Hollywood Halloween

Is Hollywood culling it’s greatest asset – the Beautiful People?
Show some respect – that nut used to be Randy Quaid!

Randy Quaid
used to be a respected Hollywood actor. That is up until about a year ago. That’s when Randy and his wife Evi got busted for ripping off a California Hotel to the tune of 10 500. There were more charges in Texas. Some allegations of illegal squatting got made – the Quaids claimed that they were the real owners of the property, one they had sold years previously in what Randy claims was a fraud – and soon the Quaids were wanted criminals. Before the story was finished breaking Dog the Bounty Hunter, on the George Lopez Show, was swearing bloody justices on the hapless couples asses even as they were applying for political asylum in Vancouver, Canada.

The Quaids got busted outside a bank when Randy had tried to mortgage some property – hopefully something he hadn’t been swindled out of previously. The bank ran his name through the computer and up comes the warrant that had been issued. Police were there before you could say “fuzz” and the Quaids were being lead off in handcuffs while requesting asylum and making some strange claims.
The strange claims are that the Quaids lives are in danger if they are returned to Hollywood. They are in danger because near the very top of Hollywood there is a small cabal of “Starwhackers“. According to the demented mutterings of Evi Quaid star-whackers are a group in Hollywood who murder that town’s leading lights, not as an offering to some pagan god or in some Illuminati blood sacrifice ritual; but in a cold blooded and calculated attempt to hype films through the publicity created when a star, like Heath Ledger, dies.
Now when word of the Quaids’ novel conspiracy theory came to light it had casual observing asking “Is Quaid nuts, or is his wife the fruitcake and has she taken Randy’s sanity hostage?” Well it turns out that the Crazy Quaids have a fairly well formulated theory to explain their bizarre behavior (but then again doesn’t every certifiable lunatic?). Here, in his own words, are the gist of Randy Quaid’s strange irrational fears:

“Up until a year ago Evi and I had never had any run-in with the law whatsoever,” he said.

“We are not criminals nor are we fugitives from justice. Nor are we crazy. We are simply artists and filmmakers who are being racketeered on.”

The brother of actor Dennis Quaid then broke down when he told a gathered media pack about how the criminal group had some of Hollywood’s biggest names in its sights.

Actor Randy Quaid has fled to Canada, where he is seeking asylum.

“We believe there to be a malignant tumour of ‘star-whackers’ in Hollywood,” he said.

“How many people do you know personally who have died suddenly and mysteriously in the last five years?

“I have personally known eight actors, all of whom I have worked with and was close to – Heath Ledger, Chris Penn, David Carradine among them.

“I believe these actors were whacked and I believe many others, such as Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson, are being played to get at their money.”

PETA Quaid style – People for the Ethical Treatment of Actors

In other words organized crime in Hollywood is more organized than ever. Plus movie stars are an endangered species. These ideas aren’t really new. Hollywood has been killing it’s stars for years. Most people assumed that this was in the form of fame causalities like Marylin Munroe and James Dean, and was a by product or side effect of the process. It was the price of doing business. The problem may have been systemic – part of the way deals get done, talent gets exploited, and celebrities get thrown onto the tracks after they’ve outlived their usefulness. Nobody believed that it was a deliberate and conscious act.

However the Quaids have taken this idea to the next level – by taking it literally. So many people have wound up show business causalities in the past year or so alone; people like Corey Haim, Heath Ledger, Gary Coleman, and Michael Jackson – who’s own family accused the accounts handling him of deciding that he was “worth more dead”. So either this was gross negligence in the Hollywood community or it was some kind of deliberate plot to destroy over ambitious food service types. (It’s best to get them while they’re still small – today a waiter but tomorrow they’re an A Lister smashing up hotel rooms and driving under the influence while aimed in your general direction.) Since star deaths were getting so consistent in the entertainment industry, deliberate malice almost makes sense.

