JLo divorce – unsubstantiated rumours

The unofficial official story on the JLoMarc Anthony split up is that he was a domineering control freak who broke Jenny’s fragile spirit. Miss Piggy Lopez had to ditch Kermit Anthony because he was just too much macho for her. To that end she gave some interviews about loving herself enough to walk away. No one ever doubted that JLo loved her self enough. Many suspected that she loved herself a bit too much. While Jenny may think of herself as as tender shoot and delicate blossom, the rest of the world finds the idea of her being dominated about as believable as – well – the idea that I regularly beat up Mike Tyson for his lunch money! Still the current story had Marc A clearly to blame, at least according to JLO’s official and unofficial spokespersons.

According to the Daily Mail Online there’s another reason behind the bust up: JLo’s commitment to Scientology. JLo is a good friend of the church’s Vice Thetan in Chief Tom Cruise. She’s also been very publicly sympathetic towards the church, defending it through such statements as ‘I just wish that people wouldn’t judge it without knowing what it is.’ Fair enough. Reasonable people might feel that way about any religion – except for those mad, radical Muslims with their irrational hatred of promiscuous sex and scantily clad women – oh wait that whole war on terror thing is over now! So we can put aside our irrational fear and paranoia towards Muslims, and they can get back to their secret repressed interest in scantily clad promiscuous Western women – those dirty little tramps!

JLo’s sympathy to Scientology goes a little bit beyond defending the Church in public. She also has considered sending the Royal Twins her kids to a Sci School. At least if she meant what she said in the very same interview where she defended Sci. In fact she said she “wouldn’t mind” sending her kids to space school. Now according to an unnamed source close to the couple Marc wasn’t as enthusiastic about Scientology as JLo. So when the whole school issue came up Marc said no and that made the couple go Tom & Nicole! So it looks like this divorce is about to get more interesting.

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