Ted Nugent Offers Disingenuous "Apology" For Calling Obama A "Subhuman Mongrel"

Ted goes off half cocked, shoots from the lip

Ted Nugent is many things. He’s a genuinely talented musician. Although zany, he’s an articulate & outspoken advocate for the causes he supports. He’s an inflammatory media personality who can be counted on to say something outrageous. These days he’s also up to his neck in shit. That’s because while debating a cause he fervently believes in – the right to bear arms, he got carried away and called US President Barack Obama a ‘sub human mongrel’. That at about 2:50 on the above tape.

while talking to the good people at guns.com recently motor city mad man Ted Nugent got a little carried away while using his 1st ammendment rights to defend his 2nd ammendment rights. Then he called US President Barack Obama a really nasty name
America’s Crazy Uncle Ted

Now to understand a multi faceted personality like Ted Nugent you have to put him in context. Every other family in America has a “crazy uncle”. He’s usually your mom or dad’s youngest sib. His parents were too old and tired to deal with him so he grew up wild & doing pretty much whatever the fuck he wanted. He drops by your house unexpected, because your parents would never invite him. When he shows up he’s stinking of booze and weed. Some completely messed up girl who looks like a stripper is hanging on his arm. He invites himself in and spends the evening regaling everyone with tales of fucking and fighting. While the children gather around to listen eagerly, mom looks like she’s about to give birth to an ulcer. Dad just kind of stares blankly into space while nursing a strong drink. Occasionally dad nods and says something non committal like “uh huh”, or “hmmmm”. The theme of the evening is “let’s just get this over with”. If the scene were a painting it would be Norman Rockwell by Salvador Dali! Basically Nugent is America’s Crazy Uncle Ted & friendly bad influence.

So that brings us back to Ted and the shit he’s in. Ted was giving an interview to the good people over at guns.com. They have a lot in common, like their support of the second 2nd Amendment, and their liberal exercise of the 1st Amendment. That’s an admirable thing. More Americans should probably bother to acquaint themselves with the workings of their government, and involve themselves in it’s processes. That’s taking democracy back and making it work for the people – like it was intended to do (but if you put the foxes in charge of the hen house then what can you expect?). Problem is that Ted got carried away. Then he called the US Pres Barack Obama a real nasty name.

Now as you can imagine that hasn’t gone over very well. For one thing Ted is actively campaigning for Rick Perry‘s successor to the Texas governorship. I’m sure that the Republicans were glad to have him on board. It projects the right image – that conservative politics is as relevant to cool outlaw rock n rollers as it is to too big to fail wall street brokers. The common touch is where ever you find it! Of course now with Ted spouting racist type language of the kind that wouldn’t be welcome on Duck Dynasty, the right wing is distancing it’s self from Ted “Loose Cannon” Nugent. Like when Rick Perry showed up on CNN and admitted that he personally has a problem with anyone calling his president a ‘sub human mongrel’.

So where does that leave us. For one thing Ted probably ain’t getting invited out to any more political rallies. Professional politicians have enough trouble explaining their own gaffs without having to take responsibility for other peoples. It also leaves Ted backpedaling in the form of an apology. Apology is a fine thing, though some have described his as a bit ‘half hearted’. Since his original comments were a bit half cocked, maybe it evens out in sort of the same way that two wrongs make a right or something.

Then again lets hope that Crazy Uncle Ted is more responsible with his 2nd Amendment rights then he is in discharging his 1st Amendment rights. In the meantime Ted’s future forays into the public eye will probably be increasingly uninvited and unexpected. As entertaining as those might be, they might be a bit of a challenge to get through! Now here’s that apology!

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Kristen Stewart is the Conspiracy!

A funny thing happened while taking Liam Rhines for a ride with Paddy Wagoner

While I was busy dreaming up Internet message board aliases today – stuff like Liam Rhines & Paddy Wagoner, I couldn’t help wondering what ever happened to the conspiracy movement. Now if you’re anything like me then you like an occasional far fetched trip the the revolving door of paranoia. So the past ten years were one hell of a ride. If you’ll recall it all began back in New York City on 911 when 19 Islamic  terrorist committed the greatest act of mass murder ever perpetrated on American soil. They pulled it off with out the aid of readily available and perfectly legal semi automatic fire arms too! So this was an event to challenge everyone’s belief system!

