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In today’s Wondertrash -Mr Rogers off his meds, extraterrestrial cavemen, and Kate Beckinsale‘s ass!

today’s creature feature has everything except a cat suit – I tried!

Now for Wondertrash Sunday Afternoon Cinema. Today’s feature is Horror Express starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. Now Lee is kind of a legend in horror films. You’ll remember him as tall dark & creepy – like Vincent Prince but with more sex appeal (no offense Vincent if you’re out there listening). Vincent was more of you’re friendly neighborhood undertaker, or a Fred Rodgers gone off of his meds. Christopher Lee really was spooky, at least in his films. So sit back for about 90 mins and ride the horror express!

Now this little doozy really runs the gamut horror wise. Christopher Lee plays a fellow of the royal society who believes he has discovered the remains of the missing link some where in Shanghai. Naturally he has it crated for shipment by rail, so he can bring it back to England. He espeically wants to run the nose of his academic rival Peter Cushing in his discovery. Unfortunately Lee was unaware of what happens when science meets superstition in B movies, even though he was fair warned by a polish priest and ‘spiritual advisor’ (a von Helsing type character?). Things take a strange turn when the creature breaks loose and starts killing people, but not before draining their minds of knowledge and memory. Before it’s over an extra terrestrial angle is exposed, dating back to man’s pre history!

Now I can’t give anymore away except to say that the creature in the crate is not Kate Beckinsale in a catsuit – which would’ve really added some nitro to the fuel feed! You can add that in for yourselves via imagination if you feel the need. Just think of her stalking around, catching people unawares, and draining the essence out of them. Don’t say you haven’t had the fantasies! However the film does have Telly Savalas, if that’s any consolation!

That script wouldn’t have needed much modification to have been a 4 part Tom Baker Dr Who series – complete with the tardis stowed away in the luggage compartment of the train. Incidentally Christopher Lee would’ve made a fantastic film Dr Who back in the 60’s to early 70’s. Think about it!

Cast Christopher Lee … Professor Sir Alexander Saxton Peter Cushing … Dr. Wells Alberto de Mendoza … Father Pujardov Telly Savalas … Captain Kazan Julio Peña … Inspector Mirov Silvia Tortosa … Countess Irina Petrovski Ángel del Pozo … Yevtushenko Helga Liné … Natasha Alice Reinheart … Miss Jones José Jaspe … Conductor Konev George Rigaud … Count Marion Petrovski Víctor Israel … Maletero – the Baggage Man Faith Clift … American Passenger (credited as Faith Swift) Juan Olaguivel … the Creature (credited as Juan Olaguibel) Barta Barri … First Telegraphist

Leaving you with a very happy ending 😉

Disappointment about not seeing Kate Beckinsale in her catsuit is understandable. Especially after it got metnioned so many times. It’s just once she comes up it’s very very difficult to put her back down. KAte Bewckinsale can be highly addictive that way. So to soften someof that disappointment here’s Kate Beckinsale doing yoga, or maybe twerking. Either way she’s bent over and wiggling her ass around!

Kate Beckinsale is the only way to twerk!
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Suge Knight Sucker Punches Dude at Pot Shop!

Suge Knight‘s pot stop ends in knock out!

Who would’ve guessed that closed circuit security TV would’ve proved such a boon to celebrity gossip. CCTV has taught us more than that celebrities have the same tendencies to bad behavior as anyone else, or at least the next person. It’s also taught us that Suge Knight is one bad dude. At the very least Suge ain’t so sweet. Especially when pit is involved. Take that time when he sucker punched a guy at the local pot shop. That happened very recently, and the whole incident was caught on security cam, the unblinking sentinel of the transmundane!

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Top 10 Grammy Upsets

It’s the Grammy Awards – who knows what to expect?

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Cate Blanchett Calls Out Matthew McConaughey SAG Awards 2014

Cate Balnchett has something to say to Matthew McConaughey at this years’s SAG Awards!

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Jennifer Aniston pregnant?

Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant? According to Star mag she is cause they put it right out there on their cover, with no question marks to qualify it! Read more @ Jennifer Aniston “Pregnant” For Real?http://bit.ly/TLghGG

Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant? She is if supermarket tabloids canb be believed

Aniston may, or may not, be pregnaqnt but others, like Scarlett Johansson, are still trying ot get lucky! In Scarlett’s case she’s trying with the help of an eye catching and discreetly placed tattoo!

with jennifer anioston pregnant others like scarlett johansson are still trying to get lucky, sometimes with the help of eyecatching and discreetly placed tattoos

So congrats to Jen on finally getting knocked up – allegedly.

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Rihanna: New Red Hot Vogue Cover – November 2012

Rihanna: New Red Hot Vogue Cover – November 2012

Latest Gossip = Slap Egotists

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Jenny McCarthy — Naked & Making Out with Chicks!

Jenny McCarthy isn’t trying to hide the fact that she got naked and made out with a bunch of models while high on drugs. Sounds like a pleasant time, no?

Latest Gossip = Slap Egotists

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