Billie Bob Thornton wasted on air?

Space Cowboy
It really gets wild about 5 mins in.

He’s making an ass of himself, so it must mean that he wants to be taken seriously
So is he stoned or having a stroke or something? It’s worse than Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman. Then again maybe Billie just wants to be taken seriously as an artiste. When people ask him about his music he wants to know that they mean it, and that his music career isn’t just riding on the coat tails of his film career. “If you’re gonna ask me about the music then don’t ask me about Slingblade, or the Oscar, or whatever!” “But Billie Bob the whole world kinda knows you’re a famous actor.” “Would you ask Tom Petty if Angelina Jolie is good in the sack?” “He wasn’t the one married to her, so how would he know? Well Billie sorry you couldn’t make it today”. 

Watch out for his upcoming hip hop album. Well here’s one for you, Cosmic Cowboy!

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Suffering Sappho – pix from the scene of Lohan’s weekend flip out!

It’s pop o matic trouble!

By now everyone has heard about Lindsay Lohan’s rumble with Ronson last week end. This occurred during what proved to be a wild Lohan style week end that only Lindsay could pull off. There were late night drinking and drugging binges (allegedly), trips to visit Jack Nicholson in the wee hours of the morning, and online Twitter freak outs! 
Beware the Ides of March!
The whole thing was set off when a warrant was issued for Ms Lohan on March 13 – other wise known as Friday the 13th. Apparently Lohan wasn’t complying with some court order over some arrest for some  hit and run that happened a year of so back. There have been so many that you can’t really blame Lindz for losing track. Besides her recall (and grammar too, if some online messages are any indication) is not everything that it could be. When Lindz heard about the warrant she completely lost it. She whipped off a missive to Perezhilton, full of spelling errors, claiming that the warrant story was fabricated and could blow every deal she’s got going. I doubt that she’s got anything going, and what ever she’s got can’t be worth going ballistic over.
Anyway that sent La Lohan into a weekend long tail spin. During the way she had a 5 alarm blow out with Samantha Ronson. That was on Saturday morning, about 11 AM. She’d returned from her special tete e tete with Nicholson several hours previous (the English phrase might be heart to heart, but the French are just so much more knowing about these things. It’s their legendary savior faire). The source of the argument seemed to be some DJ engagement that Ronson had. Ronson couldn’t get out of it, and Lindsay could go with because she wasn’t allowed to leave the state. So the lid blew straight off.
Between 11 AM & 12 PM the neighbours phoned the police. They got alarmed when they heard the sounds of ‘something’ hitting the walls. Plus stuff was flying out of the windows, and that was leaving glass scattered around everywhere. Then there was the obscene yelling. By the time the police showed up everything was calm, and no one answered the door. So they had to go away empty handed. However we know that World War 3 went down on the premises (although I suppose that we really have to say World War 4 in our post Bush era, just to be accurate), because there are plenty of picture from ground zero – and here they are!
Hunting for beaver, loaded for bear
It looks like they had the SWAT team out. Then again from what the neighbours are saying, the frightful sounds emanating from the premises made them fear that Chris Brown might be beating Rihanna with OJ Simpson inside! As it turned out, it was only a couple of scared, coked up, boozed out lesbians. Still it would’ve be a good idea to bring along the riot gear and tear gas, just to be on the safe. At least some pepper spray.
You might be glad to know that Lohan’s madcap weekend has ended well enough. Ronson managed to get off to her gig, so some one will be bringing money into the household. 3 or 4 kind ladies with AA Blue Books showed up after the cops left, and stayed until Lindz could get it together (though that alone might have driven many of use to drink!) Lindsay and Sam are still together, because at this point who else would have either of them?? As for the warrant that started the whole commotion, well that’s been dropped. Seems that the courts are describing it as no big deal. So Lindsay won’t be going to jail, or not just yet (though she may give rehab another try). Jack Nicholson must have some clout in that town!! So it this Happily Ever After, or To Be Continued
Remember, when life hands you a lemon, throw in some club soda and whiskey – then shake violently!!
I never give you my pillow

