Worst Oscar Dresses of All Time

The Oscars are almost upon us. As Hollywood movie industry award shows go this is the high holiday. So it’s easy to get carried away. That’s why it’s important to keep it in proportion. It doesn’t really matter who wins what for some movie most of the viewers either never saw or have long forgotten about. What really matters is who wears what!

John Galliano did get a kind of dishonorable mention last time around. That was when Natalie Portman took time out of her Black Swan acceptance speech to castigate JG for certain drunken comments that he’d carelessly allowed to be recorded while he was living it up on the streets of Paris! If you’ll recall John took some time to explain that Adolph Hilter just might have been a wee little bit misunderstood. Some how his point got lost qand he got charged. convicted and fined $50 000 under France’s hate speech laws.

Former sex kitten Bridget Bardot got herself in similar hot water through her many nuisance letters to the french papers in which she repeatedly questioned why Muslims were allowed to live in France. Eventually the law caught up with her and she had even more opportunity to explain her views in a french court room. Not that BB should be accused of fanning the flames of global unrest by picking on Muslims. For one thing her ideas are probably just something that she picked up off of her National Front hubby. For another she’s used to a certain amount of attention which is harder to get as you get older and start looking like an ice cream Sunday that was left out on the dash board of a car over the course of a hot summer afternoon. BB has shown that an old broad can still turn heads and raise eyebrows, she just has to try harder and learn to be way more inventive over time!

The upshot is that fashion is as important to the event as a lot of prestige films. A really good designer gown can get an actress talked about, even if no one knows what the hell she starred in to get her an Oscar invite (pay attention Katherine Heigl!). ON the other hand wrapping yourself in an eyesore only makes a spectacle of yourself and get’s you in the WTF section of the National Enquirer – regardless of whatever sterling performance you put in that year. So if you don’t want your good wrok overshadowed by a wardrobe fuck up, or if you want you lackluster work overshadowed by a fashion win, you’d better be mindful to dress for success! Now here’s a brief and informative video on fashion and the Oscars!

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