Andrew Cunanan was a mafia patsy!

some days

July 17, 1997 started out a good day for fashion king pin Gianni Versace. His ear cancer was in remission and his latest AIDS test was negative. However life was to go from good to bad to dead quick enough. As Versace opened the gates to his Miami spread he was shot from behind in the head and neck. Witnesses on the scene found the designer lying in a pool of his own blood with his face blown off. A dead pigeon was near by, and a well known young man was spotted fleeing the scene.

“I’m so mad I could go on a 5 state killing spree!”
~Cunanan’s favorite expression when mad

The young man was infamous serial killer Andrew Cunanan. Cunanan was a bright and ambitious young man who chose the life of a gay escort as a short cut to the top. By servicing the rich, famous, and gay he got admission to a world it might ordinarily have taken him years if not decades to get to on his own merits (Cunanan was a border line genius with a 149 IQ – so he probably might have got there on his merits eventually). So Mr Cunanan was often scene in the comapny of wealthy older business and political types. Some where along the way the life of wine and roses went off the rails, and when the world learned of Cunanan he’d ‘gone ballistic’ and was wanted for the deaths of 4 men. This was prior to the Versace killing – by the time Versace was killed the public had already been asking “who’s next?’

Miami Vice

No one is sure what Cunanan’s motive for killing Versace might have been, except that the two vaguely knew each other. They’d attended some of the same parties together – Versace was well known around the Miami hot spots and used to solicit companions for the evening by going into gay strip clubs and learning at the dancers. When they turned up their noses at the older man, he’d point at himself and mouth “Versace“. After that they’d line up and Gianni could have his pick!

the day the shit hit the fan

As said Versace and Cunanan seemed to have known each other in some way. So the working theory is that when the shit hit the fan Cunanan went in search of some one to help him, like Versace. Versace had a boat and tons of bucks so he was the go to guy if you needed to get out of the country quick. Now folk think that Versace told Cunanan to fuck the hell off when asked for help. That set Cunanan off his pretty little head and provoked another killing, followed by Cunanan’s suicide. Though most folk belive that, some others think different.

that’s a morte

Others in this case is Italian journalist Gialuigi Nuzzi. He’s the author of a new book on the infamous Versace killing, and has pointed out that there were some irregularities in the case. Like that dead pigeon. A dead pigeon left at the scene of a day time killing, according to Nuzzi, is the traditional calling card of the Mafia. in fact it’s where we get the phrase “stool pigeon” from. So the dead pigeon would seem to poitn to some one other than Cunanan as the killer.

low friends in high places

Now Nuzzi should know a thing or two about the mafia ’cause he’s got plenty of friends in the business. Friends like Giuseppe Di Bella. Di Bella is a sort of godfather figure in the Italian mob with a reputation for veracity with the authorities. In fact Italian coppers say that he ain’t steered ’em wrong yet! Di Bella’s says that Versace got mixed up with a bad guy named Franco Coco Trovato. Trovato’s bag was laundering money for South American drug lords. He’d take a trip down south, pick up some cash, find a semi legitimate business to invest in, then leave said business a piece of the action before spreading the wealth around.

strange bedfellows

According to Di Bella that’s how Trovato knew Versace. Versace was, allegedly, a business associate of Trovato. That association is said to include pumping money into Versace’s business for laundering and eventual return to South America. The fashion industry would come in handy for a South American connection. Now things went wrong, according to informant Di Bella, and corroborated by another mobster – Filippo Barecca -when Versace started skimming. Since Trovato had some very ruthless dudes to answer to, that could be tolerated. So shit happened. The dead pigeon was just the mob’s way of confirming that the job had been done!

vulgar favors

Di Bella insists that Trovato knew Versace well. Trovato was a fashion freak and loved to show off his Versace originals – gifts that had been signed by the man himself. Di Bella also goes on to claim that this arrangement went as far back as 1983-84, when the pair would take vacations,or business trips, together to such exotic locales as Majorca and Brazil! Di Bella also gives Versace the benefit opf the doubt, claiming that the designer may not have realized trovato was amob boss, and so didn’t know where the money came from. Versace may merely have got cute with the wrong guy.

Blood & money down at the bookstore!

In an interesting side note the boat where Cunanan was found dead – allegedly suicide – was owned by a mafioso. Now the authorities didn’t make too much out of that. They had their man, who was dead – so they didn’t even have to go to the trouble & expense of a trial. That’s a big incentive to close the case without asking too many awkward questions. However Nuzzi goes on to hint in his book that Cunanan was set up by the mob as a fall guy, to take the blame for the killing. Nuzzi’s book is called Metastasi, A Chronicle of Blood & Money. That book deals with the Calabrian gang known as N’drangheta – in which Versace allegedly some how got himself mixed up with. For the record Versace’s surviving kin Donatella and Santo vehemently deny this. They even went to court in Sydney, Australia to have a similar book – The Spying Game by Frank Monte – banned. They won that case so who knows how much there is to this beyond a good story. However Nuzzi’s book hasn’t been banned so you should be able to get your hands on it and decide for yourself!

Wondertrash: America’s Most Wanted!