If this was a social satire media stunt a la PETA then they might be onto something. AS satire it’s promising. As an attempt to stay out of the USA, or as a literally belief – it promises to make things a lot more interesting. It might even have made a great story idea for a movie script. Although it must be said that “Attack of the Hollywood Star Whackers” sounds grindhouse. I guess the theories plausible if you can believe that life in Hollywood can imitate B Movies. Maybe they could revive that old script for “The Plot to Replace the Justice League“. Lines like “If that’s a robot then where is the real Wonder Woman?” could be adapted so easily to this kind of scenario.

Now many people will find the Quaids wild theories far fetched as they role their eyes and smirk at the talk of organized death squads of celebrity stalking star whackers roaming LA in search of their quarry – moderately attractive and some what personable ex waiters and waitresses who fluked into fame and fortune. Then again everything that goes on in Hollywood sounds a little implausible – from “Change your weight by changing your consciousness” to spinning class for pets. So while you’re laughing up yourselves just stop and ask yourself whether this is the weirdest thing that ever came out of Hollywood. Besides conspiracy theories have been gaining mainstream credibility ever since Oliver Stone did JFK. Besides there are some even wilder theories out there – like those espoused by Gary Bell in The View From Space. Let’s have a listen to Gary’s Halloween edition!


There’s more to Halloween than evil conspiracies. There’s also dressing up in fetish wear and parading around at parties.

“I could totally do you in that handcuffed, ball gagged circus clown number!”


Good luck lonely naked single lady!



The Fabulous Clip Joint

liv tyler bilked out of 200 000 by celebrity hair stylistHow much does a really smart A List hair style cost? If you’re Liv Tyler it could run up to $200 000! To be clear that not only includes the cost of the hair cut, but also all the additional charges that could get run up on your credit card without your knowledge. Lovely Liv favors a salon called Chez Gabriela Studio, run by Maria Gabriela Perez. Perez boasts an A List clientele including the likes of Cher, Jennifer Aniston, and Anne Hathaway. It’s not only the glitterati that are beating a path to her door. Wednesday afternoon the Secret Service dropped by with an arrest warrant.

Allegedly Ms Perez was making free and easy with the credit card numbers of some of her celebrity clients. Ms Tyler, in particular, got hit up for 214 000 over the course of 5 months! She’s also accused of running up 68 000 in charges on the card of an unnamed jewelry designers. This is heavy shit, and could land the hair stylist in the klink for as much as 25 years!

Jennifer Aniston was a former client of Chez Gabriella, but left after a falling out. Jen says: We had a situation that was not cool, so I stopped going to her. Paid her the money and left. … I knew something like this would eventually happen. A lawyer for Perez says: At this time she is innocent of all charges. She is a legitimate business woman who provides legitimate services. We are confidant when the facts come out my client will be exonerated of all charges. Ms Perez better hope that some of her lawyer’s faith in her rubs off on the Secret Service!

Annie get your gun

In other news Sarah Palin has shown that she just doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut. Sarah had just cracked the difficult Levi Johnston problem. According to a story in the National Enquirer Palin felt that she had no chance as a 2012 presidential run as long as Levi was running his mouth publicly about her. So she lured him into a false sense of security by urging Bristol to get friendly with him, and invite him to spent quality time with the family.

The plan worked and Levi retracted all the stuff he said. He claimed that it was merely youthful indiscretion on his part. Damned by his own retraction anything he might say in the future would be regarded skeptically. However the plan hit a snag when Bristol and Levi announced their engagement and plans for a reality TV show. Sarah didn’t see that one coming. When the news broke that Levi had knocked up another young woman – a childhood friend of Bristol’s – the engagement was off and everything was coming up Sarah.

Soon Sarah herself would put a spanner in the works. The former Alaskan governor has recently coming out voicing support for disgraced radio shrink Dr Laura Schlessinger. Schlessinger got into a heap of trouble for using the N word repeatedly on air in response to a woman calling for advice on dealing with racist in laws. That lead to a speedy mea culpa on the partof Ms Schlessinger, and eventually her retirement announcement.

