Robert Pattinson Gives Kristen Stewart Wedding Ultimatum

Who’s sorry now?

Sounds like Patzy has popped the question with intent to tie the knot. This is a real good deal for Patzy cause Stewie‘s career has been more promising than his right up until she got carried away playing Snow White and the public turned on her. So if he takes her back people will forgive her – cause after all if Patz has why wouldn’t you? Then she can go on making movies and Patzy can be Mr. Kristen Stewart. The best part is that he’s got her over a barrel. She can’t say no now after betraying him, and the whole Twilight Netherverse with her wanton ways. If she’s serious with all those “I’m sorry’s” and “The most important person in the world” not to mention wearing his old shirts in public, she pretty much has to follow through cause she’s backed into a corner!

Hope Tom Cruise is taken’ note, cause this is how you handle a woman!

Oh the hi price of redemption. Let’s see Stewie squirm outta this one!

 They’re like superheroes, except they’re incredibly normal!

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