Real Housewife Hubby Busted!

 charged with bank fraud and identity theft

Apollo Nida is a very busy man. He’s on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Is wife Phaedra Parks is described as some kind of celebrity attorney. That’s convenient since she repped him in some charges going back to  2009 (he was arrested for fraud involving changing the VIN numbers on cars).  He’s still on parole or probation for that. That can be a problem since Apollo recently got in trouble yet again for some extracurricular activities. These are the  kind that can keep his attorney wife busy.

Seems that Apollo had some sort of Internet banking fraud scheme going on. Now it gets complicated because it involves stolen identities, bogus bank accounts, and dummy front companies, but here’s the gist of it according to website Apollo, working with an operative named Gayla St. Julien, (described herself as NIDA’s ‘right hand b*tch’ in executing the legwork of his fraud schemes ) would steal other people’s identities. He even set up phony debt collection agencies just to get personal ID info – pretty sneaky. Then St Julien would take the fake info and open up bank accounts by pretending to be the owner of the stolen identity. After that it was merely a matter of funneling fraudulent auto loans, treasury checks, and whatever else, into the bogus accounts.

Now Apollo covered the angles cause he also had a bogus car dealership that he could use to apply for bogus loans for those bogus ID’s. That was Ferrari Autohaus Inc. So this was a thought through thing.

It was so well thought through that Apollo got caught, by Secret Service (the Counterfeit and U.S. Treasury Check Squad) agent Alexandre Herrera. The Secret Service don’t just tuck the President in at night. They’re also a branch of the Treasure Dept. So counterfeiting, and other kinds of fraud, involving treasure bonds for instance, come under their jurisdiction. In this case the T Men found Apollo with about 40 fake ID‘s, and 3 million he couldn’t account for. That lead him up in front of U.S. District Judge Gerrilyn G. Brill, who released the reality TV star on $25 000 bail. Nida has another appearance on Feb 12 – so wish him luck!

So here are the basic details you have to remember:

  1. Apollo Nida is married to attorney Phaedra Parks and appears on Real Housewives of Atlanta.
  2. Apollo set up numerous dummy companies to access databases that allowed him to steal people’s identities.
  3. Nida then used the stolen ID’s to set up bogus banks accounts with his partner in crime Gayla St Julien.
  4. Nida then funneled ill gotten gains, like bogus auto loans, into the fake accounts.
  5. That lead to him getting detained by US Marshalls and the Secret Service, who wanted to know about his 40 alter egos and the 3 million he has to account for!

It would take the sharp mind and attention to detail of a Martha Stewart to wade through the various details. Or here’s the friendly, chatty version courtesy of youtube commentator lovelyti2013.  She’s kind of a fan of RHOA (Real Housewives of Atlanta). So she’s call all the details off by heart.

These sort of scams might be more frequent than you think. Several years back Courtney Love claimed to be the victim of a ID scam. She claimed that bogus ID using real SINs were being used to funnel money into bogus mortgages. This was some how eating into the vast Kurt Cobain Nirvana millions. Or something. Courtney wasn’t sounding too coherent during those twitter rants. So people chalked it up as some kind of colourful Starwhackers rant. Then the ass came out of the loan business, with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. So all sorts of things had been going on. Stuff not much different in practise than what Apollo Nida got busted on. Except Nida ain’t too big to fail. He’s just the right size.

So was Courtney ahead of the curve. Randy Quaid might’ve been onto something too. He’s living quietly in Canada. So he’s not crazy when he’s left in peace.

Now a little more on the low profile heroes of the Secret Service.

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