Palin has taken to twitter to support Schlessinger, claiming that she believes that Dr Laura’s 1st amendment right to use racial charged language has been suppressed. Below are Palin’s tweets:

palin tweets support for dr laura schlessinger
palin tweets supprt for schlessinger

Now it should be pointed out that Schlessinger’s right to use racist language has not been suppressed. She can stick her head out the window and holler the N word at passer bys to her heart’s content if that’s what she wishes. However privately owned radio concerns don’t owe her a forum. That’s the technicality on which Dr Laura’s persecution argument falls down. To give Laura credit, she’s claiming that she will continue to voice her controversial opinions on her own time, and at her own expense, by way of youtube and the blogosphere. Freedom of speech within a free market context is as much as any conservative has a right to expect. No word yet on how this affects Palin’s presidential hopes, but I don’t think she’s planning a Mel Gibson defense or anything.

sarah palin reloads for dr laura schlessinger


Dr Laura Off The Air

the doctor is out – no rehab

Dr Laura is leaving her show when her contract expires. This comes in the wake of her controversial N word comments on a recent show. Dr Laura’s racially charged blurt came in response to a caller who complained of having to deal with insensitive comments from her husband’s white friends. Dr Laura claimed the woman was getting upset over nothing, and should try being less sensitive. Then – perhaps to help the woman toughen up, or maybe to amke a philosophical point – Laura blurted out the offensive term 7 or 8 times.

Now Laura ought to have known better. Many other high profile personalities have lost their careers through reckless disregard for there audiences’ sensitivities: Don Imus, Michael Richards (who also seemed to be trying to make a ‘philosophical point’), etc. Yet Laura seemed to think that she was on right side of the line. She was to find out differently in the ensuing controversy.

With a backlash of hate mail and sponsoring rushing to abandon ship, Laura seems to think that the heat medium of AM talk radio is the wrong forum for her reactionary conservative views. So on Larry King Live last night she announced that she’s leaving. Dr Laura feels that the talk radio medium is too restrictive, and she wants the freedom to spout her views with out feeling censored by the feelings of her audience.

Dr Laura shouldn’t have to be reminded that radio isn’t only a platform for political views, it’s also a business. The free market is something that Laura, as a conservative, is supposed to believe in. Therefore she can’t really be too upset about this. Try thinking of it as a market readjustment rather than a free speech issue. Dr Laura as the right to say as many hateful and controversial things as she likes. However radio networks aren’t obliged to provide her with a forum, nor are sponsors obliged to pay for it. If the powers that be feel Dr Laura has alienated key target groups then this becomes as much as free enterprise issue as anything else. Maybe that could be some comfort to Dr Laura as she contemplates her next career move – maybe she could get a blog?


Love, crazy, & Tila Tequila

fame means being the last one to know

“Love can be crazy sometimes” according to Vivica Fox. Vivica should know since she’s dating club promoter Slimm. Not that Slimm sounds particular crazy. In fact he can be oddly business like in affairs of the heart, which may sounds crazy to the romantics out there.

“don’t take this personally – but get lost”

The odd business like part is Slimm’s recent dumping of Vivica by memo. Slimm recently publication released a memo announcing that he and Vivica were no longer together. Trouble is that this was the first Viv had heard about it. So basically she got dumped by general release memo. Maybe it would be less humiliating if she tried thinking of it as a ‘romantic cut back’.

love is never having to say you’re sorry by a memo

Anyway Slimm releases another memo the next day taking back the dumping. In other words he announced that he and Viv were back together. No word on what was behind the sudden flip flop. Perhaps the memo wasn’t supposed to go out until next week? Love is never being the last one to know – though fame usually means that.

celebrity nuisance attacked by enraged mob

In other news Tila Tequila got the shit beat out of her. Tila was playing at some event called A Gathering of Juggaloos – which sounds like some kind of low end Lalapalooza. AS soon as Tila went out on stage to perform the shit hit – literally. Tila claims that fans got enraged and started pulling portapotties apart so that they could heave shit at her. Then they started throwing bottles, bricks, and anything they could lift and hurl in her general direction.

