Mila Kunis Goes Topless for "Esquire"

Mila Kunis Goes Topless for “Esquire

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Mila Kunis – Sexiest Woman Alive on Esquire Magazine 2012

Mila KunisSexiest Woman Alive on Esquire Magazine 2012

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A Rogue’s Gallery of Insane Celebrity That Would Creep Out Batman!

Raging Bull

Robert DeNiro probably does A better job endorsing products in Japanese commercials than he does introducing speakers at political events. That’s because he made an off colour comment at a recent Democratic Party fundraiser. The event was on Monday in New York and bobby had to introduce Michelle Obama. Bugsy Bobby managed to piss off everyone by quipping “Callista Gingrich, Karen Santorum, Ann Romney. Now do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady?” De Niro said. “Too soon, right?” That went over about as well as when Alex Jones said that juice boxes make you gay – first they give men breast & then they give them breast cancer!

When I say he pissed off everyone I mean that of course the usual suspects were offended. Like those touchy Republicans. Newt Gingrich called the remarks inexcusable and divisive. If anyone knows about inexcusable and divisive it’s Gingrich. Only Rush Limbaugh knows more. However they weren’t the only ones who were peeved. DeNiro also earned himself an official reprimand from the First Lady’s office, who described the comments as “inappropriate”.

Now granted no one likes those pack of Stepford Drones backing the Republican Primary Candidates. They come off like they might’ve been cloned from Tipper Gore’s fingernail scrapping. That doesn’t mean that you can go around shooting from the lip like you’re no better than some blogger! That’s why Bobby Boy had to respond to that official reprimand with an official apology. Bob said – “My remarks, although spoken with satirical jest, were not meant to offend or embarrass anyone — especially the first lady.” Satirical jest requires both wit and discretion – unless you’re on the Internet. So you can’t just go around saying obnoxious shit that will upset people who might find it offensive. However I personally blame Sarah Palin! Politics has brought out the malicious petty worst in everyone every since that dumb hair sprayed half baked Alaskan bitch got dragged into the mix!

Rhianna – Sarah Palin of pop music?

Now before I work on my official apology to Ms. Palin, here’s some more mild offensive celebrity shenanigans. Who could be more mildly offensive these days than Rhianna? She was always a little bit irritating but these days people are getting fed up fast with the broad. That’s cause she’s gone back with her abusive ex Chris Brown in spite of all the sympathy and support that got tossed her way. She guested on one of Chris’s recent tracks, called him the best R&B artist out there in a recent interview, and has been playig Twitter tag with Chris and his current girl friend K-Tran, whom Rhianna refers to as “rice cakes”! It’s like she made suckers of everyone by being determined to make a fool of herself. Of course she’s Rhianna so she can get away with that.

So while Rhianna is laying down ultimatums to Chris to drop Ms Tran or lose her forever, the rest of humanity is getting more impatient with her by the minute. Humanity like Gene Simmons. Gene Simmons is the guy with the tongue who used to front KISS and then went with Playboy bunny Shannon Tweed and then on to reality TV! So in his mind that gives him rock’n’roll street cred. So he’s in a position to go heaving shit and people he thinks of as no more than fucking no talent phonies. People like Rhianna for instance. GS recently said “We’re sick and tired of girls getting up there with dancers and karaoke tapes in back of them,” Simmons told the crowd at the press conference, reports “No fake bull***t. Leave that to the Rihanna, Shmianna and anyone who ends their name with an ‘A.’

Of course Geno has a big tour coming up so he needs to say shit to get attention to hype the tour and nothing gets attention like slagging on some one who’s public image is jumping the shark. GS ain’t alone in his opinions though. Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee seconded that opinion by saying “No disrespect to Rihanna, she’s a great singer, but we’re in a slump for some s**t that has some personality and appeal beyond a bunch of pop stuff that’s floating around out there,” he told “I’m glad he said that actually because I don’t think I can bear watching another f**king award show that is just a little bit better than ‘American Idol.’ It’s f**king pathetic to watch people go out and f**king karaoke with a bunch of lights and video. It’s all completely watered down.” Tommy Lee has tattoos and married Pamela Anderson a couple of times so he has at least as much rock’n’roll cred as Gene – although where were either of them at Live Aid? Motley Crue is also on the same tour with KISS so T Boner has got as much incentive for making inflammatory public remarks as Simmons! So we’re all agreed – Rhianna is a dumb bitch without enough sense to get in out of the rain!

