A Brief History of Paranoia

Kristen Stewart Kills the Conspiracy Movement!

Kristen Stewart isn’t content to kill the dreams of Twilight fans, but now is killing the paranoid delusions of conspiracy theory fans. The cheaty little tramp just has to ruin everyone’s fun! I’ll get to that later but right now an update on Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambreast!

tit for tat in Kate gate

Looks like Kate-gate is heating up.

Worse things have happened

Kate should probably calm down. A There are some people out there with real problems. People like Kristen Stewart. Kristen is the gal who killed Vampire Santa Claus. The legion of Twilight fans had her next 30 years planned out with marriage to Rob, dropping a couple oif little Eddie Munsters, and attending frequent Twilight fan conventions where she would talk with upmost sincerity about how she loves having her life revolve around the Twilight series. She could use words like “I’m priveldged” and “I feel so totally blessed“. Of course that’s the fast track to rehab. Just ask Harry Potter.

Kristen Stewart Owned

So Stewart bolted, and people just wouldn’t get the fuck over it. The National Enquirer reported on their website that Stewie had to hire a body guard after recently being chased in the street by a couple of young women who should have better sense. They were shouting profanities and ran Stewie into her car. Once Krissy was safely inside the frustrated Twihards grabbed the doors and began shaking the car back and forth. It was so bad Stewie couldn’t even light a joint to calm herself, the car was swaying so violently! Stewie just forgot that to whom much is given much is required and now she’s totally pwned (do people still say pwned?).

Is Kristen Stewart a Monarch Slave?

Now she’s the butt of every kind of rumour. from Stewie on the verge of emotional meltdown, to Stewie and Patz back on, to Giant Hoax. Giant Hoax can refer to Stewie and Patz’ alleged relationship, which heartless Grinchlike cynics say was just some publicity stunt from day one.Or it can refer to her alleged cheating with married director Rupert Saunders. People who still can’t believe that Twilight was only a novel still can’t believe that Kristen cheated. So they’ve invented every kind of story to explain what happened from Saunders hypnotized her with MK Ultra mind control, to the pair were abducted by Aliens Space Creeps studying human reproductive behavior and forced to demonstrate for them – “For goodness sakes you inhuman monsters, I’m a happily married Hollywood director, and this young movie actress is practically lily white!“. Call this “implausible denial”. Here’s an interesting little video that claims proof that Krissy was not only set up, but that shit never even happened.

Who needs religion now that we have conspiracy theories to believe in?

Believe it if you want to but I’m not settling for anything less than full disclosure, along with Stewart’s birth certificate and samples of her DNA! Until then these people are just wearing their tinfoil hats wrong side out, as far as I’m concerned, and giving the whole conspiracy movement a bad name. Now that’s hurtful to those of us who love conspiracy theories. The conspiracy movement is falling on hard times lately. About 4 years ago any crazy theme could float. People who used to dismiss the X Files talk as UFO craziness were suddenly taking the whole thing seriously. That’s cause no one knew what the fuck was going on – when you don’t know what’s going on then anything becomes believable. That’s the downside of “anything’s possible”.

everyone is privy to their own beliefs, but not their own facts!

Since Barack Obama became president things have calmed down a lot. So America once again has the courage to believe that some things are impossible. Quite frankly many find it secretly reassuring. So that’s bad news for conspiracists with far fetched and unlikely explanations about what’s going on in the world.

The last really good conspiracy theory was (Dallas Goldbug) WellAware1. They’re the group who believe that everyone you see on the news are actually the same dozen or so people playing multiple roles – many of them actually played by the cast of Jackass (including Ryan Dunn who’s death was faked so that he could continue his Illuminati work), & who also apparently started the whole Occupy Movement for George Soros!

When WellAware came out people basically laughed, the videos got tossed off of youtube (though I  saved every one!), and the theory creator didn’t even get on any good conspiracy shows, such as like Alex Jones. Alex probably thought WellAware was a kind of turd in a shit bowl, and a credibility killer. Which goes to show that there are things even conspiracy theorists find far fetched! 4 to 6 years ago people would’ve heard it out, and many would’ve decided that it was possibly.

Believing that anything’s possible and therefore must be true is a short cut to the looney bin. Now if any one tells you crazy is good, creative, and a readjustment your reality parameters; then just tell them to start without you. Truth is that though van Gogh was a lunatic, most lunatics aren’t van Gogh. The constraints of reality are more comfortable than the constraint of a straight jacket! So the point is that America is losing it’s zeal for the kind of raging paranoia that makes Richard Nixon look down to earth in comparison. This whole Kristen Stewart was framed thing isn’t  helping, & it’s such a shame to see the conspiracy movement go out this way.

Conspiracy and the average actor


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Part 1 http://youtu.be/45w9GlL7deU
Part 2 http://youtu.be/6J1uJIDrgIc
Part 3 http://youtu.be/c7prvR5dR4s

Mr. Chiarini presents biometric comparisons of individuals seen in public roles but who are counterfeits passing on propaganda and agenda programming to others. Their personalities as genuine people in real current news events are staged productions. These actor activists (actor-vists) use pseudonyms presenting information integrated with lies to an unsuspecting public. Much of it is ‘not-real-news’ NRN.

Watch, decide for yourself, and then become a ‘well aware one’. You will never see the world the same again.

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