Pam Anderson Nip Slip on Ice!

Pamela Anderson‘s on ice nipple slip!

Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson recently got booted off of reality TV series Dancing on Ice – despite the fact that her nipple got a public airing during the episode. Let’s have a peep at that –

Now Pam did pretty good in an earlier performance on the show. She scored 18.5 out of 40 which was respectable, and even impressive for a gal not used to skating. Or as Judge Robin Cousins told her: “Every crossover you did was correct, it was natural and not forced at all. It was beautiful.

However things took a turn for the worse during her second outing. That’s when Pam had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. That seemed to throw her off. Or as Pam put it – “I wobbled because my dress fell off!” “Well, you know. I feel sad, but it was really fun and now I know how to skate a little bit. I feel so bad – I just stumbled in my dress, my boobs fell out. It happens!” The result is that she blew the performance and got booted off the show.

So remember that in entertainment it’s not just performance that matters – wardrobe counts too! That goes double when you’re trying to contain your enthusiasm!

Now let’s have a look at Pam’s routine with nipple slip up.

Bad news is Pammie got booted. Good news is she’ll probably be invited back!

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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Back On: Hold Hands At AMA’s

& Now something to balance out the Chris & Rihanna reunion!

There’s very good news for all you Bieber believers out there. The news seemed pretty bleak for a while. That’s because Justin Bieber and his pretty girl friend Selena Gomez were on the outs. Selena’s people issued some kind of a press release saying that the junior power couple were splitzville cause Selena was having some trust issues with the Bieb. That was bad timing because The Bieber had just giving a big interview in which he proclaimed his love for Gomez and talked about how proud he was to take thing public with her. The bust up announcement came before the interview got aired so it made things look kind of bad for Bieber.

However true love has prevailed – just like in the Twilight universe, with this recent announcement that Justin and Selena are back on again. Just watch this short video from TMZ for confirmation, and then relax and settle back into a feeling of well being that comes from knowing the universe is in harmony!

Although those little rascals did have me worried for awhile!

Justin TV

Justin and Selena’s teeny bopper break up had to be the biggest news since Kristen Stewart turned trampire and cheated on poor Robert Pattinson, or since Wonder Woman kissed Superman. Wonder Woman swears on her Amazonite bracelets that he kissed her, & that kissing a man “wasn’t that bad” – “I just closed my eyes and imagined Katy Perry!“. Official word from the Man of Steel‘s people is that Diana was on him like a dog on a fire hydrant the minute his guard was down, and it was as much as he could do to eventually restrain her! In fact sources close to the MoS claim he says that for a while it was like Wonderlips thought that she was a Baywatch lifeguard taping a rescue scene with poor hapless Supes as a drowning victim to be mouth massaged back to life. AS for Justin & Selena you can read the score card of their bust ups and reunions over @ EOnLine! It’s compelling reading that you just can’t miss!

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