Dr Laura Flips Out On The Air

teleshrink caught on air with foot in mouth

Dr. Laura Schlesinger can be pretty abrupt. Her recent show is no except. When confronted by caller Jade (probably not her real name) who complained about having to deal with racist house guests since getting into an inter racial marriage – Laura told the woman to lighten up. After asking the woman whether she was one of those hyper sensitive types, Dr. S went on to tell the woman that she should try to see the humour in her guests degrading and disrespectful comments. “You saw the movie ‘White Guys Can’t Jump’ right, and that was funny!”

not racist, just rhetorically ham fisted

Dr Laura has gone on to apologize for her comments. She’s claims that she was trying to make a philosophical point and got carried away. She also claims that she was immediately mortified. She did infant pull out of the last hour of her show – probably with her career flashing in front of her eyes.

“Damn! The only way I can come back from something like this is by coming out as gay!”

Maybe Laura was trying to make some point about racial over sensitivity: when are overt references to race not racist? However she picked a half assed way of doing it. In fact she seems so determined that she missed the answer she usually gives other callers in similar non race related situations; that you have the right to bar anyone dangerous, crazy, or annoying from your home. Dr Laura might find her own show banned from people’s homes as the public tries to decided if she’s moved from the annoying category into the other 2.

“What was I thinking? I can’t get away with that in the cut throat talk radio market!!”

Still you’ve got to hope that Schlessie pulls out of this. Despite her faults and excesses she is entertaining. Besides do you really want to see her go onto a career in rehabbing wayward celebrities?


Gisele Bundchen pisses off every woman in America!

gisele bundchen annoys millions of women by trying to subject their breast to the lawIn case any one was wondering what Gisele Bundchen was going to do with herself now that her career as an overpriced clothes horse is drawing to a close – don’t worry, she has a back up plan. It involves more than attending New England Patriots games too! Gisele has decided to try her hand at being a great big loud mouth!

Bunder’s blunders

Sometime shortly after giving birth Bunders realized that she had something to share with the world – her opinion. She was was so sure that even though she’s only been a mom for a few short months, she figured that she could help all those stupid bitches out there get it straight. So Bunders loaded up that great gaping yap of her’s and then let fly – like a blunderbuss.

“There should be a worldwide law, in my opinion, that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months.”

Gisele started on an issue close to her heart and something that many women are bound to feel sensitive about – boobs motherhood. Bunders said in an interview that there should be a law forcing every woman who has recently given birth to breast feed for a minimum of 6 months.

“Some people here [in the US] think they don’t have to breastfeed and I think, ‘Are you going to give chemical food to your children when they are so little?”‘

Bunders said some other stuff too (“Meditation prepared me mentally and physically. I wasn’t expecting someone else to get the baby out of me”) but it all boiled down to the same shit: “I am not only better than you as a woman, but also as a mother!” Naturally some broads out there took this as criticism or something. So the shit hit the fan. That had Bunders doing some frantic back peddling, on the advice of her managers (part of whose job it is to keep Bunders’ great lumbering No 12 clod hoppers out of her mouth).

I can explain!

In a slightly incoherent blog statement Bunders explained that when she said that there ought a be a world wide law, she didn’t mean to to imply that it should have anything to do with the law – or in Bunders own words “My intention in making a comment about the importance of breastfeeding has nothing to do with the law.” Which is of course why she brought up the law, because it didn’t have anything to do with what she was talking about. Well that was clarifying, or in other words “You can stop talking now, dear – so STFU!”

Naturally people are pissed but many want to give Bunders the benefit of the doubt. After all she’s a model and most of them aren’t Mensa material or anything. So maybe she just didn’t know what the fuck she was saying. I’d buy that except that Bunders has on other occasions shown a steak of cattiness lurking behind that big dumb grin. When Tom Brady’s ex Bridget Moynahan gave birth to her son John, Bunders publicly laid claim to the lad with words to the effect of “I don’t care if he’s already got a mother – the kid’s mine! I’ve already got Moynahan’s man so why shouldn’t I have her son too?” Now that’s not exactly ver batim, but the words were to that effect. She also sent Briget a baby gift basket with a mini “supermodel” T shirt included.

It’s too soon to say if a pattern of hoof in mouth disease is developing. However one thing we know about celebrities is that they love attention. When they can’t get it by taking their clothes off and posing for pictures, then some times they’ll try and get it by shooting off their big mouths and becoming public nuisances. So Bunders may be moving on to Plan B – a career as an outspoken idiot and a thoughtless opinionated asshole.