Those were the days – back when “going jihad” was the new “gone ballistic”

As the western world reeled from shock it struggled to make sense out of what had just happened. As far as any one could tell Mid Eastern fundies hiding behind their hijabs and armed only with Korans and wild eyed fanaticism had declared war on the United States. Worse still they didn’t do this on behalf of a rogue country like Libya or some such. They weren’t a nation, they were a movement. So they could conceivably be anyone. That made them the worst kind of enemy to reach out and smack – the Invisible Menace! Now if you k now a little American History then you’ve heard that nothing puts the fizz in their Coca Cola like a good ole 5th Column Red Menace. So soon everyone was wondering what might be lurking where the reds under the beds used to be.

There was nothing in Al Capone’s vault but it wasn’t Geraldo’s fault, unless he knows something and he’s not saying!

The plot sickened. George W Bush‘s decisive but befuddled response to the crisis left everyone wondering if he really knew exactly what the fuck he was doing. Then and as people were asking themselves, and each other “exactly how the fuck could this have happened?“,  the stories started coming out – the CIA had been warned in advance that trouble was coming but dismissed the reports. Or they got lost in some bureaucratic haystack of misfiled paper work. Or the CIA had been tracking the terrorists but didn’t consider them a real threat. Or Dick Cheney told NORAD to stand down on the morning of 911 as plane # 2 was coming through – even though the USAF was poised to intercept. There were no clear and present answers and only 2 conclusions: either Bush &amp: Cheney were Col. Klink and Ubersargent Schultz, and running America like Luftstalag 13; or they were the Emperor & Darth Vader and totally in on the event. When given a choice between dishonesty and incompetence most reasonably suspicious people will go for dishonesty every day of the week and twice on Sunday! So that was America’s cue to stock up on tinfoil!

Don’t drink the cool aid; eat the crazy candy!

If I’d only bought aluminum futures 10 years ago then I’d be rich today. That stuff had to have topped out higher than gold at the rate people started wrapping up assorted half truths in it like so many rotten fish heads purloined out of the garbage of some person of interest. People like such as Alex Jones, David Icke, Fritz Springmeier (author of the most elaborate explanation in the world!), and others made full time jobs out of explaining the unexplainable. If you were into taking the red pills then these friendly neighborhood alarmists were your strangers with candy!

News from the dark side – The moon is made of green cheese and if you eat some you’ll flip out; cause it’s totally hallucinogenic!

As the audiences got larger the theories got wilder too. The Queen was a blood drinking child sacrificing Lizard Mother descended from Reptoids living at the center of the earth. 911 was predictive programming to pave the way for a full scale Illuminati world take over. George Bush and a coven of devil worshiping republicans (including Karl “Dr Evil” Rove and the aforementioned Dick Cheney) met yearly at Bohemian Grove not only to raise Cain but the ghost of Alasteir Crowley and channel him as their own personal Baphomet, so they could seek his guidance on how best to mismanage the world. The fact that the economy collapsed only added fuel to the speculation fire. More incompetence or is something really up? Maybe the Jews were so busy running Hollywood that they lost track of the hedge funds? Damn you Baron Rothschild! In short no theory was too crazy to fly if it could be propped up by no more than a half dozen half truths. Plus if you have Internet connection and a decent laptop you could get in on the act too! You could start a blog, backed up with a website, featuring podcasts. Pretty soon you might get a following. That could be your breakthrough into the exciting world of psudo-documentary film making! You’ get your name out there and maybe even earn enough to pay you internet service provider! In short it was a golden age of paranoia. & delusional thinking became a kind of cottage industry.

So is the CIA still monitoring your wet dreams these days?

Then something really dreadful happened. Barack Hussein Obama became the 44th President of the United States of America. I say it was horrible because the guy seems to know what he’s doing. Al Qaida got busted up. Wall Street got a house cleaning. Then the American Economy began creeping towards recovery. As life stabilized and returned to something resembling what it had been before people were once again ready to start making plans, focusing on goals, and using common sense. As people began staying calm and carrying on they lost their zest of alternative reality. Obama’s 2012 re election campaign slogan should’ve been “Are you less nuts then you were 4 years ago“. In fact many people became ashamed that they had ever actually taken any of that wild talk even half way seriously.Continuing conspiracy talk was a painful reminder of their monetary lapse in reason and they wanted the crack pots to go back on their meds already. The Mayan calendar anticlimax was like the last nail in the crazy coffin. Bad news for outlets like Al Jazeera, and murder for aspiring conspiracy theorists out there.