I only send you my invitations
And in the middle of the celebrations
I break down

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Marco Jaric – charges dropped

The charges of sexually assault against Grizzlies point guard, and Adriana Lima husband Marco Jaric have been dropped. Philadelphia police say the claims were unsubstantiated. Now I hate to say “I told you so” but Mocksure is the only celebrity gossip blog that did. While the other sites were beating the same drum, it was Mocksure that brought up Alexandra Paressant and Tony Parker, by way of a possible parallel. X17 was also brought up, as an example of a hi profile gossip site that got the story wrong – persistently. Mocksure may not be big, we were just right!
Twitter Twatter
Much more in  the line of entertainment gossip, Defamer is reporting that with police and counsellors descending upon Lindsay Lohan (God bless her, God bless her-  what would we do without her?)  in some kind of full frontal intervention, the former actress and current lesbian has flipped out – on Twitter! Def received an anonymous letter from some one complaining about Lohan’s online antics in the wee hours of Saturday morning. It’s not the first time Lohan’s early morning iniquities have provoked irratation – but this time the issue was her rapid fire Twitter updating!
The mystery e mailer claims that Lohan had some kind of online freak out – perhaps while under the influence. However their claims are backed up by the fact that they provided some interesting screen caps from Lohan’s locked twitter account – Sevinnyne! Then, to prove that they’re not just going all X17 on the word of some anonymous crack, they post those screen caps. Here they are!
The mystery e mailer then goes on to draw attention to one she describes as among the craziest of among a pretty messed up bunch of tweets – “should you end it if the one person in the world fails to love, hold/comfort, apologize, and CHERISH you the night before jail? LIARS R COWARDS cuz they don’t know what they got til it is far gone. and people-if you fucking love someone. PUT UR PRIDE A-fucking-SIDE AND JUST LOVE THEM BACK! do not ever dj before calling if they
Looks like there’s trouble in paradise. The gyst of it is that Sam went out DJing the night before the showdown – some one has to earn the bread in that relationship – and Lindsay took that as an excuse to go out and get wasted ‘with chicks who act like chicks‘.
Now here’s were it gets interesting. Sevynnine has only 20 Twitter followers, included I assume Samantha Ronson here self. The account is locked, so you gotta be in the inner circle to have access to those tweets. That means one of those twenty people is the person emailing Defamer, and apparently trying to make trouble for Sam and Lindz! It should be an interesting Saint Patrick’s day as a desperate Lindsay works here way through the suspect list!  As if she didn’t have enough troubles!
Girl most likely is a wanted woman!

Freaky Friday
BTW – the night before Lindsay online meltdown, the actress reputedly visited Jack Nicholson at something like 1:30 AM. Lindsay and her entourage showed up at Nicholson’s gate after a night at Chateau Marmount. They buzzed several times before Lindz was let in. She remained inside until approx 4:30, when a body guard showed up to take her back to Ronson’s pad. Sam Ronson showed up around noon, just in time for a major knock down drag out with Lohan, in which glass was hear breaking. The police eventually showed up.
One final thing on Lohan, she’s starting to look like Alicia Silverstone in that top shot, She’d better get a grip on the booze and drugs while she can still get her original face back!
Oh yeah, Lindz wasn’t the only young woman to go wild recently. A whole herd went berserk in NYC – the scene of the crime was America’s Next Top Model. Here’s the crowd scene video:
I suppose this proves that within every normal man and woman is the heart of a celebrity, beating like a hammer and  just waiting to get out to create havoc!