If that’s what she’s got in mind then she should probably forget it. We’ve seen how well verbal diarrhea worked out for Megan Fox (man were her 15 minutes up quick!). Bundchen might even enjoy continued notoriety by taking up something related to the entertainment field. Perhaps even sports. With her stature and physique she’d be a shoe in at the Kentucky Derby. Besides a really strong bridle might even help her with that annoying verbal run on problem. Giddy up girl!

BTW brace yourself for next week’s issue of the Pulitzer nominated National Enquirer!

national enquirer
Meanwhile from the good people @Star & associates:

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Bitter Twitter – Greasy Bear Lashes Out

Bitter Twitter - Greasy Bear Lashes OutIf your ex is fat, does that make you a fat fucker?

Brandon Davis
is more than just a big fat fucker an oil fortune heir. He’s dated a bevy of Hollywood hotties. He’s the one who christened Lindsay Lohan Firecrotch. He’s perhaps best known for using some racist language while out with good friend Paris Hilton. That got taped and wound up on TMZ or something. Since Davis isn’t really a celebrity – just a hanger on, nothing much came of it. People were irked, but it’s not like he had a show they could boycott. It’s another case of “I’m a jerk, but I’m rich, so deal with it!”

Big fat loud mouth

So Brandon’s mouth has gotten him some negative attention in the past. Now that mouth of his has Twitter to work with. Just imagine the possibilities. Well in this case you don’t have to imagine cause Brandon has taken to tweeting on the subject of an ex. She’s a girl who’s had her own over publicized up’s and down’s, she’s Mischa Barton.

Davis blows it out of proportion – Mischa ain’t a Dancing With The Stars case!

Now Misch is far from fat. Maybe Brandon is referring to that ‘wisdom tooth’ picture that got so much coverage (especially right here). To refresh memories Mischa was seen out looking no heavier than usual, but with her face badly swollen. She claimed that she had a botched wisdom tooth removal. Everybody said “Yeah sure”, over and over and over again and again. Several weeks later she went 5150 and people forgot about her face and wanted to know what was happening in her head. Meanwhile Mischa’s figure remained fairly constant through out her hi profile meltdown & recovery. Mischa’s head went back to worrying about people noticing her face. It really was a learning experience.

Brandon’s wrong about the fat, but at least his boobs are bigger than Barton’s!

Now what makes this whole thing kind of odd is that Brandon is kinda heavy himself (I won’t say fat). More than that the kid is sweaty, and that sweat is pretty low viscosity (Hence his Greasy Bear moniker). When he perspires it’s like he’s shedding lard. So how does he figure he can cheap shot some one else? Well he a ‘sort of’ celeb: he doesn’t have to be justified, only noticed and talked about. With that in mind here’s a little picture of the Greasy Bear for you to notice and talk about. A wide screen will be helpful.

Bitter Twitter - Greasy Bear Lashes Out

Carrey On Twitter

Brandon will get through this. It’s not that people eventually forgive him, they just quickly forget him. Besides worse things have been said by better people. Like $20 million a movie funny man Jim Carrey. Carrey recently tweeted in Tiger Woods’ defense. Hot on the heels of his own break up Carrey posted something to the effect that Elin Nordgren must’ve known the score and went along for the perks. Now Jim was just saying what everyone else is thinking – so everyone got mad at him. If people wanted other people to know what they were thinking than they’d say it themselves, and maybe even get a blog. Jim should’ve known better.

confessions of a Nazi love slave

In fact there are still some people willing to give him the benefit of the doubt about that. They assume that Carrey must’ve been making an oblique reference to his own relationship with former Singled Out host and Autism research pioneer Jenny McCarthy. Those unwilling to speculate are assuming that Carrey is just an ass sometimes. At least he didn’t weigh in on the even more highly charged Sandra BullockJesse James fiasco. No one is gonna tolerate him implying that Sandra is a closet Nazi or anything – well not right now but who knows what else sex tape there is waiting to come out sex tape. There has to be a good reason sex tape she hasn’t filed papers yet, I mean besides her sex tape desire to raise his kids.

Slippery Sloppy Slopes

Back to Greasy Bear – his little blurts pale in comparison to a genuine celebrity outrage. Granted the lad won’t win any beauty contests, but at least he’s not Jon Gosselin! Why there may even be an eligible former lovely out there just waiting for a guy like him. She’s got no standards, she’s drowning in debt, she’ll do anything for money, and is even sweatier than he is. That would be Pamela Anderson.

pix courtesy of TMZ

Platinum Pam

Pam fell into the debt hole after having extensive renovations done on her LA pad. She thought that platinum was a daring choice for pool tile, and so had it put it. She also paid for $100 grand in artificial snow to Canadian up one of her LA pool parties. That combined with a lot of mismanagement and a rumored ferocious drug habit and Pam found herself owing about a million dollars that she wasn’t in a position to pay.