Quiet – the news bots are talking about celebridriods again!

The trouble with paranoia is that when you stir it up it doesn’t always go away right away. It’s fun and exciting. So people start putting all that excess neural energy into alternate theory making. Not the kind of  “How many national TV news anchors are really androids?” stuff. As I said that would be embarrassingly painful. So it may find a harmless outlet. That might mean stuff like celebrity gossip. Now people weren’t quite ready to return to the good ole “who’s gay?” typo of speculation. That would be too mundane for one thing. All those new and now idle neural pathways needed some more substantial food for thought. So lucky for you this is where Kristen Stewart comes in! Bon appetite!

So what if Romeo & Juliet had fangs?

Now for the half dozen or so who don’t know, perhaps because they were doing something actually worthwhile like delivering UNICEF packages to starving children on the other side of the planet; Kristen Stewart is a 22 year old actress who plays a vampire’s girlfriend in a long series of Twilight movies. Her boyfriend, in the films and in real life, is played by the Brit heart throb actor Robert Pattinson or RPatz as he is known to anyone not his friend. They play alienated teenagers who find gothy true love together in about 5 films that have become the Love Story or Titanic of today’s teenager. Now vampires and werewolves sound kinda campy but bear in mind that they coat tailed in on the Harry Potter craze, The Adams Family and the Munsters are too long ago to be really familiar to kids today, and that the past ten years have been some real crazy shit!

“My name is Bella Swann. I’m a high school student who’s boyfriend bites people. So in real life that would probably mean he’d have to be on medications.”

Like I said for several years Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and a half dozen Twilight movies were like the next biggest thing to full government disclosure on the UFO invasion. We were living in rough times and needed some kind of distraction. It’s what entertainers do and we love them for it (even if we sometimes hurt the ones we love). Basically people took this Twilight shit a bit more seriously than they should have. When the two popular young stars began seeing each other in real life people took to it like the second coming of Charles & Diana. Fandom practically had the pair married, living in a haunted house, and holding black masses together. When Kristy’s inevitable happy event would be declared the only question would be not “boy or girl?“, but “vampire or were wolf?” even though dating the same guy since you were seventeen and then marrying him at 22 isn’t even the American Dream in a trailer park. Still the whole teen opera kept movie goers on the edge of their seats and made some good coin. Now how could that possibly go wrong?

So next you’re gonna tell me Pam Anderson’s tits ain’t real!

Kristen was looking for a follow up from from Twilight and a new franchise reared it’s head in her direction. It was Snow White and the Huntsman. It was directed by a fellow named Rupert Saunders. he’s the most hated man in the Twilight Netherverse. You see basically while Kristy was enjoying her new found franchise and thinking to herself “How fucking lucky can I get?” she did something that shocked and disappointed her legions of Twilight True Believers. She committed an indiscretion with her director Mr Saunders. Now Kristen is a 22 year old woman working in an industry not known for monogamy or anything but in this case what she did was wrong for three reasons: Rupert wasn’t Robert Pattinson, he wasn’t even Taylor Lautner, and he was ( and currently still is) married. So her flirtation, though ordinarily the stuff of Sex and the City episodes or Cosmo articles, became a stake through the heart of vampire Santa Claus. Oh yeah and a whole new term – “trampire”  – got coined.

More shit than can fit in a tin foil hat!

Now that had everyone doing what they do when something unexpected happens – making shit up. This time the public had some new brain circuitry to work with too – let’s call it the Paranoia Switchboard. People began struggling to make sense out of Krity’s bizarre behavior so all kinds of wacko theories started circulating. They were theories like “Rob & Kristy were only pretending to be in love as part of a nefarious studio scheme to bilk the public out of money“, or “She was set up“, Some people thought that the photos had been manufactured by Photoshop. In fact it might even have been some plot by a rival studio to sink the franchise. You know what those deceitful bastards are like with their trick photography. Maybe the paparazzi even lured her into a compromising situation so that the could sell rags by getting everyone to misconstrue something that was really totally innocent anyway. Then there was the good ole reliable “It never happened” & “They’re gay“.

