Faith & Rinna No Make Up

So what do some of entertainment’s most attractive personalities look like without their faces on? Faith Hill is known as being country music’s second sexiest siren, right after Shania Twain. The last time we really got a good look at her was at a past CMA when she flipped out after hearing Carrie Underwood’s name called. Though the stream of profanities coming from her mouth and the general expression of shock on her face made her resemble the Hee Haw Donkey, you could see that she was still free from the ravages of age. However here’s a recent pic of Faith in which she looks a little down in the mouth.

Speaking of mouths, here’s a little something that Lisa Rinna posted via Twitter the other day. Lisa has gotten sick and tired of everyone going on and on and on about her extensive plastic surgery. So she whipped up a pic of her wrinkling her brow to show that she’s botox free. Many are pointing out that the problem is right under her nose, in the form of that humongous set of lips. They don’t look so bad in the following pic. Lisa picked a flattering camera angle: shot from above so not only does it disguise the effects of gravity on the jowls, but angles those lips away from the camera. They’re still highly viable though.

“Am I ready for my close up?”

Never mind was she ready, were we, is anybody?


Pink Looking Rough

Pink down to ‘spare head’ No 3?

heads and tails

Celebrities like to keep their best face forward – it’s how they try to avoid losing face. So it helps when you have more than one face to choose from. IN this case it seems like PINK’s good face was in the shop for repairs or something, ’cause she was photoed out and about in Sherman Oaks California looking decidedly ‘made down’. Fortunately she wasn’t appearing on Oprah or anything this time. IN fact it looks like she might’ve been making a liquor store run! Cheers Alicia Moore, or should I say “Bottoms up!”

Why should celebrities have all the fun? In the following video you’ll learn how to make your own ‘spare head‘!

Having a spare head is not only a great way to impress your friends, family, & most importantly complete strangers – but it’s also a great place to hide your stash!



If you doubt that Miley Cyrus is capable of being two faced then just look at these ‘before and after’ pix of Miley with and without make up. I warn you that it’s isn’t pretty. The one without make up is really scary!

Miley Cyrus without make up
The state of Miley’s poor little face is nothing compared to the deplorable condition that Nicole Kidman’s is in. DListed is reporting that her blown up lips are now worse than Meg Ryan’s, and so bad that they are scaring people! The rest of Nix face is a sight for sore eyes too!

nicole kidman botched face without make up
For more pictures of celebrities without make up head on over to GOSSIPROCKS. I warn you that those images aren’t for the faint of heart! Helen Hunt was a shocker!


Has Brad Pitt Still Got It?

pix courtesy of JanetCharlestonsHollywood

So would you hit it?


If Brad Pitt has still got it then he’s keeping it well hidden. At least he’s in better shape than Don Johnson, barely.



Lady Gaga before & after

So what does Lady Gaga look like when she’s not tarted up in blonde wigs and leather fetish gear? Well see for your self in the following before and after pic courtesy of

In addition to pole dancing and pop singing Lady Gaga – real name Stefani Germanotta – enjoys poetry – especially Rilke, philosophy, Beethoven, and prayer. She picked up these wholesome habits while a student at Covent of the Sacred Heart. That’s the same private Catholic girls school that Paris Hilton attended. Man has that place got a lot to answer for!


Latest Mischa Barton Pic


Jessica Simpson Doesn’t Travel Well

pic courtesy of PinkIsTheNewBlog

I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!

Jessica Simpson is roughing it – she is 1/16 Native American!

Jessica Simpson is taking her mind off of her troubles – the loss of boyfriend Tony Romo and beloved maltipoo Daisy – by heading over to Uganda. Now don’t worry, Simpson hasn’t gone Jolie and this isn’t a good will mission. She’s taping some episodes of her new reality TV series The Price of Beauty. The picture shows Jessica looking forlorn and wrapped in mosquito netting as she tries to keep the pests at bay. She has even tweeted “WTF, do I really have to sleep this way?” Well Jessie, the way your luck’s been running lately I wouldn’t push it. Those bugs carry malaria! What do you suppose the chances are that she’ll pick up an orphan or two while she’s in the area? It would be someone guaranteed not to leave her for maybe 15 years!


Hollywood Uncensored

Here are a few pix of your favourite celebrities au naturalle and without artificial additives. Be prepared to be shocked!

So cheer up, Brooke!

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