Mad Men & Mad Money

crime pays so the tax man cometh
The Dow Jones has finished a week of small consistent gains, which is encouraging. It’s done so inspite of the efforts of America’s enemies – The Republican Party – to kill the stimulus package, so this is even more encouraging. Apparently republicans don’t want a stimulated economy. They prefer one based on more traditional values, like tax breaks to thieves!  So it’s not telling tales out of school to say that it’s been a rough few months economically. Money has been on everyone’s minds lately, so maybe that explains these startling celebrity stories.
Voodoo Economics
The first concerns another casualty of the Dark Knight curse. The phenomenon has racked up a lot of causalities so far including Heath Ledger (dead), Christian Bale (fucking image damage!), Morgan Freeman (car accident & affair), and of course a who crewman got killed during the filming. Now the curse has scored another notch and this time in the family of Chris Nolan, the film’s director.
brother bother
Nolan’s big brother Matthew Francis Nolan got picked up by the feds – FBI – while leaving a Chicago bankruptcy hearing the other day. Seems that the elder Nolan bother is wanted down in Costa Rica for murder! Seems that back in 2006 he got the bright idea that he could pick up extra cash doing some freelance collection work. A friend of his was owed some money by business man Robert Cohen, and Nolan was sure that all they needed to recoup it was a plan!
a plan comes together
Posing as a wealthy diamond broker, Nolan lured Cohen out of the country and down to sunny Costa Rica. He then held Cohen hostage of the owed money – $ 7 mill. When the money wasn’t  paid up, Cohen died, as promised and on schedule. Naturally there are those who want him to account for his actions. His accomplice Douglas Mejia already is, by serving a prison term for kidnapping and murder! As to what Nolan was doing in bankruptcy court – he was answering some questions about his involvement in an unrelated 700 000 bank fraud scheme.
The Zombie Economy: Love and Larceny
Speaking of bank fraud Courtney Love has some garbled yet urgent things to say about it on her Myspace page. The gist of her writings is hard to follow, but apparently she’s afraid that people are using Kurt Cobain’s social insurance number to get fake ID’s, and then use them to buy property. Love points out that her late husband now owns over 2000 properties purchased with his SNN, and under various names, purchased after his death. I can see how that would strike her as fishy (unless the dead have risen and are buying real estate. Not surprising since I heard that Lyndon Johnson used to let them vote down in Texas as long as they were registered democrats. Only Milla Jovovich can save us now!). However Love doesn’t exactly help her case by continuously calling her readers morons – especially the Nirvana fans, and asking them if they’ve ever read a book. Here are her rantings:
Love lashes out

Take that ya pack of stupid cunts! Now it’s important to remember that this doesn’t just hurt Courtney, it hurts you too! Whether or not she’s too big to fail – it’s been awhile since her last success, so every penny counts. Besides what’s good for Love is good for America! Didn’t you kids learn anything from the 60’s?? Sheeesh! Speaking of stupid cunts – that would bring us to our final story.
The View becomes a pressure group
The recession has been hitting a lot of people but not the View. Since exec producer Barbara Walters has decided to add some topic related complaining to the usual format of interpersonal bitching, the ratings have taken off. In fact the show is now 2nd in their demographic – middle classed WF’s aged 18 – 49, and attracts over 4 million View viewers.
So now that everyone has a lot to lose, it would seem to be a good time to renegotiated the deal. Babs is tough minded and can be hard to approach. Proving no one is indispensable she’s gotten rid of more than one star performer, from Star Sheppard to Rosie O Donnell. Perhaps that’s why the ladies have decided that there’s safety in numbers, and have approached Walters collectively asking for a raise. They’re all in on it too, even Elizabeth Hasslebeck – who has survived for so many years by basically being a kiss ass. The idea seems to be that she can’t sack them all with the show at the top of the ratings, so she’d better make with the mula. So who organized this kind of a pressure group anyway?? My money’s on Whoopi Goldberg!
It’s not just the sharks at AIG  -alias Larceny Inc. – who are behaving badly right now. Even the celebrity set seem to be influenced by the current economic situation – and not in that ‘crisis brings out the best‘ way either. It seems more like that ‘every man for himself‘ sort of thing. In fact they seem to be resorting to fraud, incoherent rating, and pressure tactics! When money’s scarce people get greedy, and they were already greedy. 
The celebrities do deserve some credit – at least they’ve restricted their financial iniquities to a personal level. They should leave wide spread financial crisis to the experts, just as they should leave politics to the politicians. Then they can back to what they do best; poisoning our minds and our culture under the guise of entertainment!
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Even Lindsay Lohan is worried about money these days. In an upcoming issue of Nylon magazine Lohan is featured in a photo spread that include pix of her smoking. She is also asked some tough questions about that show business career she used to have. Lohan admits that the prospect of unemployment frightens her. Lohan says that “It’s scary when you realize that OMG I’m not working and I have a house to pay form now! Plus there is some other stuff that I want to do.” Don’t worry Lindz, it’s not like you don’t have anything to fall back on. Besides she could always do a reality TV show about her life with Samantha Ronson.

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