Chris Brown vs seagulls

It’s been a hectic few weeks for Chris Brown – he won couple of Grammies, released a couple of singles with his ex girlfriend and former victim Rhianna, got into a Twitter feud with CM Punk, and is suspected of grabbing with intent to snatch regarding an iPhone incident in which he warned the bitch that she wasn’t postin’ no pictures on no websites. Oh yeah and in his spare timne he also chased a flock of seagulls – not the 80’s band but actual birds! Where does he get the energy? My guess is that he’s abusing Red Bull energy drinks!

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A special message from Chris Brown

Chris Brown has a very special message to everyone out there and since action speaks louder than words when you have something to say you should say it with puppy dogs!

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CM Punk takes a swipe ‘allegedly’ at Chris Brown

One way to become more popular is by expressing an opinion that everyone is bound to agree with. To do this you just need to find yourself an unpopular target and have a bash at them – as CM Punk has just done with Chris Brown. Not that I’ saying CM Punk is trying to get some hype, or that everyone agrees with him or even that Chris Brown is unpopular. Chris seemed well liked by the Grammy committee.

So just preface everything written above with the word “allegedly“, as in “alleged” pro wrestler CM Punk expresses some of his “alleged” feeling “allegedly” about Chris Brown, etc. Now that’s no more sarcastic than saying Tom Brady allegedly can’t throw the ball and catch the ball at he same f*cking time, or his team mate allegedly didn’t catch the ball that he was allegedly supposed to catch. See how one little word can’t help avoid tons of trouble?

In allegedly happy news alleged actress Jennifer Aniston got her star on the alleged Hollywood Walk of Fame recently. So I guess the new guy is working out of her – allegedly. It’s been rough for her what with losing the love of her life and having to endure box office success with tons of moderately successful movies. Then there’s the whole Brangelina thing that keeps reoccurring. That story keeps repeating like a bad meal!

Hopefully this will take her mind off of the whole Brad & Angie Archie & Veronica Riverdale on Hollywood love triangle story that’s become so tiresome. Once the name “Aniston” makes computer spell check, like Oprah & Obama, then she’ll really have arrived! I just hope that the ethnic humor (as mildly offensive as it was mildly humorous) by Adam Sandler in the video below ain’t out of line – although it’s probably grey area. Especially if you’re Greek.

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