Here’s Tila’s account of the Battle at Faygo:

“I went onstage and immediately, before I even got on stage, DUDES were throwing HUGE STONE ROCKS in my face, beer bottles that slit my eye open, almost burnt my hair on fire cuz they threw fire crackers on stage, and they even took the shit out of the port-0-potty and threw shit and piss at me when I was onstage.”

These people were trying to kill me. So then after the last blow to my head with the firecracker they threw at me exploded, my bodygaurd and the other security grabbed me and ran as fast as they could to the shitty trailor. Since their security SUCKS, the 2 thousand people ran after us, trying to kill me. They almost got me so they finally reach the trailor, blood all over myself, cant stop bleeding, then all of a sudden, all 2 thousand people surround the trailor and busts the windows!!! Even the guys INSIDE with me were shaking! Their hands were shaking cuz they were so scared! So 3 guys inside the trailor had to grab a table and push it over the broken windows and grabbed all the chairs they could find so hold the people from outside back. It was scary as hell!”

The security – which Tila describes as “shitty” – finally got it together and hustled her off the stage Then, in a – “I swear I thought turkeys could fly” moment, a crowd of 2000 pursued Tila and her 3 security guards to a trailer they had sought refuge in. The enraged mob then started smashing windows and trying to push the walls in. Meanwhile Team Tila sat shaking inside. Now that’s more or less the first hand story that Tequila gave to TMZ, and other celebrity web sites. Police are confirming that something bad nearly went down – but won’t give details. This does give Tila something to blog about over @ OMGMissTila. Like PerezHilton, Tila not only brings you the news but is often actively involved in the story.


Mel Gibson more mama drama

Mel in the Family

If they still had those classic boozy celebrity roasts rife with crude humour and clumsy sarcasm, like the kind Dean Martin used to specialize in back in the early 70’s; then Mel Gibson would’ve been the superstar most likely to have been roasted, up to the past few years. He was a superstar of almost Rat Pack proportions. Nowadays he’s the celebrity most likely to get slow roasted over hot coals. Some of that has to do with his ex girlfriend/baby momma Oksana Grigorieva; and a lot of it has to do with the awful stuff Mel was caught saying on tapes that Grigorieva illegally made.

Hey Mel, Jesse James would like to thank you for getting the heat off of him!

Back in the days when Mel was still enjoying his booze fueled fling with the Plastic Russian, they’d fight all the time. Stuff that would make Britney & KFed look like Sunday school kids. Oksana often like to record these fiery exchanges; perhaps for sentimental value, or maybe it has some thing to do with her being Russian (you know how they were for secret recordings, especially back in the old days). Anyway a lot of stuff got said and recorded, usually while Mel was drunk of his head. Stuff like Oksana’s “a pig in heat who should be raped by a pack of niggers“.

stupid like a fox

Naturally the tapes were source of concern for Mel (He was concerned that the tapes existed, not that he’d actually said the stuff – big difference. Mel might make movies about Jesus Christ but he “ain’t stupid, if you know what I mean” Savvy men of the world are always more sorry about getting caught than about what they’ve done.). Similar comments made by Sandra Bernhard about then vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin effectively ended the mediocre comedienne’s successful career (without in any way impacting on Sarah Palin’s momentum). So Mel went to court and had the tapes banned.

Well some how the tape got leaked to the media sources – radaronline and TMZ. That’s how we know about he ‘pig in heat’ comments. Reps of both outlets listened to the tapes in their entirety. Though they wouldn’t publish them, fearing their own legal liability in posting tapes that had been banned by the court; reps of the agencies did vouch did vouch for the content, with plenty of quotable quotes.

TMZ would like to ask if you’ve stopped beating your girlfriend yet?

