Charlie Sheen has more drama

the silly season begins with a vengeance!

Charlie Sheen has had his ups and downs, most of which have been well publicized. He had a nasty bust up with ex Denise Richards, and quickly rebounded with coked out skank Brooke Mueller. That lead to his infamous Christmas Day Knife Fight. That was when he got drunk and allegedly held a knife to Brooke’s throat. Now, with only 8 days left on his probation from that incident, the troubled comedian has flipped out again!

Seems that Charles was having a family day in NYC with Denise and their kids when things took an odd, but increasingly characteristic turn. At some point during the visit Charles checked himself into a hotel (the Plaza) and got into the booze and coke. That lead to some 911 calls being sent in. Other hotel occupants got alarmed when they heard the sound of breaking furniture coming from Sheen’s room. Police arrived to find Sheen unconscious and naked in the ruins of what had once been a pricey New York hotel room ($7000 worth of damage). Naturally Sheen got hauled off.

Sheen was found to be under the influence of unnamed intoxicants, and taken off to hospital on a 5150 type hold for some psychiatric assessment. Meanwhile his PR reps went into overdrive. Almost as soon as the news broke an unconvincing cover story got concocted. The official story is that Sheen had an allergic reaction to some medication he was on. That should come as a relief to Charlie’s many fans, since for awhile it was feared that the actor might be suffering from drug induced flip out Hollywood exhaustion!

Currently it is being reported that Sheen has been released and is once again one the loose. He is planning on returning to work on his popular TV series 2 1/2 Men. His ex wife Denise was at his side throughout this trying incident, and has made some supportive but non committal statements on the actor’s behalf. So it’s business as usual again, though we can’t say that things are back to normal. It seems like things are seldom normal for Charlie. However Sheen might want to get it together soon, since right now he’s a prime candidate for political asylum in Vancouver!

Speaking of freaked out celebrities there has been another occurrence of Andy Dick. The comedian was recently seen baring his genitals in public. The actor was also seen harassing a passing celebrity tour bus, screaming at the passing fans “I’m right here!” Unfortunately there aren’t any “starwhackers“around when you need them! We can only assume that these incidents are unrelated, unless some real bad drugs have found their way to Hollywood.

Speaking of outrageous celebrities Mel Gibson got canned from his planned cameo in the Hangover sequel.At first it seemed like a good way to reintroduce Gibson to the public. However his costars on the flick got upset and petitioned to have him removed. Faced with a cast revolt, the producers relented and cut Gibson loose. They claimed that Gibson would have hurt the film. The good news is that Charlie Sheen is probably available to fill in for him – if the project can be squeezed in between court dates and shrink appointments.

Does any one remember the old days when movie stars were worshiped as gods? Of course that was before we found out how crazy they are, as a profession. Personally I blame the internet for undermining their images, that and crystal meth. Anything made from paint stripper and Lysol will rot your brains!


Leave it to Cleaver

Corrie’s Sue Cleaver charged with drunk driving

I know that post title sounds like a Dexter episode but I can explain. Craig Charles isn’t the only irresponsible lush on long running Brit soap Coronation Street. You might recall that some security cam footage of a drunken Charles made the web shortly after he was picked up for being DIP. That was shortly after his Brit tab interview admitting to years of cocaine addiction which pushed him to the brink of suicide and into renowned Brit rehab the Priory.

Now another Corrie start is in some booze related trouble. Sue Cleaver got herself arrested for being drunk behind the wheel of her Range Rover! Let’s take a look at a short video clip about her misfortunes.

Cleaver isn’t the only celeb battling booze. In fact substance use seems to go with the celeb lifestyle. When it comes to addictions no one knows more than America’s troubled child stars. Among child stars the surviving members of Different Strokes top the list. Dana Plato died when she OD’d on Valium after a trip to the dentist. Apparently the powerful tranquilizer reacted with the anesthetic, and the booze she washed it down with. The young actress was found dead in her RV later that same day. Gary Coleman’s troubles have been the most documented. However Todd Bridges has had his share of trouble too. He’s been arrested on drug and gun charges. He even later admitted that he contemplated ‘suicide by cop’ during the arrest. Now here’s Todd to talk about his troubles and his co stars in Killing Willis.

