Bauhaus’ Peter Murphy Arrested

Murphy’s Law

Peter Murphy of Brit Goth Rock Band Bauhaus has been arrested for suspicion of causing injuries while driving under the influence of drugs, for felony hit and run, and for possession of methamphetamine. His tale starts down in Glendale, California. Murphy was driving his Subaru Forrester on the intersection of Central & Goode when he nailed as Mercedes at about 11:48 AM. Murphy then managed to make his way around the Mercedes onto Ventura Freeway.

Unfortunately for Murphy he did not make a perfect getaway. For one thing the driver of the Mercedes managed to get his license number, which she passed on toe fire personnel before being hauled away on a gurney. A near by window washer got pictures of Murphy’s vehicle leaving the scene and showing some significant front end damage.Plus eye witnessed followed him from the scene because they were afraid his driving would kill some one. Eye witnesses like the driver of a pick up who followed Murhy from Glendale and eventually managed to cut him off once they reached LA. LA police then detained Murphy until Glendale police arrivced

Murphy had an explanation for his poor driving. He informed Police that he had not been drinking, but was jet lagged from having recently taken a long plane flight. That combined with the effects of his anti depression medication had left him feeling a little under the weather. Police could tell that much already because Murphy seemed unsure of where he was and of the time of day. The police were more interested in the bag of what they suspect is meth amphetamine that he was carrying around with him. So the poor man got hauled in,. booked, and is currently being held on $500 000 bail.

Michelle Shocked recently


Michelle Shocked is a singer who lives up to her name. She might not be living up to her billing because a bunch of her shows have just got cancelled. The reason is because  Michelle Shocked recently went Westboro Baptist Church on her fans while performing in San Francisco. Michelle is a born again Christian and decided to share some of her beliefs with fans during a concert. Michelle was especially concerned about gay marriage. So Michelle told her audience that “You can go on Twitter and say, ‘Michelle Shocked says God hates (anti-gay slur).’”

The result of this outburst is that Michelle Shocked has lost some work. Evanston’s SPACE has cancelled Michelle Shocked’s May 5th performance. SPACE general manager/talent buyer Jake Samuels said he confirmed with the San Francisco promoter that Shocked’s comments were “ugly in nature and not meant to be artistic or satirical in any way … It wasn’t a very hard decision for us.” SPACE’s website goes on to say that “After speaking with the promoter of that show about the nature of the remarks, it’s clear that this is no longer a show we’re willing to put our name on.” SPACE will is offering refunds to ticket holders.

Michelle Shocked may be out of work but Tom Cruise has a full dance card. There’s another Mission Impossible set to go with Christopher McQuarrie directing. Cruise is also set to reprise his Jack Reacher role. The last Jack Reacher cleared about $215  million world wide for Paramount & Skydance. He’s got Oblivion with director Joseph Kosinski coming out soon. Now he can add The Man From Uncle to the list.

The Man From Uncle was a popular 60’s spy TV show. Robert Vaughn and David Ireland played secret agents Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin, who worked for United Nations Command for Law Enforcement. Warner Bros wants to bring the idea back for a possible franchise. They even had Steven Soderbergh lined up to direct and George Clooney set to star. Clooney dropped out because of neck and back issues. So now the studio is pushing the project with Guy Ritchie directing and Tom Cruise as the lead.

Now this is great news for Mr. Cruise but I can’t help feeling a little discouraged about it. With The Man From Uncle getting big screen treatment is means that almost every successful TV show from the past 40 years as been pillaged for possible script material. Yet there hasn’t been a live action full length Wonder Woman movie! Fans did get an idea of what a Wonder Woman motion picture might look like recently when a ‘fan made’ teaser by Jesse V Jackson hit the net. It feature’s Nina Bergman as Wonder Woman, and she shows her action chops while taking on  a group of Nazi’s. Let’s have a look at Wonder Nina as she Dances With Nazis.


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