Let’s see Tila Tequila explain this one!

Now the pleasure of a good conspiracy theory is understandable. My only question is “why not go completely nuts?” For instance maybe Kristy is a MK Ultra mind controlled monarch slave and Rupert got to her with one of those sneaky little trigger phrases? Some innocent figure of speech like “I don’t bite” might have had the bells and lights in Kristy’s head going off until she couldn’t remember the difference between “Robert” & “Rupert“. The names are so similar, and especially when you’re in a trance induced dissociative state, that a girl can become confused! Besides Kristy has to be Illuminati. For one thing Stewart is a very old an revered occult bloodline name. It goes right back to the day when Scottish wizard King James 1 embedded satanic messages into the protestant Bible. In fact James Stewart was the guy who invented backward masking. If you don’t believe me then just say the Lord’s Prayer backwards and see what happens!

It makes sense if you think about it a little after sniffing a lot of glue.

For that matter the girl in the picture might not have even been the real Kristen Stewart. Since Kristy is undoubtedly Illuminati then she was probably a twin. The occult world loves twins and often artificially induces them by injecting expectant mothers with enzymes (code named “witch’s brew“, and not to be confused with “witches’ brew” which causes autism). Some where along the line the other Kristen Stewart escaped from the freedom train. Then years later showed up and decided to wreak her terrible revenge by getting herself mistaken for her famous and favored sister in that infamous picture. So there you have it – this is obviously an “evil twin” scenario! Of course Kristen couldn’t explain. For one thing she probably doesn’t know about her evil twin. Being the innocent girl she is when she saw those pictures in the paper she just assumed that it must be her because who else could it be? If she couldn’t remember the incident, it’s because missing time is no big deal for a young woman with her background. Besides she probably believes everything she reads in the entertainments rags, like for instance she’s in love with RPatz!

Coming Soon – Twilight: Awakening! Thank you Kristen Stewart (and that includes your evil twin too *wink wink*).

Upshot is that this whole thing might be going a little too far. Stewart didn’t toss a baby off of a cliff, or an old woman under a bus. She’s a 22 year old actress who slept with her director. I hear that sort of thing happens in Hollywood from time to time. Her major sin was not sticking with the same guy since when was 17. That is something that happens almost nowhere in modern American, not even in Hollywood. Does she deserve a break? I don’t know that. It’s a question for hysterical and paranoid movie goers to decide. I can only say one thing personally “Kristen Stewart, thank you for keeping the conspiracy alive!” I just hope this whole thing doesn’t do to The Vampire Diaries what Pres Obama did to the conspiracy movement.

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Bill Maher: "We Need To Promote Death"

Bill Maher: “We Need To Promote Death”. He needs to stop watching Dexter.

Latest Gossip = Slap Egotists

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Kristen Stewart Kills the Conspiracy Movement!

Kristen Stewart isn’t content to kill the dreams of Twilight fans, but now is killing the paranoid delusions of conspiracy theory fans. The cheaty little tramp just has to ruin everyone’s fun! I’ll get to that later but right now an update on Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambreast!

tit for tat in Kate gate

Looks like Kate-gate is heating up.

Worse things have happened

Kate should probably calm down. A There are some people out there with real problems. People like Kristen Stewart. Kristen is the gal who killed Vampire Santa Claus. The legion of Twilight fans had her next 30 years planned out with marriage to Rob, dropping a couple oif little Eddie Munsters, and attending frequent Twilight fan conventions where she would talk with upmost sincerity about how she loves having her life revolve around the Twilight series. She could use words like “I’m priveldged” and “I feel so totally blessed“. Of course that’s the fast track to rehab. Just ask Harry Potter.

Kristen Stewart Owned

So Stewart bolted, and people just wouldn’t get the fuck over it. The National Enquirer reported on their website that Stewie had to hire a body guard after recently being chased in the street by a couple of young women who should have better sense. They were shouting profanities and ran Stewie into her car. Once Krissy was safely inside the frustrated Twihards grabbed the doors and began shaking the car back and forth. It was so bad Stewie couldn’t even light a joint to calm herself, the car was swaying so violently! Stewie just forgot that to whom much is given much is required and now she’s totally pwned (do people still say pwned?).