Rhianna & the Kutchie Boy

One person who still likes Rhianna is Ashton Kutcher. Until recently the Kutch had been married to Demi Moore. They’d been together for about 10 years and ever since he played a teenager on That Seventies Show. They called it a seventies show but there never was a single reference to the Fonz or Happy Days so it lacked creditability. Back in the 70’s people who’d never heard of the Beatles knew about the Fonz! So the show completely lacked credibility. Then again Kutch was a 20 something playing a teenager – like John Vinnie Barbarino Travolta on Welcome Back Kotter, so credibility wasn’t the issue. So he was all set for his Demi Moore marriage.

Demi & the Kutch (now that sounds like a late 70’s sitcom!) went the separate ways in a highly publicized bust up several moths ago that left Demi hospitalized and eventually in rehab. She’d become a separate desperate housewife. Kutchie Baby started making up for lost time with a bevy of young beauties. Then he replaced Charlie Sheen in 2 1/2 Men. So a lot of things weren’t working out for him lately. So it should be no surprise that he’s wandered into Rhianna sphere of influence.

Actually it was Rhianna’s sphere of influence that wandered into Kutcher. In the wee hours of Mar 21 Rhianna and her personal SWAT team of security persons were seen arriving at Kutchie’s place. She stayed about 4 hours, and left some time around dawn. Don’t believe it? There are pictures!

No word on what got into either of them except that Rhianna – who has demanded that Chris Brown choose between her and his current girlfriend (the one who stood faithfully beside him during his darkest hours) – is losing patience with Brown. So some quality time with one of LA’s No 1 swingers might light a fire under him!

the Crazy Hour

Angelina Jolie used to be one of the most admired actresses in Hollywood but eventually managed to make it into the ranks of annoying celebrities herself. It was only a matter of time. Her mischievous right leg ain’t the only thing acting up lately either. Her kids are way out of control. At least that’s what US OK! Magazine is saying. A source has been spilling some beans and the Mag quotes them as saying that Jolie’s kids are about ready for Child Protective Services. According to the report:

“There’s not much any of us can do but sit and watch,” a friend revealed, “The kids are all goofed up on sugar, and after Shiloh has five cookies in a row and Maddox downs his third orange Fanta, it’s crazy hour. That’s what we call it: Crazy Hour. Toys fly. Kids melt down into tantrums. There’s fighting, it’s just a zoo.”

Mother Angelina has admitted in the past that sugar is the “family weakness” but it has reportedly got so bad that friends fear the children are actually addicted.
A friend said: “The kids eat fast food every day, doughnuts for breakfast. “Shiloh’s a sugar addict, screaming when she’s cut off.”

The article also accuses the Hollywood golden couple about their children’s hygiene, rarely encourage them to wash or brush their teeth.

“Angelina does not insist the kids brush every day or wash hands before meals,” the insider went on. “They bathe whenever they want, which is not often.”
Their friends have reportedly started to notice and are even telling other people that, “[Brad]his kids smell like Johnny Depp.”

The close source goes on to reveal that despite their parents’ strict humanitarian stance they have no problem with the children playing violent battles that go further than the usual chil-drens games.
“Angelina lets the boys play with guns, rifles, though they are unloaded and some are just toys. “Others are real and pricey antiques — they’re the ones the boys use to pretend kill the staff.”

