Elliot Spitzer Fired

Elliot Spitzer gets fired up!

Fired is a strong word. The official word is canceled. Now for the half dozen people who are unawAshley Alexandra DupréImage by cvstodia via Flickrare of the Spitzer story Elliot was governor of New York until he got caught seeing hi end call girls. No word on how high their ends actually were but they were pretty pricey in the 4 and 5 figure variety. There was one chick he particularly liked, a Jersey girl called Ashley Dupree, or Super Duper Dupree on the Internet. Naturally the press latched onto her and she came out of the wood work. It paid off for her too since she was an aspiring singer and some of her tracks sold out through her Myspace site. Still her well of family – step father was a dentist or something – were appalled so Ash went away quietly.

Spitz would’ve loved to have gone quietly but had to settle for just going away. He was NY Gov and you just can’t have your elected officially screwing strange pieces of ass unless they’re Jack Kenn

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edy or Bull Clinton or something. So David Paterson was the new Gov and Spitz was out of a job. That left Spitz at loose ends. He landed on his feet thought. He managed to get a new gig in the relatively less dishonest profession of journalism. That is to say that CNN on put on with a regular show. The show was pretty good to and Spitz actually did a good job and seemed to be enjoying himself. It was to end soon enough, though not as badly as his governorship.
Now as I said fired is a strong word, though not as strong as forced out with his arm hammer locked behind him while being pointed towards the back alley in a bum’s rush. CNN has out it more in terms of the usual “restructuring” type double talk. In fact a CNN rep said the following:

“We are in discussions with Eliot Spitzer about an alternative role,” says a CNN staff memo. “We thank him and the entire In The Arenateam for creating a program that moved many political and economic issues into the national spotlight.”

That’s what you call vague but not one bit reassuring. If you heard you doctor tell you something like that you’d ask him how long you had left. In fact the whole examining other roles sounds like the story the producer of 60 Minutes used to tell. he’d been in telejournalism for years when one day an exec calls him into the office and tells him he’s gonna do him a big favour. He’s got a new role for him. He’s gonna put him in charge of a documentary crew and send him around the world covering the stories no one else is. He goes home excited and tells his wife. She hears him out and then replies “You realize that you’ve just been fired.” Promoting some one down is firing them sideways!
As for Spitz he had the following to say about thing – “We engaged serious people in conversations about national and global issues in a way that was informative and challenging. … I thoroughly enjoyed my time at CNN.” Now that’s getting screwed over and breaking out in Bob Hope‘sThanks For the Memories“. Spitz was completely understated about getting the heavy ho heave ho. He also had a chance to sign off to the audience as he walked the plank for his last broadcast. here’s a clip of that:
Looking on the bright side at least he’s better of than John Edwards. He’s still has his health too! What he doesn’t have is a job, or a ‘career trajectory’. Career trajectory is fancy double speak for what husband hunters used to call “prospects” back in the early part of the last century. Then thing is that he might serve as a warning to other hi living politicos. Taking sexy chances with your career doesn’t make you Jack Kennedy, and it can leave you with third degree rug burns if it doesn’t work out. Then you’re drowning in a sea of scandal with Arnold Schwarzenegger and looking for the life line. That’s bad because though there are second acts in American Politics these days it may involve reality TV. You don’t think Anthony Weiner is up for Spitz’s job by any chance?

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