Happy Birthday Elvis

There are some acts that only come along once in a generation

Elvis Presley was a charismatic performer who was gifted with a great voice. He was genuinely beloved by legions of fans.He had an outstanding career spanning from the 50’s to the time of his death. He also found his way into the world of tabloid media.

That might have been partly due to the fact that the King really did have a larger than life personality. So much so that when the news broke many of his fans had a hard time accepting it. Some even believed that Elvis hadn’t really died but had some how and for unknown reasons faked his own death. So suddenly Elvis sightings started cropping up everywhere. For about 10 years after his death Elvis was sighted more often than Bigfoot – but especially in those flaky tabloid stories of the kind the WeeklyWorldNews used to get by on.

The thing about Elvis is that there was never a need to make shit up. He was a flamboyant country and a one man show on any occasion. So it’s not like the world would ever get bored of him. However when the King decided to share the stage with a co star the show could get a little surreal. Just like the time he decided toi visit President Richard Nixon at the White House. If you have an hour or so to spare you can relive that, or experience it for the very first time, with Dick Cavett as your guide – in the following video. Enojy>

Of course when Elvis wasn’t freakin out the powers that be he was doing what he did best – rockin’ out in front of adoring fans. That brings us to part 2 of our special Elvis tribute – the 1968 comeback concert. In many ways the King is at his best during this concert. So sit back, enjoy some Classic Elvis, and fondly remember a rare performer.

An interesting fact about Elvis is that he was raised Pentecostal in the south. It was a vein that ran deep in him. So in addition ot Vegas, the many girls, and the Rock’n’Roll, the King also paid tribute to his upbringing, in the form of numerous Gospel recordings. So to finish off our Wondertrash Elvis salute let’s go with some Elvis Gospel. Following is 7+ hours of some of the King’s favourite inspirational religious music.

When it comes to performers some saay that they just don’t make em like that anymore.

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