Mild substance addiction, violent outbursts, and hunting the staff for sport – they sound like the Adams Family on meth! Not since the reports of Octomom’s messy family situation have I read anything so negliegent and shocking. Still there might be a reasonable explanation for this. Perhaps they Pitt-Jolie’s are prepping up for a new reality TV series! With no recent baby pics to pitch for People Magazine exclusives the couple could use a source of income. So a reality TV series hot on the heels of some over hyped wedding might rack in the bucks Sarah Palin style! Admit it – you’d watch too after hearing those hair raising reports!

Megan Fox crazy by donedone123456

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Demi Moore Going to be in Rehab for a While

It’s been a rough time for Demi Moore. Her marriage to 70’s Show hottie Ashton Kutcher went down the tubes. So while the Kutch went off to South America and surfed in the streets Demi got herself into a damsel in distress type situation. Actually she had some drug related trouble. That lead to some tabloid headlines and time in rehab.

Reports are that Demi is doing great in rehab – it’s surprising when rehab actually works! She was in one of those places that failed Lindsay Lohan at least once, unless it was Mischa Barton, Britney Spears, or Paris Hilton, or Nicole Richie or one of the oodles of other celebs who had to do some sober time. It’s getting hard to keep track. Dems is back on the straight and narrow but is in no huirry to leave cause she’s serious about her sobriety. Here’s the latest update on that!
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Breaking news from the National Enquirer

The National Enquirer is working on some wild stories if this cover preview is any indications. Front row center is Demi Moore. Now Moore got into some difficulty after her marriage to Ashton Kutcher collapsed. Her AA sponsor died about the same time so it was a real bad alignment of the planets. That lead to an EMT call, headlines about whip its, and enrollment in rehab.

Dems is currently in Cirque Lodge in Orem, Utah. That’s the place that may have failed Lindsay Lohan, or one of her contemporaries, on at least one occasion. It’s important to remember that recovery is an ongoing process – that means it’s not about results so don’t expect any. The National Enquirer is promising readers Demi’s explosive rehab diary along with references to “the baby she lost” (that’s a low blow so shame on you Enquirer), plus the booze and the drugs.

Meanwhile Bruce Willis is fighting to save the kids. The kids in this case are adults. Plus they’ve been taking care of their mother – allegedly – for the past little while, so I’m not sure how much saving they need. Seems like they’ve learned to look out for themselves. However Tallulah – who’s the sane one in the family and went off to college instead of the party circuit and tab covers – says that her mom made her life hell.

Between Demi Moore and Whitney Houston it would be tough to say who’s worse off. Once upon a time it would’ve been tough to say who was better off. While Demi was a queen of Hollywood and married to Bruce Willis Whitney was the most honored female recording artist ever. In Guinness World Records terms it puts her in the same league as the Beatles and Elvis – though in the ladies league. She was such a big deal that back in 2001 Arista made her a big deal – $100 million for 6 new albums. They should’ve saved their money because Whitney doesn’t have it anymore for one thing.

As covered in yesterday’s post Whits is at wit’s end. She was seen out and about at some party totally wasted, bumming $100 bucks from some friend, and leaving the scene of the crime scratched and a little bloody. So people are asking “how bad is it?” According to the National Enquirer it’s worse than you think. For one thing she’s flat broke! Considering the amount of money she made in her career that’s astonishing. Now hot on the heels of her recent night out blow out comes reports by way of the NE cover that Whitney has collapsed. They say they’ve got shocking photos! Hope that they’re not as shocking as the recent Macaulay Culkin photos that made the rounds recently.

Speaking of shocking the last time that the National Enquirer used that word in a headline it involved Newt Gingrich. He and his wife were involved in some kind of lesbian shocker. Hopefully it’s nothing involving irate Prop 8’s, pink pistols, and fully charged tasers. You can set your tasers to stunned again this week as the NE continues on the political theme. This time it’s Mitt Romney. The Enquirer claims that there’s some kind of cheating scandal involving his wife! Now they don’t say whether she’s cheating, been cheated on, or there are some kind of unfounded accusations. Leaving something to the imagination encourages you to go out and buy the magazine. They do say that he’s hiding something from America, and I assume they mean more than his Magic Mormon Underwear!

