Angelina Jolie goes to new extremes

Angelina Jolie grows beard – it was either that or run for president as an independent!

Angelina Jolie has done just about everything she can conceivably do to shock her audience. For instance she’s dated her brother – allegedly, she’s married Billy Bob Thornton, she’s worn vials of human blood around her neck, gotten tattooed, adopted kids, stolen Brad Pitt from poor Jennifer Aniston, and dabbled in bondage. She’s done everything short of getting a sex change, and now she’s coming to the verge of that. Behold this recent picture of Angelina Jolie sporting a full and lustrous beard. You may wonder what the fuck got into her, but unnamed sources say that she hopes it will focus more attention on her full sensuous lips. Plus it couldn’t be any more ludicrous than the leg thing at the Oscars!

Now every time Jolie pulls one of her kooky stunts it tends to get widely animated among the celeb set. So do you think that this could trigger some kind of celebrity female beard trend?


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Jayne Mansfield Interview: American Actress in Film, Theatre, and Televi…

Jayne Mansfield was a gal with a 163 IQ (probably where Sharon Stone got the idea from. Stone claimed to have a 162 IQ and be a member of MENSA. Then MENSA announced that there was no record of her ever being a member. There was no record of her IQ score either)who played the violin, married a body builder, and hung around with satanists. She also made it in Hollywood as a plus sized Marylin Munroe. So she had quite an impact. Let’s have a listen to Mansfield in her own words, through the following interview.

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