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Chris and Rihanna working on a duet; plus a cacophony of celebrities

Joaquin Phoenix Spaced Out On Letterman – video @ bottom of post

Just when you thought that it couldn’t get any stranger… Joaquin Phoenix appears on Letterman looking and acting oddly. The actor showed up looking bedraggled to put it mildly. He then mumbled his way incoherently through the ten minute interview which can be described as ‘awkward”. David Letterman seems to be come exasperated early on, and begins quite pointedly mocking Phoenix, delivering such jibes as “I’m sorry you couldn’t make it tonight“. 
At other times during the interview Phoenix seems to become (understandably) defensive. When the audience begins laughing at him, he replies “So do you gas them up with nitrous oxide (laughing gas)?“. At one point he turns angrily toward Late Night side kick Paul Schaffer. Then there’s the misunderstanding about gum. A comment from Dave causes Joaquin to empty his mouth and wad the contents on the side of Dave’s desk. He removes it a minute or so later however.
Now everyone is asking “Is this a put on or has the poor guy lost it?” Well his brother in law Casey Affleck is following him around with a camera, as part of some kind of documentary. Also Phoenix visibly smiles at one point during the Letterman interview, which he quickly tries to suppress – @ 2:40 in the video below. At one point Dave reaches out and touches him on the shoulder. Phoenix doesn’t react, which a freaked out edgy person almost certainly would. So is there a rash of ‘celebrity freak out’ lately? Or is this just some kind of Borat style stunt?? People are gonna be spending the rest of the day trying to figure this one  out.
BTW – Phoenix turned up to his Two Lovers premier in the same get up – Metro. Also his Letterman interview turned out much better than his recent attempt at rap. That’s the one where he gave the suit and tie a rest, and showed up in a wool cap & with a hole in his trousers.
Now an update on the story everyone is talking about – Chris Brown and Rihanna.
So is it too soon to call this Freaky February??

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Sharon Bale Double Talks on Brother Bother

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

Sharon Bale: My crazy actor brother ain’t so bad, but he needs professional help
It’s the story that won’t go away, and now Christian Bale’s sister has come forward explaining why she went to the police. In an interview to the UK Mirror Sharon Bale explains that pressing charges was her way of trying to help Bale. Sharon goes on to reveal that Chris didn’t lay a finger on either her or her mother, but did deliver a verbal tirade similar to that heard round the world over the Internet in the form of various techno mash ups.
I was only trying ot help
Chris is a laid back guy” Sharon goes on, except when he’s in character for a film. Then he can get pretty wound up and intense. So four lettered freak outs aren’t unusual. Once he’s had time to decompress, he’s okay. Sharon is afraid that one day his artistic temperament will get him in trouble, and she felt slapping him with police charges was a way to get the hot headed actor to stop and think.
Now there are three interesting things in the about the story:
1. Let’s Get Physical
Both Bale’s mom and sister have come forward to down play their run in with the actor. There was a lot of speculation about it after people heard that cops had been called. Some were even wondering whether the actor had raised his hand to either of the women. Both have now stated that the incident was played up by the media – maybe they know which side their bread is buttered on.
2. Some Day Yesterday
Sharon Bale says that she’s afraid that her brother’s temper will someday get him in trouble. A lot of people would say that some day has come and gone. As for the pro help – most actors are in some kind of therapy. For many it’s a clue to the basic psychology – they will even pay to get  attention! Personally I think that Celebrity Personality Disorder should’ve been added to the diagnostic lexicon ages ago!
3. This is just  a bad week to be named “Chris”.
Matches and Gasoline: Together Again!
It might also be a bad week to be named “Owen”. People Magazine is reporting that Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson are on again. Now the couple had a highly publicized bust up. Publicized because Wilson attempted suicide shortly after. Her was found in his home by his brother, with slash marks on both wrists and blood all over the place.
Some people blamed Hudson. She has cit a sexual swath through Hollywood with her love’ em and leave’ em game. So observers felt she might have toyed too reckless with Wilson, and that pushed him over the edge. However there were rumours that Wilson’s apparent suicide attempt might not have been what it seemed. For one thing there has been some talk that the slashes on his wrists, though messy, were superficial. He was disoriented though. So the working hypothesis was that he’d tried to cover up a drug overdose by faking a suicide attempt.
Still people were glad to see them keep their distance from each other . Anyone flaky enough to cover a drug overdose with a suicide attempt is still pretty unstable. Plus Hudson seems to be a woman with some thing to prove. As the moderately pretty, moderately talented daughter of Goldie Hawn she’s had to fight the nepotism accusations though out her career – you only got where you are because if who you are. Instead of proving herself with ambitious film projects and great performances, she chosen highly commercial projects and adequate performances. Kate chooses to test her stuff off screen, and usually on her back. So the combination of an unstable man with an insecure woman can’t be good news – keep the sharp objects out of sight until this thing inevitably blows over.