The latest bombshell, which might be the one that decisively sinks Mr. Heartthrob’s battle ship, was one recently referred to by the usual Internet sources. The bombshell is an admission by Mel, on tape, that he beat Grigorieva. On the tape a teary Grigorieva is asking Mel how he can strike a woman holding a child twice in the face. Mel responds “you fucking deserved it!” It seems to be the ‘you fucking deserved it‘ comment that has many of Mel’s former female fans ready to break out the razor blades on iodine on his sorry hide.

Braveheart – from heart breaker to face breaker

It get’s worse. This argument was the one during which Oksana supposedly got her front teeth knocked out. Mel’s people are denying that any kind of violence ever took place. However there is supposedly a DVD out there some where floating around like a mine at sea, which shows Oksana’s bloody and bruised face following a Mel Gibson attack. Mel’s people are supposedly desperately trying to verify the existence of the tape, locate it, and then terminate it’s potential as a threat. Sounds very CIA doesn’t it? Can’t really blame him. As Chris Brown could tell him, pictures speak much louder than words!

Oksana Grigoreiva has officially denied through TMZ & Radaronline, that she leaked the tapes. She did say that she began making them after Mel made repeated threats on her life.

Michael Lohan: Dining out on bad parenthood

Mel isn’t the only celebrity in a world of grief these days. Lindsay Lohan has finally got sentenced to 90 days in jail, plus 90 days in rehab. While Dina broke down in court, shrieking “Why, why, why?” – because you’re daughter is a drug addict who endangers the lives of others every time she gets behind the wheel of a car – and insisting that this was “so not fair to my child” & that’s true cause it should’ve happened years ago; Michael Lohan hit the bars, Hours after the sentencing he was pictured living it up @ The Saddle Ranch. That’s reputedly the wildest bar on Sunset Strip! I’m sure that Michael just needs to blow off some grief so that he can keep up his hectic schedule of media conferences & press releases.

michael lohan lives it up at the Saddle Ranch on Sunset Strip hours after Lindsay Lohan's sentencing

irresponsible combinations

As for Lindsay, she’s been getting some help keeping it together. Lindsay had some dental work a little while back. It was a wisdom tooth procedure. Now you know how risky these things can be with celebrities. It was a wisdom tooth extraction that allegedly sent Mischa Barton to the psych ward on a 5150 hold order (filed by her mother?). Lindsay is a sensitive soul, so her dentist made sure that she was loaded up on goodies to see her through the trying weeks ahead, namely Dilaudid & amphetamines. Dilaudid is 3x more powerful than morphine!

Dilaudid & amphetamines seem like an irresponsible combination to give to a desperate and unstable woman at the time of her sentencing, but give the dentists a break. Lindsay is too old for a lollipop, unless it’s a Fentanyl lolli. Just keep you fingers crossed for Lindsay during the next few weeks, cause Dilaudid + amphetamines is a recipe for an overdose!

BTW a heads up to Olivia Munn fan’s. Olivia, occasionally featured int his very blog, has her new book out soon. This after getting a walk on in Ironman 2 (she was the reporter at the Stark Expo), and after being the rumoured choice to play Wasp in the upcoming Batman! She’s a busy gal. She also regularly makes the men’s mag’s 100 hottest chick lists! Keep appraised of Munn’s book news through her twitter account Oliviamunn!

Had DC only realized what a rich vein of subtle self parodying humour could be found in Wonder Woman (like Superman back in the golden days when the comic was basically a situation comedy instead of a graphic novel narrative!), then they might have avoid the recent issue 600 major overhaul!


Sandra Bullock taskes back cheating husband

sandra bullock puts breaks on divorce from trashy cheating husbandThe story that won’t die has a new twist: Sandra Bullock is considering taking Jesse James back! Word has it, via the National Enquirer -source of all half truth’s – that Bullock is calling off her 250 million dollar divorce. What got into her?