Finally there’s the Will Smith divorce headline. Apparently there’s mystery beauty caught in the middle. There’s a further salacious little hint – she’s very close to Jada! I’m not sure if this means that they’re gonna form a hunting party, track down Newt Gingrich and his wife, then shock them with fully charged tasers or not. You can infer what you like. That’s the gossip game.

The National Enquirer is a serious a magazine. They were nominated for a Pulitzer Prize (the nominated themselves but that’s allowed and a very NE way of getting credibility – so give them credit for being true to themselves). That means there’s more to the story than splashy covers with lurid headlines and shocking photos. There’s also some meat on the bones. In this case the meat is between the sheets in the form of some ground breaking journalism that they’re working on. Groundbreaking means shit like this:

Jailbird O.J. Simpson has gone ballistic over losing his south Florida home and is blaming his older daughter Arnelle for squandering his $30,000 a month pension money. He was so angry that he told Arnelle, the favorite of his four kids “If I could get my hands you right now I’d break your neck.” No one likes to heart hat kind of talk coming from the Juice. With other dads it’s a figure of speech but in his cae no one’s sure how literally to take him.

The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively that one of the desperate women from ‘The Bachelor‘ has trapped this season’s hunk, Ben Flajnik, with a pregnancy scam! We will reveal which lady has stooped to a new low and snagged the bachelor with her tears and pregnancy test. If only X Factor could come up with that kind of shit then Simon Cowell might have those 20 million viewers he wanted.

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Demi Moore was on Adderall

Update on Demi Moore:

when a problem comes along you must whip it; when something’s going wrong you must whip it

Demi Moore recently got herself hospitalize after having a whip it induced seizure. A friend became concerned when Moore started losing consciousness and having convulsions after inhaling nitrous oxide – known as whip its, and so phoned for the ambulance. That lead to the announcement that Demi is taking time off to sort out her problems. Well it turns out that whip its weren’t her only problem.

Seems that Demi has been struggling ever since her split up with Ashton Kutcher. She’s been losing an alarming amount of weight and that sparked some anorexia talk. It turns out things may have been a little worse than garden variety anorexia. Seems that Moore had been reinforcing her extreme diet with Adderall.

According to Radaronline Moore was not only starving herself but keeping herself jacked up on Adderall and energy drinks. A source told Radar:

“The pills and starvation destroyed Demi and this has been a problem for about a year,” the source said about her tragic situation.

“She’s constantly jacked up on Adderall and combining that with not eating accounts for her loopy behavior and anorexic body frame. She literally refuses to eat any food.”

Demi Moore isn’t the only one with some substance abuse issues. In a recent ESPN2 interview no less a person than Pat Sajack admitted to getting a little out of control from time to time. Pat is the host of long running TV game show mainstay Wheel of Fortune. According to Pat he and letter turner Vanna White would sometimes make their way to a nearby restaurant, during taping breaks, and down a bunch of margaritas. How many? According to Pat it could have been 2 or 3 or 6. Now is he sounds like he lost count it’s only cause it’s hard to stay focused after a certain point. In fact Pat says that at times he had difficulty recognizing the alphabet. For those worried that TV’s favorite games show’s wholesome image could get tarnished and that the Wheel could be swinging it’s way into rehab – fear not. Pat says that he’s not into drinking on the job these days.

Pat ain’t the only game show host who liked to get loose during work. Alex Trebek seemed to enjoy a little refreshment no and then himself – according to the following video. He had a hell of a mouth on him too. Unlike Pat Alex didn’t have to leave to get loose. Apparently he sometimes kept a can right under his podium.

It’s beginning to look like the Merv Griffith entertainment empire had almost as many problems as Disney Inc!

