Gal Gadot shows her biceps on facebook picture

Ever since Gal Gadot got cast as Wonder Woman people have been saying “Sure she’s pretty but is she big enough?” Big enough usually meant boobs, because Lynda Carter was hardly a female body builder. People were polite about it though, and insisted they meant “athletic”.

Naturally Gadot, and the good people behind Superman vs Batman, took the criticisms literally. So Gal got put on a 3500 calorie a day diet. Plus a world class trainer got shipped over to put Gadot through an intensive work out regime. This was to make sure she hit her fighting weight and got in proper shape for the fight against cartoon evil. People were skeptically because Gadot is a size 0. So they took a believe it when we seen it stance.

Well the results  are starting to come in. Gadot has been working hard and some new muscles are starting to sport. I don’t know if the rumors about her starting to open stuck jar lids for her husband are true or not, but she has posted a new picture to face book showing the distinct signs of a bicep! While she might not be ready to arm wrestle her former partner in crime the Rock, it is a step int he right direction. Keep eating your spinach Gadot!

ever since gal gadot got cast as wonder woman people asked if she was big enough so she's posted her muscle maty picture on facebook by way of response. Take that doubters!
Wonder Woman Gal Gadot photographed with suspicious bulge!
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Jesse Eisenberg Cast as Lex Luthor in Superman/Batman Movie

Jesse Eisenberg is Lex Luthor in the new Superman picture. Who was expecting Heisenberg? Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad is enough success for Bryan Cranston, eh?

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