Well the unofficial story is that Bullock is so filled with joy after the adoption of her new baby that she wants to give her husband another chance. The usual unnamed sources say that Sandra is impressed with the way Jesse is seeking help for his sex addiction, and moved by his remorse. He must’ve been very remorseful since he humiliated Bullock in the worst way imaginable, by cheating on her with tattooed neo Nazi strippers! The news broke at the worst time, within a week of Sandra winning her best actress Oscar. Sandra’s acceptance speech praised James for making her more real and a better actress. In other words he made a total fool of her.

The unofficial story, and this is unsubstantiated rumour of the kind that makes the rounds of Internet blogs such as this one, is that James has got dirt on her. The dirt is a sex tape featuring Bullock and something called the Dirty Sanchez. The Dirty Sanchez is a variation of Scat Play – a sex fetish involving human feces. In the case of the Dirty Sanchez a brown ‘mustache’ is left across the upper lip of one of the participants. So the story goes that James, getting dirty with Bullock, has threatened to release the tape unless she comes to her senses and takes him back. If the tape comes out then all of Sandra’s public sympathy could dry up faster than you can say “Tom Cruise on Oprah’s Couch!” Of course if she takes back the most evil man in America, then she’s gonna lose a lot of that sympathy anyway!

Maybe Sandra is just more forgiving than Tiger Wood’s estranged wife Elin Nordgren. Elin is already planning her post Woods life. She’s making some long term plans, like enrolling in a psych course at a Florida university. Considering the nature of her course – “human abnormal behavior”, she might be planning on taking her wayward spoouse back too!


It’s deja vu again!

When lightening strikes

Whoever said that lightening doesn’t strike twice never met Anne Hathaway. Now Anne is striking, but that’s not what I mean. In this case the lightening has come in the form of more man trouble for Dreamboat Annie!

obliging Annie – the Dreamboat and the Deadbeats

Now you’ll probably recall that Anne had some heavy trouble with her previous beau, the Italian fraudster entrepreneur Raffaello Follieri! He’s the guy who got in shit for trying to cheat the Vatican and friends of Bill Clinton.

Anne was in that one deep too. He’d made her the chairperson of a few of his dubious charities, and also used her as a frequent ‘business expense’ excuse when he needed to explain where the money was disappearing. In fact when he fled the country, the govt. threatening to go after Anne. They seized her diaries and other valuables as evidence in a possible case against her. So Anne was obliged to help herself by talking Raffaello back to the states, and ultimately into a 8×12 rat infested jail cell!

Never repeat your mistakes, there are plenty of new ones waiting to be made!

When the shit went down everyone had a good laugh, especially Anne herself. She even sent herself up on a SNL monologue. She joked about it on various TV chat shows (This was coincidentally about the time her ironically title movie Get Smart came out. Sandra Bullock’s Blindsided must be a pain that Anne herself knows). Then she moved on to new beau Adam Shulman.

well heeled heels & riff raff rogues … and now for something completely different. New and improved might have to wait for more of the same!

Unlike Raffers, Adam wasn’t well heeled. In fact he has been described as a manipulative social climber who uses young women to improve his position in the world (& also to camouflage his secret life as a crime fighting serial murderer!). If that’s what he wanted Annie was prepared to oblige him. She let him live with her rent free. She paid for all their together time: restaurants, trips, and splashing out on award show attendance. For instance Anne would buy him his tux if she wanted to take him to the Oscars or something. People gave her shit for sugar mommying him, but Anne apparently thought it was safer to pay a man’s way than it was to take money from a con man. So now for something completely different?

Shit for sugar – Where’s Mr. Clean when you need him?

