a gun toting Don Jr standing over some dead beast brandishing a knife in one hand and the creature’s tail in the other – the shit hit the fan publicity wise!

You can do more damage on a trip to Africa

That shot was taken when Don Jr and his brother Eric went to Zimbabwe about a year ago. While there they didn’t snatch any babies from villagers, or start up any ill conceived schools that would later have to be closed amidst lawsuits and bad publicity. They just shot themselves a slew of exotic foreign critters like: an elephant, crocodile, kudu, civet cat and water buck. That’s the elephant’s tail dangling from Donnie’s hand in the picture above.

snotty rich kid with gun pisses off Internet

Now that kind of behavior is hard to defend nowadays what with everyone being PETA‘d up (though in fairness it should be said that Donnie will have to go a long way before he’s killed half as many creatures as PETA has!). In fact even his own father, the man who plays a billionaire on Reality TV, none other than the bellicose real estate magnate Donald Trump Sr, seems to be reluctant to defend his son’s choice of leisure activities. Says Don no 1 – “My sons love hunting. They’re hunters and they’ve become good at it. I am not a believer in hunting and I’m surprised they like it.” Trump added, “I know that anything they did was 100% OK in terms of the hunting community.

shooting from the lip

So since his father won’t defend him it’s up to Don Jr to defend himself. You’d expect nothing less from a resourceful and self reliant killer! Not that he’s started stalking offending entertainment journalists like Dexter from the TV series. This time his weapon of choice is that loose cannon which has caused so much unpredictable mischief in the celebrity world – Twitter! Says DJ: “I have no shame about [the pics]. I HUNT & EAT game … I’m a hunter, for that I make no apologies.” He explained, “I can assure you it was not wasteful … the villagers were so happy for the meat which they don’t often get to eat. Very grateful.” “These are not endangered animals as an fyi.

not ready for prime time pass times

The important points to remember is that hunting is not against the law, that DJ hunts responsibly, and that the local community received some benefit from his activities. Its’ a dubious and cruel pass time, but then so is producing reality TV shows. The problem may come more from the impact of the pictures than the act it’s self. For instance the aforementioned PETA has destroyed more animals in it’s years of operations than a small army of Donald Jr’s armed with the latest assault rifles might managed in the peak of blood lust.

if you gotta kill ’em then kill ’em softly

That’s because when people are naive enough to send their unwanted pets to PETA in the assumption that PETA is pro animal, instead of pro animals rights (it’s an ‘issue’ thing), the animals get euthanized and wind up surreptitious dropped in dumpsters. Some estimates claim the PETA as euthanized over 95% of animals turned over to their care. So that puts them right up there with university experimentation and the cosmetics industry as an animal menace! Yet you don’t see people up in arms attacking PETA offices. That’s the problem with turning something into an ‘issue’.

I have nothing against cows personally, some of my favorite snacks are cows!

You probably enjoy a good burger now and then, or even a steak. While you’re chowing down you probably haven’t thought much about the conditions under which your lunch lived and died. Well there only a bunch of dumb cows good for nothing except Far Side cartoons and fueling frivolous environmental arguments with their methane discharges (their farts will kill us all!). For a good look you might want to check out the documentary Earthlings. If you are what you eat then it’s food for thought.

Where’s the beef?

So the upshot is that outrage is easy. That’s why we do it. Especially when it’s about some rich kids with a gun and not enough tact and experience to play it down. Saying “I don’t apologize!” is like waving a red flag PR wise. However the guy ain’t Michael Vick. He’s not out there torturing bunnies with a car battery and jumper cables. He appears to have given some serious thought about what he’s doing, and how to do it responsible. So unless you’re a tie dyed hemp wearing vegan with some rose colored ganja glasses it might be worth while to put this in proportion and think about the larger issue. That is be as responsible with the outrage as young Trump is with his hunting. Some good might even come of that. BTW – Anyone checked in on the condition of the Amazon Rainforest lately?

Incidentally and for the record Wondertrash does not advocating hunting, or harming wildlife in any way. Unless they wildlife is Cheetah, in which case it’s clobbering time!

wonder woman vs cheetah

wonder woman vs PETA

wonder woman and wildlife

Wonder Woman and controversial pass times

The only wild life Wonder Woman hunts sre super villainesses

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