Is Kristen Stewart a Monarch Slave?

Now she’s the butt of every kind of rumour. from Stewie on the verge of emotional meltdown, to Stewie and Patz back on, to Giant Hoax. Giant Hoax can refer to Stewie and Patz’ alleged relationship, which heartless Grinchlike cynics say was just some publicity stunt from day one.Or it can refer to her alleged cheating with married director Rupert Saunders. People who still can’t believe that Twilight was only a novel still can’t believe that Kristen cheated. So they’ve invented every kind of story to explain what happened from Saunders hypnotized her with MK Ultra mind control, to the pair were abducted by Aliens Space Creeps studying human reproductive behavior and forced to demonstrate for them – “For goodness sakes you inhuman monsters, I’m a happily married Hollywood director, and this young movie actress is practically lily white!“. Call this “implausible denial”. Here’s an interesting little video that claims proof that Krissy was not only set up, but that shit never even happened.

Who needs religion now that we have conspiracy theories to believe in?

Believe it if you want to but I’m not settling for anything less than full disclosure, along with Stewart’s birth certificate and samples of her DNA! Until then these people are just wearing their tinfoil hats wrong side out, as far as I’m concerned, and giving the whole conspiracy movement a bad name. Now that’s hurtful to those of us who love conspiracy theories. The conspiracy movement is falling on hard times lately. About 4 years ago any crazy theme could float. People who used to dismiss the X Files talk as UFO craziness were suddenly taking the whole thing seriously. That’s cause no one knew what the fuck was going on – when you don’t know what’s going on then anything becomes believable. That’s the downside of “anything’s possible”.

everyone is privy to their own beliefs, but not their own facts!

Since Barack Obama became president things have calmed down a lot. So America once again has the courage to believe that some things are impossible. Quite frankly many find it secretly reassuring. So that’s bad news for conspiracists with far fetched and unlikely explanations about what’s going on in the world.

The last really good conspiracy theory was (Dallas Goldbug) WellAware1. They’re the group who believe that everyone you see on the news are actually the same dozen or so people playing multiple roles – many of them actually played by the cast of Jackass (including Ryan Dunn who’s death was faked so that he could continue his Illuminati work), & who also apparently started the whole Occupy Movement for George Soros!

When WellAware came out people basically laughed, the videos got tossed off of youtube (though I  saved every one!), and the theory creator didn’t even get on any good conspiracy shows, such as like Alex Jones. Alex probably thought WellAware was a kind of turd in a shit bowl, and a credibility killer. Which goes to show that there are things even conspiracy theorists find far fetched! 4 to 6 years ago people would’ve heard it out, and many would’ve decided that it was possibly.

Believing that anything’s possible and therefore must be true is a short cut to the looney bin. Now if any one tells you crazy is good, creative, and a readjustment your reality parameters; then just tell them to start without you. Truth is that though van Gogh was a lunatic, most lunatics aren’t van Gogh. The constraints of reality are more comfortable than the constraint of a straight jacket! So the point is that America is losing it’s zeal for the kind of raging paranoia that makes Richard Nixon look down to earth in comparison. This whole Kristen Stewart was framed thing isn’t  helping, & it’s such a shame to see the conspiracy movement go out this way.

Conspiracy and the average actor


This is the work of Ed Chiarini, Jr. aka Dallasgoldbug and is uploaded with permission of the author. You may see additional material of his entire body of work on Wellaware1 (dot) com. Please direct any feedback directly to the author. I am the poster and will not respond to comments. Thanks.

Part 1 http://youtu.be/45w9GlL7deU
Part 2 http://youtu.be/6J1uJIDrgIc
Part 3 http://youtu.be/c7prvR5dR4s

Mr. Chiarini presents biometric comparisons of individuals seen in public roles but who are counterfeits passing on propaganda and agenda programming to others. Their personalities as genuine people in real current news events are staged productions. These actor activists (actor-vists) use pseudonyms presenting information integrated with lies to an unsuspecting public. Much of it is ‘not-real-news’ NRN.

Watch, decide for yourself, and then become a ‘well aware one’. You will never see the world the same again.

Note: We thank YouTube for supporting the people’s right to know and freedom of speech.