If this was Anne’s idea of playing it safe then she’d have been better of covering the angles instead, since her new beau is in some old familiar trouble. It started like this: Adam was involved with a guy called Ken Hart. Hart is the president of the H&H Builders. He is also the owner of an expensive mural done by acclaimed New York Street artist Dr. Brainwash. Dr. Brainwash sounds like one of Wonder Woman’s foes in the comics! The story is already getting good! Now had the artist in question called himself Dr. Mouthwash the thing really would be picking up steam!

new situations old complications – same old song & dance

Though Hart is the owner of the Dr. Brainwash piece, he is not the possessor. That’s because according to Hart, Shulman up and ran off with the mural. Though possession is nine tenths of the law it’s the other one tenth that’s the problem. Putting it bluntly the lad stole it, allegedly (just because you’re being blunt doesn’t mean that you still don’t have to cross you T’s and dot your i’s!). Now Kenny is trying to be big about this. He’s said publicly, through the New York Post, that if Shulman returns the missing piece he’ll forgive and forget. If not he’s gonna call the cops about it! So that means Anne will have another guy behind bars. Strike two!

Love & war: Anne’s scorched earth policy

As for Anne she doesn’t seem to be talking about this. Maybe she feels that she’s said all she should have to say after Raffers made her look ridiculous. For instance she told David Letterman, after some of his patented malicious teasing: “You do have to give me credit because as far as relationships crashing and burning goes, c’mon, I did pretty great. I mean, scorched that earth!”

Fighting for her rights, in her satin tights against the toxic heart of gossip

Well Anne, Wondertrash is giving you as much credit as we can. You not only scorched the earth, but left radioactive fallout that Internet bloggers are still tapping to power our posts (like Tony Stark’s toxic arc reactor in Ironman 2. That was a fantastic film BTW and you really have to see it if you haven’t already. If you have then see it again!). Besides she did say it all in that Letterman statement. So idle gossip couldn’t really ask any more except “What does Dr. Brainwash have to say about this?” I can wait until Law & Order features Anne in an episode. If she’s really a sport she’ll portray herself in the show!

BTW Anne, take it as a consolation that like comic book super heroines, you have an attraction to dudes in distress! Another consolation, if Robert Downey jr. can rise from the ashes of his scandals like some glorious phoenix of the box office, then you shouldn’t worry. Though you might have to consider a role requiring red boots, magic bracelets, and occasional bondage (Just kidding. Annie’s more of a Hawkgirl than a Wonder Woman!


Conan’s Interview on 60 Minutes VIDEO

Conan O Brien talks double crosses and dirty deals as he tells about getting the shit end of the stick in his own words.

Watch CBS News Videos Online


5 Films With Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields has been in a few films over the years. She’s in a new one called furry vengeance. She’s also seen a few flicks over the years. Not surprisingly she has a few favorites. Here’s Brooke talking about her 5 faves and why she likes ’em.

I like the way she picked Hurt Locker. Kissing up to the hot director de jour shows that she’s still in the game! Hopefully the tactic won’t backfire. Bigelow may have won the Oscar but Cameron is making the money. In Follywood cash is king, and that’s the bottom line. It’s hard to ego trip when you don’t have the price of a ticket.

While we’re on the honor roll trip, JLo has been named Style Icon of the Decade.

Paris Hilton says that they’re are a lot of crazy people in Follywood these days, so stay focused. That’s exactly what’s said right here on Wondertrash, except for the stay focused part. That doesn’t sound like Wondertrash – Wondertrash ain’t about goals!

Speaking of crazy people staying focused, South Park creators are in a whole heap of trouble after taking a swipe at Islam. Some extremists types don’t take it as apathetically kindly as Christians, Jews, Buddhists, etc (Although history as show man is capable of turning any belief system into an excuse for blood letting. Human nature needs to add some excitement to all the religious stuff!). Islam is a relatively young religion, and still has some excess energy to burn off.

Nice ending – promising to be back next week. It makes such a refreshing change from “to be continued”. A change is as good as a rest they say.

ON that note there are rumors swirling around that George Clooney is engaged or something.

What could’ve gotten into Big George? Maybe he’s afraid of dying alone. That makes the big sissy a little quitter with no heart for the game. I’d say reality might be starting to set in, but it seems more like George got the facts straight and still missed the point.

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