Todd gives us much food for thought. For one thing success can be considered exceeding your life expectancy – especially when you’re one of America’s child actors!

different strokes and killing willis

Now by popular demand here once again is Gary the Spaceman Bell and a classic View From Space. This one comes back from 2004 and is called The Illuminati Banker Bastard Babies!
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When it came to being a tabloid celebrity who was famous for being famous, and frequently naked and spaced out, Anna Nicole Smith wrote the book. Here now is Anna Nicole Smith: the Paparazzi Tapes.

anna nicole smitht he paparazzi tapes


Carrie Preajean’s boobs are still getting attention

It seems that Carrie Prejean’s controversial boobs are busting out all over! Maybe she just got back from the clinic, after a refill, or ‘topper upper’. Those things are getting harder to contain!

Pic thanks to EGOTATSTIC


The Widow Cobain Freaks out Twitter

twit-pics courtesy of HuffPo.

are those new tattoos – or is she breaking out in something?

Courthey Love shocked those following her career, and even those with nothing in particular against, when she began posting the following pictures of herself via web platform Twitter. The Widow Cobain recently lost proprietary custody of her daughter Francis Bean, to the family of her late father Kurt Cobain.

Since then Courtney has come even more unglued than usual: posting rambling and incoherent tweets, giving silly interviews, and getting involved in nuisance legal cases. These new Twitpic photos are only the latest in her downward spiral,


Catherine Zeta Jones is busting out all over!

The holiday season is upon us. Even the celebrities seem in a festive mood! In fact Catherine Zeta Jones was feeling so festive recently that she gave her Broadway audience an unexpected present. CZJ is starring in A Little Night Music on Broadway. Her role requires her to sashay around in a skimpy kimono.

Catherine Zeta Jones: unwrapped for the holidays?

Well Zeta must not have had all her straps done up right, or she was feeling generous, because at one point during a performance the kimono slipped open and the audience got to see more than they bargained for. “No wonder Micheal Douglas always seems so happy” reported one excited theater goer. That must’ve been worth more than the price of admission! Here’s to you Cat for doing your bit to revive theater in America!

Merry Christmas from the stars


Miranda Kerr Topless

miranda kerr topless

Courtesy of Egotastic here’s lovely Miranda Kerr topless! Actually she’s not technically topless. Her torso seems attached, though tenuously, to the rest of her twig like body. I think that the idea is that her top is exposed. I wish that so called professional writers would be clearer with their use of the language!

George Orwell’s 6 Rules for Effective Writing

1. Never use a metaphor, simile, or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print.

2. Never use a long word where a short one will do.

3. If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out.

4. Never use the passive where you can use the active.

5. Never use a foreign phrase, a scientific word, or a jargon word if you can think of an everyday English equivalent.

6. Break any of these rules sooner than saying anything outright barbarous.


Levi Johnston hangs out with Playgirl

Give him a break. He’s got a kid to support and Sarah Palin is currently unemployed. I hear that the former Alaska governor is even on Linkedin in an attempt to find a suitable position. If she’s looking for an unsuitable position then Bob Guccione might be interested in doing a sequel to Nailin Palin.


Shauna Sand is vivid and livid

Playmate Shauna Sand got hot and bothered recently. The problem was with a film company called Vivid Entertainment. Vivid specializes in adult entertainment videos, beter known as porno. They released a sex tape of Shauna whihc she wasn’t too pleased baout. Shauna claims that the sex tape was home made and for personal use. Further more she claims that Vivid illegally aquired the video, and so has no right to distributed it, or profit from her embarrassment. So naturally she sued.

Vivid chairman Steven Hirsh insists that he got hat tape fair and square. He not only swore to that, but trotted out a handwriting analyst to confirm that the signature on the paperwork was in fact Shauna’s. The analysis must’ve been conclusive because when faced with the evidence Shauna withdrew her suit. That’s basically an admission that the signature on the release forms is hers. Oh well, this stuff happens, especially to professional entertainers. Keep you chin up Shauna, unless there are cameras around and you’re in a situation where you don’t want anyone to see your face.


Kim Zolciak Flashes the Goods!

Photo from PinkIsTheNewBlog

Real Housewife Kim Zolciak recently decided to give the basement an airing out. Perhaps the old what’s gone sour needed freshening up? PETA should be happy to know that she’s not wearing fur. Remember to keep checking Wondertrash for gossip to make you moist as a snack cake!

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