Stacked and half assed

Pam started by cutting back. She moved into a trailer park while her house was getting finished. Then she started dating her electrical contractor. She dumped him shortly after the renovations were completed so I assume Pam didn’t feel like paying in cash. After that she latched onto designer Richie Rich to make a half assed attempt to hype her half assed clothing line. BTW Pam also has a half assed fragrance, and even made a personal appearance at an Illinois Sears mall to promote it (Sears – how half assed is that)! Pam also exposed herself pretty often throughout.

dizzy dancer is a handful

That brings us to Dancing With The Stars – were celebrity careers go to die. Pam is up against the like s of Kate Gosselin and Erin Andrews. Pam looks like she might be the next to go. That probably explains why she can’t get enough dancing these days. Pam was recently spotted dancing up a storm at Guys & Dolls. She also did some heavy flirting with her partner. The general consensus amongst spectators was that Pam was out of it. When she emerged from the club Anderson was too impaired to stand up. She was helped out by club security, who had to maneuver the buxom blonde and her immense assets out the front door. Now that took some deft handling! Pam was disheveled, sweaty and covered in various stains when she faced the paparazzi on the side walk. Here’s some video of that, and I warn you it’s disturbing!

So hopefully if Brandon has learned anything from this whole despicable Twitter incident (and that’s doubtful because celebs never learn – that’s one of their problems) it’s that everyone has their flaws and their off days. So taking a cheap shot at a person’s physical appearance or their misfortune is just tacky, especially when your own character issues are a huge target. If you want to be tacky then get yourself a blog!

BTW if you want to keep current with the latest celebrity gossip, & get the details then Eat.Sleep.Celebrity is one of the best sources on the net.


Big Love, big mouth, & big trouble

Chloe Sevigny opens her yap to air Big Love grievances then thinks twice

Katherine Heigl made an ass of herself back during the writers strike when she refused a Emmy nomination because she felt the quality of Grey’s Anatomy scripts didn’t merit it. Heigl was nominated for acting not writing, but she knew that. She was just trying to make a point, come off looking good, and get some attention – all of which backfired. She was already disliked on Grey’s and that only made the situation worse. Eventually Heigl got the can, after more public complaining about producers “meanness”. She wanted some slack cut in her TV schedule so she could devote more time to movies. GA finally cut her lose and now she has as much time to devote to her movie career as necessary – however much that may be.

Now Big Love star Chloe Sevigny has taken a leaf from Heigl’s book and opened her big yap in public. Sevigny plays the wife on the hit show about Mormons & polygamy. Sevigny recently went on the record and said:

It was awful this season, as far as I’m concerned. I’m not allowed to say that! …I feel like it kind of got away from itself…I mean, I love the show, I love my character, I love the writing, but I felt like they were really pushing it this last season. And with nine episodes, I think they were just squishing too much in… But I hope the fans will stick with us and tune in next year. There’s a lot of people who really love this season, surprisingly. God, I’m going to get in so much trouble.”

Though she fell short in discretion she scored in fore sight. Chloe has indeed gotten herself in big trouble! That has lead Chloe to do some furious back peddling. Chloe’s reps are now saying that she didn’t mean what she said, and that the media blew it out of proportion. First she knocks the show and now the media – she never gets tired of pointing the finger. She might try making some friends, if only for a change.

Chloe can explain, sort of. The actress told Entertainment Weekly that “I feel pretty terrible. I feel like what I said was taken out of context.” Since those statements are pretty self explanatory I’m not sure what the missing context could be other than “Just kidding”, or “That’s an example of what I might say of I were an ungrateful bitch”. She may as well have said “I’ve taken up yoga and I was just practicing the foot in mouth pose”. She might even try saying she’s sorry. It worked for David Letterman. She also might want o watch her step from now on. The thing about Big Life is that there are always more Mormon wives waiting in the wings. That’s polygamy for you. What was she thinking? Does she even have a film career to fall back on?

Now here is Wondertrash’s own version of Keyboard Cat – Nova Scotia’s own Gordie Sampson to sing Sorry. It’s nice to trot this one out every time some celeb sticks there foot in it.

chloe sevigny opens her yap to air Big Love grievances then thinks twice

In this time of economic recovery Sevigny might want to watch her mouth, or she could wind up in the same sorry plight as America’s first legal male gigolo – looking for work!

Sounds like that fellow is having some trouble making ends meet.
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