The Truth EXPOSED! 1 of 3 Actors fake events Dallasgoldbug wellaware1 Chiarini truth exposed conspiracy virginia tech bravo TV

FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Wellaware1 is making such material available in an effort to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. We believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material in this video is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. For more information go to: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/107.shtml

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Mitt Romney vs Mister Burns

When it comes to the out of touch super rich who is more cliche Springfield atomic powered autocrat C Montgomery Burns or Republican Party front runner Mitt Romney. Take the test by trying to determine who said what! Incidentally Romney has some good friends who are Nascar Team owners, so even if he lacks the common touch he has heard about it.

Personally I find it refreshing when a rich republican has the guts to come out and say that he’s tired of pretending that he’s not special; unlike those hypocritical Republicans who attack him for being too rich. Have they forgotten which side they’re on? Is he one of those Mormon warlocks? – that’s the real question!

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Gossip Girl gets dirty

LEIGHTON MEESTER plays Gossip Girl on TV. Her personal life is pure Jerry Springer. For one thing she was born behind bars to mom Constance while Connie was serving a drug rap. There’s no shame in that since you can’t help the circumstances of your birth – as alleged American Barack Obama might tell you. However what Meester might deserve full credit for is keeping up her fine family traditions for years and right up tothe present.

For one thing Meester and her mom have a tense relationship. That’s lead to at least one court case. See when the Meese made it big she promised her mom that she’s look after her. That’s what mom says in a law suit against her daughter. According to mom once Meester got her fat ass on easy street she promoted reneged on all those sweet talk promises faster than you can say “hope” and “change” “you can believe in” – “and this time I really mean it!”.

Mom claims that her daughter has canceled Connie’s med insurance – $10 000 per month. That’s bad cause Connie’s got Hep C. The treatment comes to $5000 per month. She’s also got a sick son – Leighton’s younger brother Alexander, and she’s got a house in foreclosure. That has Connie calling out her daughter as “malicious“. That’s cause Leighton hasn’t lifted one selfish finger to help out. In fact the most effort she’s made is to throw her mother to thte ground and beat her repeatedly with a bottle – according to mom. That happened back in Dec according to Connie’s law suit.

Naturally Leighton has a different story. For one thing she wasn’t born in prison but in a halfway house! For another her mom is a loser and a dead beat. She was always bad news and so you can’t beleive one word that come sout of her mouth. Like the deal about her brother. Meester says she used to pitch in $7500 per month. Leighton said she had to stop helping out with that cause mom was blowing the money on plastic surgery and botox! She also helped herself to some hair extensions.

Leighton, or her attorney on her behalf, say that Leighton did this out of the goodness of her heart. She was under no obligation to do so. This is because there is absolutely no contract between mother and daughter about who would pay what. Connie maintains that she’s owed something for sacrificing her happiness and fulfillment to make Leighton the selfish ungrateful bitch she is today. Leighton maintains that mom is a dead beat who doesn’t make any attempt to support herself. She prefers to sponge off of her daughter. That’s when she’s not swiping pain meds from her son. She pulled that stunt after the lad – Lex – was recovering from brain surgery. That got mentioned in Leighton’s counter suit.

So push has come to shove in a legal battle that not even Judge Judy could resolve. Even Dr. Laura‘s capacity for shaming and moralizing might be strained to the limit by such a situation. Both combatants seem committed to tearing the other a new arse hole with a kind of ferocity we haven’t seen since Anne Nicole Smith took on her own mom Virgie on national TV. So this thing could get drawn out and involve a lot of shit slinging. That is unless both parties come to their senses, path it up, and get along like family. Or unless mom has some dirt that she can hold over her famous daughter’s head. Maybe you better brace yourself for a Leighton Meester Sex Tape!

BTW Connie has more than vague recrimination. She claims that she kept track of all the cash she spent turning her daughter into a stuck up cunt. Cash spent on shit like acting classes. There were also some private schools. So the total comes out to $230 000. If that list is itemized then Connie’s got a strong case, as daytime TV court show viewers will realize.
For some amusing commentary on this sad case head over to DListed, where the guy who coined the phrase “White Oprah” calls out Connie as a Shameless Whore Mother who wants to charge Leighton for renting out her womb. Not to jump to conclusions but he sounds like he’s on Team Leighton.

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