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Is GOOP too good to be produced by any one woman?

Gwenyth Paltrow is something of a Renaissance woman: actress, country singer, icon, and lifestyle expert. That’s why it’s so insulting when a news paper like the New York Times claims that she resorts to ghost writers! The book in question is “My Father’s Daughter” and in an article called “I was a cook book ghost writer” the Times makes reference to Julia Turshen, whom they claim ghosted the book of Paltrow. They further go on to state that Turshen is penning a second book for the actress. Paltrow had the following frosty response for the Times by way of Twitter – “Love @nytimes dining section but this weeks facts need checking. No ghost writer on my cookbook, I wrote every word myself.

Gisele Bundchen made waves recently by spoiling the Superbowl with some bitchy comments about her husband’s inability to throw and catch he ball at the same time. Apparently she felt that Tom Brady‘s personal limitation were some how the other players’ fault! You can’t expect fashion models to understand foot ball. For one thing they’re much to giddy from diet pills and lack of food to actually follow the action.

Bundchen’s boobs meet their match!

You can expect Bunders to make a stir though. Like the time she claimed that all women should be forced by international law to breast feed their children – just like she did with her fabulous million dollar Brazilian boobs which are not only decorative but useful! Woman were outraged probably because Bunders comments touched some insecure sore spot in woman not fortunate enough to be stacked supermodels. Well no matter how decorative and useful Bundchen’s expensive breasts may be, even they have their limits. Her’s Gisele bottle feeding a baby that’s too much even for her boobs!

It’s been an event filled period since Bunders ruined the Superbowl – Whitney Houston died, Angelina Jolie made an ass of herself at the Oscars, and the Kony guy went nuts and got naked in public. So it’s safe for Bunders to leave the house again. That’s the thing about celebrity scandal – just keep your mouth shut and lay low – it’ll blow over as soon as some one else does something worse and that shouldn’t take too long!

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