Brooke Shields – more to her than you thought?

next thing they’ll say she wasn’t a virgin when she slept with Superman at Princeton

Brooke Shields has had an image of pure virginal innocence ever since she played a child prostitute in Pretty Baby. Back in the 80’s she was the girl most like to get picked by Nancy Reagan to babysit Ronnie. She didn’t smoke, drink, or do drugs; and acted like she didn’t know that she had a hole in the bottom. Shew even made numerous blathering  goody two shoes type public service announcements about how smoking is unsexy cause it make your breath smell bad. That’s when she wasn’t trying to figure out what was supposed to go between her & her Calvin Klein‘s.

Now believing that a gal raised in Hollywood was naive was a bit of a stretch. Yet that image stuck with her throughout life. Until recently. Brooke’s image got a ding after a photo purportedly of Shields toking up on pot with 80’s rasta hardcore legend H.R. from Bad Brains. The pic surfaced on Tumblr months ago, but only recently grabbed attention when it surfaced on Twitter.

From Twitter the pic quickly made it’s way to Gawker – cause whether or not Gawker is in on Tumblr yet they definitely know about Twitter. When Gawker knows about iut everyone does, even people who are only vaguely familiar with the Internet. So what that means is that pure virginal Brooke was obliged to make some kind of statement about it. What Brooke said, by way of her spokespersons was that ‘that girl looks nothing like me! For one thing she’s got a drug pipe in front of her face!‘ Well she didn’t exactly pput it that way – give her some credit.Her people merely issued a statement denying that it was her – which was carried by cutting edge Huffington Post (Guess that puts them somewhere behind Gawker in the loop).

The plot thickens. Bad Brain manager Anthony Countey released a statement saying that it was Brooke and he knows exactly when the pic was taken. It was  back in 83 just after HR lost his front tooth in a stage accident. Brooke would’ve been about 18 at the time.So is this a case of where there’s smoke there’s fire? Brooke’s people are still claiming that it’s only smoke & mirrors.

BTW in what must surely be an unrelated coincidence Bad Brains has reunited and have an album called Into The Future coming out on Nov 20. Now there’s nothing like a blast from the past to get that started off!

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