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Chris Brown Arrested – Rihanna Was the Victim

Grammy Night was great for Robert Plant – for Chris Brown and Rihanna not so much. The pair were scheduled to appear together at the festivities, but canceled at he last minute. That had observers wondering what was up. What was up was felony assault. Here’s the unofficial timeline:

At 7:30 on the night of the Grammies Brown was motoring around the Hancock Park area of LA with a then unidentified woman. They were observed involved in a heated argument. Cops were called, the woman ID’d Brown as her assailant. Brown had fled. The woman was taken to the hospital – allegedly suffering a broken jaw. Brown had fled the scene.

Now most of this has only just be confirmed. Though police announced that they were looking for Brown on felony assault, they would not reveal the name of the victim. However with both of them booked at the Grammies, and the clock running – it would become pretty obvious what was what when neither of them showed for their much anticipated performance. So there was no real way to hush things up.
Now what they were arguing about remains a topic of speculation. Some sites, like, are claiming it was because Rhia had given Brown herpes. Other rumours say that both have had herpes for awhile, and that the real source of friction was Rihanna’s controlling ways. She likes a bit of drama as a build up to slapping, hitting, and throwing stuff around – allegedly.
In fact they were supposedly on a break from their relationship. Chris liked it – Rhia not so much. Their respective handlers however thought that it would be just great if they showed up at the Grammies together. That is what is believed to have lead to their heated show down. Now Chris Brown’s career is finished, and he’ll be lucky to avoid jail time – some websites are claiming Rhia is pretty adamant about filing those felony reports.
It should also be noted that Brown was observed behaving erratically all day. Photographers claim that he was driving recklessly as early as 7:30 AM. He was also seen running at least 3 red lights. 
Also this story first broke on the JustJared site – almost 8 hours before it offically broke – in the comments section by a woman claiming to be in the know. According to her, Rihanna said it wasn’t the first time. Naturally everyone thought it was a sick joke and ignored it until about 50 posts later – when the news officially broke.

So I got a text message from my friend this morning at 5:00 am. She is married to a cop she said her husband got a domestic violence call chris brown beating up on Rhianna I text her back yeah right. She said Rhianna said it was not the first time….I don’t buy it…who knows..

Believe it or not, US Magazine is desperately trying to get in contact with the woman for a scoop! The US staffer is If they gotta resort to trolling message boards for leads then their connections ain’t as ‘inside’ as they would like people to believe!
Here are the links:
So I guess that Christian Bale is off the hook with the negative PR now.

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Susan Powter’s Disgruntled

Message board posting has caused her to shut down her website and flip out on video, but she’s not stressed – she’s just done amazing yoga!

At least she could’ve worked her ‘stop the insanity‘ catch phrase in there.

At least she’s more coherent than Chris Bale.

BOGUS ZEN – Reality TV: True love always dies, in the movies that is; TV doesn’t deal in true love, only relationships!

