Alex Jones goes off on Angelina Jolie!

Alex Jones thinks that Angelina Jolie is some kind of Illuminati spy. Well that’s not exactly what he said. His own words were closer to ‘an empty husk of a woman who looks like a dead carp and is possessed by demonic entities’! He called her other names to like a ‘ring wraith’, and a ‘globalist whore’. Also he feels that even though she’s supposed to be attractive, she actually is a cunning vampire who looks like a reanimated corpse. Plus she breaks up marriages and steals kids. Oh yeah, she’s also got blood on her hands and should be arrested for war crimes.

So what got into Alex? Well he takes exception to her whole Kony thing. Alex feels that Kony is a minor warlord who hasn’t been seen in years. He might even be scarcer than Bin Laden. So the whole Kony fuss is just a pretext – Alex says – for some African invasion. To do that a pretext is needed – something that the public can get behind. Since Uganda doesn’t have weapons of mass destruction, or a nuclear program, something else is needed. In this case is the kind of heel that even Hollywood heroines hate. So Jolie would thing it was sexy if you went in and killed Kony for her. Or that supposedly is the spin.

Don’t take my word for it. You can hear Alex say it for himself. During his daily broadcast Jones ‘went ballistic’ on the subject of Angelina Jolie, Kony, the globalist agenda, and the United Nations – that well known front for the Council on Foreign Relations, which is in turn a front for the Rothschild World Order; depending on which side you tilt your tinfoil hat. His rant got youtubed, and here it is submitted for your entertainment – since approval might be asking a lot.

Now those are some strong words, and the kind of talk Chelsea Handler wishes she had the guts to say out loud. Still don’t be too hard on Alex. He and Jennifer Aniston share a boirthday – Feb 11, and those Aquarians stick together! It’s a conspriacy thing. Besides ever since Jolie made a spectacle of hers elf at the Oscars, with her dress and her telescopic extendable leg (too bad it wasn’t also retractable), the poor woman has become a popular target. I’d say she’s become unpopular put I like to put it in more positive terms. So now that she’s a lightening rod for controversy she’s may come in handy for attracting attention – even only as a ‘useful idiot’ in the wild world of conspiracy radio. Still asking for her arrest on war crimes is a bit harsh. Maybe Jones would settle for some kind of sexy gag order being slapped on Jolie?

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