Angel Sighting: Adrianna Lima

picture courtesy of Hollywood Rag

BTW Demi Moore isn’t the only one with Whip It trouble. According to the Mailonline Prince Harry Ginger has been known to enjoy the substance characterized in Great Britain as “hippy crack” The Mail reports that Harry was at a London party as recently as last Friday past. Harry was surrounded by leggy young women and having a blast until about 5 AM. He was also spotted repeated inhaling from a nitro filled balloon and laughing hysterically.

Apparently a big part of the appeal of Nitro is that it produces a ‘heavenly’, though brief, euphoria. That’s because it releases opiate like substance – probably some kind of endorphin – into the brain. It’s also cheap – about 5 bucks a hit. It’s also legal, so you can’t get in too much trouble. The down side is that it has a number of potential side effects – like such as chronic depression, brain lesions, bone ­marrow illnesses and death. Not to mention seizures and tabloid headlines!

Why do celebs do it? Well for one thing illegal drugs might be too much of a career risk. If a celeb gets busted for drugs then their studio masters might intervene. The celeb might be offered the choice of rehab or unemployment. So unless you’re willing to give up control of your life you could be hounded out of the business until you’re more cooperative. Just like Lindsay Lohan. Legal highs leave you on the right side of the line. If you’ve got a bottle full of pills then no one can say much, especially if a doctor prescribed them. On the down side you could wind up deader than Any Winehouse.

So until the powers that be are ready to legalize marijuana, the young and young at heart will have to use physically & mentally dangerous but legally cautious ways to get there: like nitrous oxide, and the prescription drugs that have carried off so many celebrities. Pill popping has done in everyone from Elvis to Marylin Munroe to Michael Jackson to Heath Ledger, and many times they’d been prescribed!

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Demi Moore Hospitalized

Demiconscious – was Ashton tired of a life of tranny tyranny and oppression?

may you live in interesting times – between rehab

Demi Moore has lead an interesting life. She was a major motion picture actress back in the 80’s and 90’s. Then she had a hi profile marriage to another major 80’s and 90’s personality, Bruce Willis. He’s the guy who sold your parents on Seagram’s Vodka Coolers with his cool Rat Packish charm. He and Demi were one of those power couples, like Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford, or later on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

truth or consequence – fake it or make it: if Burton and Taylor couldn’t do it then what chance did the real Anthony & Cleopatra have?

As much as everyone talks about soul mates, finding your significant other and completing that power circuit doesn’t make everything fall into your out stretched and eager hand. It didn’t work out for Marc Anthony and Cleopatra; nor even Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez. That’s to say nothing of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Even a cutesy combo moniker like Bennifer didn’t save them. So eventually and for undisclosed reasons Bruce and Demi split up.

Too good to be true or too fast to last? Maybe just too naked to make it.

Demi went on to live a rich and full life. It was the style to which she was accustomed. She had after all appeared naked and pregnant (though not necessarily in that order) on the cover of Vanity Fair. So she was an unconventional ground breaker. Maybe that’s why she pounced on Asthon Kutcher with the fury of a hungry cougar on the hunt. To the world’s astonishment they got married. Meanwhile, as Asthon became MoD to her kids (that ‘my other dad’ and not ‘ministry of defense’, for our Brit readers), Bruce hung around smiling and supportive. They were often photographed together on vacation, at premiers, etc & etc, with a camaraderie that the Three Musketeers might have envied. If Bruce seemed like he was waiting in the wings then maybe he was asking himself what many others were thinking “How long can this thing last?”

