Superbowl XLVI Fallout

Superbowl XLVI was not the greatest day of Tom Brady‘s life. His hi profile wife Gisele Bundchen didn’t help much. For the half dozen or so who don’t know Tom and his Pats lost the bowl. The Gizzie got lippy about it. On her way from the VIP box to the elevator she heard some mouthy Giants fan shout “Eli owns your husband”. Instead of saying something like “No, I do” which would’ve diffused a socially awkward situation, Bunders turned to a nearby friend and said some shit, like My husband cannot f****ing throw the ball and catch the ball” . While opinion was varied on the veracity of her statement, general consensus seemed to be that she had no business opening up her over priced yap about it. Standing by your man is one thing, shitting over his team mates something else!

So that leads to the question – How are the Pats dealing with Gizzie’s sports commentary? Well according to the DailyMailOnLine not very well! The Mail claims that the team is furious. It’s bad enough that they had to lose, but being slammed by the QB”s wife has left them “disappointed”. By disappointed they seem to mean that she violated the code of brotherhood. Worse than that it also comes off like kicking the guys when they’re down.

Now it’s not like Gizzers doesn’t know how to be encouraging in a bad situation. About her husband she said ‘You played the best game of your life … you were amazing.‘ Now Brady is one of the best in the league, and had SB XLVI turned out differently then he’d have equaled Joe Montana’s 4 SB wins. However a Brady mistake early on may have turned the tide against the Pats. Even some of those many balls the Patriots dropped might have resulted from less than stellar throws by the star QB. So whether or not Brady was more or less to blame than the rest of the team it was hardly his best game ever. Let’s say Gizzie can put a good face on it.

Now Gizzie has a history of hoof in mouth disease. Liker the time she said lazy mothers should be forced to breast feed, by international law if necessary. She also claimed once that Brady’s child by former flame Bridget Moynahan was like her own child – causing some to speculate whether taking Moynahan’s man wasn’t enough and she wanted to take the poor woman’s child as well. Then there was her blow out at the Oscars. That was back when she was dating Leo DiCaprio. Leo was up for an Oscar (The Superbowl of motion picture awards) that year against Denzel Washington. Washington won and Gizzie’s response was that Denz didn’t deserve it and that Leo should’ve got it. While that was supportive, in theory, it was also ungracious and probably did Leo more harm than good. Leo and Gizzie split some time after that one.

BY the sounds of some Pats fans they’re wishing that Brady might do the same. Message boards have already moved beyond the “why doesn’t she shut up” postings and into “the Gisele jinx” territory. She’s being compared to Jessica Simpson – who supposedly spoiled Tony Romo‘s game and so became hated by Dallas Cowboys’ fans (Romo eventually dropped Simpson, almost literally. They broke it off while in the car on the road. Romo parked left her in a IHOP parking lot somewhere deep in the heart of Texas. Simpson had to wait for two hours, while in tears, until some one arrived to pick her up.). One cheeky poster even referred to Bundchen as the Patriot’s Yoko Ono. However this thing plays out, whenever Brady get’s back for practice you know that he’s gonna be the most popular boy in the showroom. The really is a woman behind every successful man, but in some cases you should’a seen the poor guy before she got hold of him!

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