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Major Meltdown

Jessica Simpson had a major meltdown while opening for Rascal Flats. In a set that didn;’t ake it past the 40 minute mark, Jessica blathered about her love for Mr Sunday Tony Romo, messed up several songs and finally ran off stage nearly in tears. That has everyone wondering WTF is wrong with this girl? 
Some say that Romo’s failure to show at her concert rattled her nerves. Other’s think that Simpson is back on the sauce. She has a major drinking problem: her hospital stay for a kidney infection a while ago was actual alcohol related – she’d drunk so heavily that she’d burned her insides out. Then there’s that fitness video she’s getting sued over – she showed up for the taping too drunk to perform. The plot thickens – Jessica was recently out for a 2 hour vodka session with her mother, Tina, and a few of her Sunday School teachers (Jessica was an active Christian until, like namesake Alba, she found them ‘too judgemental’. Her father was also a youth leader and lay preacher, in addition to being a psychologist, impresario, and amateur soft core pornographer – no one can take sexy pics of Jess like he can, he says!). 
Some might say that mom really ought not be pouring booze into her daughter like that, but mom has always seemed to have a passive aggressive thing going on with her daughter. For instance it was Mom Tina who leaked to Vanity Fair that Jess had a 160 IQ. Tina explained that the school wanted her tested when she was a kid because she seemed to be a bit touched in the head. Now no one is sure whether this is true. Jessica herself won’t admit anything. In a special damage control interview a couple of days later in the SF Gate, Jess addressed the issue of her alleged genius with statements like – “I’m not really into smart stuff” and “What’s a book?“.
Dumb is part of Simpson’s image – like crazy is part of Britney Spear’s, and vapid is part of Paris Hilton’s. So she can’t afford to come off smart without people asking for a refund – which they’ve already done since her Nick Lechay bust up. He was part of her image too. Still it’s interesting that she didn’t directly deny the test results. More interesting is that Mom leaked it,  though no doubt knowing that dumb and cute was part of the Simpson image. Some where along the line the family obviously sat down and decided to go with that.

Maybe her husband’s constant preoccupation with his pretty daughter’s career finally got to her!

BTW – Jessica’s ups and downs may have got Barack Obama bumped off the newspaper covers briefly (Pres sez ” I hear she has a weight battle or something” to Today’s Matt Lauer when kidded about being bumped off of the front pages), but one person she hasn’t distracted attention from is Christian Bale. The remixes and parody video’s keep multiplying by the hour. 

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More Film Set Freak Outs

With Christan Bale’s recent and highly publicized meltdown the consensus has been pretty much that the guy’s a major jerk for going off on the photography director – Shane Hurlbut. AintItCoolNews has refused to post the audio. They claim that it is neither relevant nor news. They further go on to point out that messing with a scene in progress is a major no no. They also point out that this had been mentioned to the PD many many times. However the PD has a rep as a ‘light tweaker’ – meaning that he likes to walk on set in the middle of the action and make minor adjustments. He had been warned about his unprofessional conduct many many times, but continued with his annoying ways.
Besides blow outs on set are pretty normal. Most don’t get major world wide distribution. For an example of what can happen in the high tension world of multi million dollar Hollywood film making, and of why Lily Tomlin doesn’t act any more, lets take a look back at some leaked video from I Heart Huckabees.
There’s more….
Now there wasn’t that much of a fuss about signing the Magna Carta (Let’s call it ‘the Big Deal‘, but we’ll say it in Latin so that it sounds more sophisticated)! Of course the Magna Carta merely involved a group of illiterate bloodthirsty pore happy maniacs, and not the usual array of coked up 6 year olds you find masquerading as actors and directors down in LA)The shooting seemed riddled with tension and conflict – but the movie had such a cute name! The film set can be a pressure cooker especially when drug stoked ego’s are involved. So does anyone still want to be a movie star?? Better get used to frequent humiliation then!
Or if you don’t like the status, perks, and tons of phonies pretending to like you (OK, the phonies would be the only thing I’d miss), you can always head of to the heart of the jungle, like this young man in the following short documentary!
The Buddha Boy of Nepal
More on the mysterious teachings and practices of Tibetan Buddhism.

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