2 1/2 men a re hard to find

It lasted longer than he might have expected, because eventually Bruce went off and got married. That’s okay cause Demi still had Ashton. That’s is until cracks started developing. Eventually, and at about the same time Ashton took over the lead in 2 1/2 Men, things came to ahead. it was announced that the couple were divorcing. Stories came out about open marriages – & to give them the benefit of the doubt maybe it was in the Newt Gingrich traditional family values GOP sense. Then the divorce talk began. Statements were made about unacceptable behavior. The kids announced that Ashton was no longer MoD. He had been demoted to ‘good looking creep that broke mom’s heart’.

more overhauls than the bionic woman

Now the people who had been asking “how long can this go on?” were asking “How is she gonna take it?” “Hard” seemed a pretty good guess. Demi had spent a ton on cosmetic surgery. As much as $600 000 by some accounts. Consensus seemed to be that this was an attempted to keep her much younger husband interested. There’s no refund on plastic surgery (& no undo button either). So she might have invested too much of herself in this venture.

inside out and outside thin – looking bad thinking worse

Well people were about to get there answer. Demi started looking thin. People began talking eating disorder, and some were no doubt thinking “under stress”. Some were probably thinking drugs worse. She gave magazine interviews in which she admitted to doubting her ability and worthiness to be loved. Then things really came to a head.

a gathering of superfriends

On Jan 11 Dems was out at an undisclosed spot living it up. She was surrounded by young celebs like Miley Cyrus, Pauly D (Jersey Shore) DelVecchio, and Brody Jenner. Only the presence of Kim Kardashian and a couple of Bachelorettes might’ve made that who’s who complete! In spite of looking ‘super skinny’ among the young and sexy, Demi managed to get totally trashed and wound up dancing on tables. Or at least an eyewitness tells US Weekly! She also got kinda friendly with young Ryan Rottman, of 90210 fame. There was some shirt unbuttoning and chest tickling involved, according to People, but you’re gonna have to hit that link to find out who unbuttoned and tickled whom.

the red pill or Red Bull?

On Jan 15 Demi accompanied her daughter Rumor out to Sean Penn’s Cinema for Peace Event Benefiting J/P Haitian Relief Organization in L.A. Maybe Demi was feeling a little wild and girlish, but she downed about 12 Red Bulls. She seemed glad to be out and ready to unwind. She took numerous pix on her iPhone and was glad to see anyone approached her. This might have been a reaction to a night out on the 13th when she ran into Ashton. That was an awkward run in at a West Hollywood Golden Globes party in which they spent most of the evening avoiding each other. Naturally a gal might need to blow off steam after that. Unfortunately Demi didn’t get it out of her system.

riding for a fail

If Dems was riding for a fall no one was coming right out and saying. Not until a couple of days ago at least. That’s when TMZ broke the news that Moore had been hospitalized. According to TMZ paramedics were called about 10:45 to come and make an appearance. She was assessed for 30 mins and then transported to a local hospital. Some reports said that there was a substance abuse issue (usually in Hollywood ‘substance abuse issue’ means an issue about which substance is being abused). Demi’s rep told TMZ

“Because of the stresses in her life right now, Demi has chosen to seek professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health. She looks forward to getting well and is grateful for the support of her family and friends.”

whip it!

The plot thickened. It was soon revealed that the ambulance got called after Moore had started doing whip its‘. For those not among the beautiful people – and I pity you! – ‘whip its’ are nitrous oxide! People of Demi’s age and income bracket don’t usually do them, but Demi has been hangin’ with a young fast crowd lately (remember when fentanyl lollipops were cool? That was a more innocent time). Apparently Demi had inhaled a dangerous amount and had a reaction. When she lapsed into semi consciousness a friend became concerned and called the ERT. According to some reports she even had the symptoms of a seizure!

Up-to-date, nihilist whiz hoaxes

Where does that leave Demi right now, besides ‘hospitalized with exhaustion’? Moore was cast in the new Linda Lovelace biopic, as Gloria Steinem (not that being offered Gloria Steinem instead of the Linda Lovelace lead depressed Ms. Moore, but it couldn’t have helped). She’ll probably have to bow out of that (ooh – a part for Katherine Heigl!). She’s got some issues to deal with before she can do movies. For one thing in addition to alleged substance abuse issues, the actress is also said to be dealing with anorexia. So it seems that Moore is on the road to rehab, if not recovery. At least there she may be able to get the treatment for issues including “exhaustion” she seems to need. After an intensely interesting life a rest can be as good as a change!

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