Hollywood Refugees

Is it possible for some one to take over control of every aspect of your life? If you’re married, or if you’re Randy Quaid, then the answer is “yes“. How does this secret band of Hollywood Star Whackers take control of an unsuspecting celebrity? Well according to Randy Quaid they tag you cell phone, put bogus stories about you into the media, and of course set up power of attorney documents giving them access to your royalty stream in perpetuity! After that they’ve got you right where they want you. They only thing left for them is to get you out of the way.

That’s what Randy Quaid was afraid would happen to him and his wife Evi when their strange adventure began. It started with some legal beefs over unpaid bills. Quaid claims that he and his wife were totally set up. That’s the way these ‘total businessmen‘ operate. Then things got gradually worse, until the Quaids had become something of a joke in the entertainment community. With their reputation ruined and the law closing in with a vengeance, that left the Quaids looking for sanctuary. They attempted to find that in Vancouver, Canada, until the long arm of the law closed in on them there too. Once they were picked up outside a bank it looked like deportation, and a messy trial/media spectacle would follow.

The Quaids have so far short circuited that. They applied to the Canadian government for protection, claiming that they were refugees from Hollywood who only wanted to be left alone by the criminals in the United States. If they were sent back then their lives would be in immediate jeopardy from the band of above the law star whackers who’ve offed the likes of Heath Ledger and others.

Now when that first came out people thought that it must be a lame ploy to avoid deportation. Canada won’t sent people back if they’re in immanent danger of being killed. However if it’s a ploy then the Quaids are taking it to the next level. Randy & Evi gave an interview on Good Morning America today in which they elaborated on their strange conspiracy theories. Not only did they give some details on what they believe is happening to them, but also named some names about who else might be at risk. According to Bonny & Clyde, Lindsay Lohan needs to watch her step – but not in the way that Dr. Drew means (If there are star whackers out there then Dr. Drew has got to be in on it. He already demonstrated criminal tendencies with his “frame her up better than the Mona Lisa” comments about Lohan.). Britney Spears is on thin ice too. Their master stroke was left for Mel Gibson.

According to the couple Gibson has been targeted by the Star Whackers. What’s more Oksana Grigorieva was ‘sent in‘ to ‘destroy him‘. Now that’s consistent with their thinking. Gibson has been very successful, so his royalty stream has gotta flow like Niagra Falls, even after all those unpleasant telephone recordings about rose gardens and blow jobs. All some shrewd star whacker would have to do is get him declared mental, take over power of attorney, and make sure that he’s discredited in the media so that he will neither be believed or defended! That would explain everything except the tapes themselves. Evi has an answer for that one thought – “He was drugged! Some one slipped him a mickey!” she claimed on GMA. Most people who know about Mel assume that he was drunk and that no one else slipped him anything that he wasn’t voluntarily sipping. Still if some one wanted to slip him a mickey, it probably wouldn’t be too hard – “Hey Gibson – wanna drink?

But enough commentary. Here are the Quaids in their own words from that Good Morning America interview! They explain everything including how close Dennis Quaid is to becoming another Hollywood casualty. He’s already been pigeon holed into making crap films, according to Evi. Dennis has also been mysteriously alienated from his brother and sister in law. The “crap movies” comment may have had something to do with that. You know how sensitive performers can be. However Evi reassures viewers that Dennis is talented, so no slight was meant. Here now is the interview, so put on your tin fiol hats and be prepared to be amazed.

A compelling argument. Lucidly communicated too. They’ve answered everything. In fact the only stone left unturned would be a possible Diana Napolis aka Curio Jones connection. I’ve always wondered why that particular story got buried by the media. I guess no one messes with Jennifer Love Hewitt! Now before you poo poo these ideas remember that stranger things have happened, unless Marylin Munroe really did od on sleeping pils. Besides,Hollywood Star Whackers anagrams to Swarthy, hallowed crooks That’s gotta be more than coincidence!

It’s easy to make fun of the Quaids. For one thing they’re obviously crazy. However let’s move out of our comfort zones for a moment, and assume for the sake of argument that they’re sane. For one thing they’re not saying anything that hasn’t been said before. When the late lamented Michael Jackson passed on from Neverland to the final neverland, his own sister Janet claimed that he’d been helped along by people around him that had decided he was worth more dead. At the time we assumed that it was grief talking and so everyone cut her slack. Yet it has just been announced that Michael Jackson was Forbes Top Dead Earner last year. He made $270 million, and that’s more than Oprah! Now Jackson’s family say that they haven’t seen one thin dime of this. The business managers pay the bills but won’t issue them any checks. So where’s the money going?

Also, in some twitter posts some time back Courtney Love claimed that she was being ripped off by a group of business managers who had set up bogus social insurance numbers for her late husband Kurt Cobain. They then proceeded to take out mortgages on these SIN’s. Love claimed that these financial shenanigans had left her almost broke.

Now when Courtney starts talking strange people assume that she’s on something and they stop paying attention. Yet a pattern is developing. So many Hollywood stars passed on back in 2009 that people began referring to it as the year of death. It seemed that there were more deaths than might be expected from coincidence alone. So who’s to say whether or not there might be something to the talk of conspiracies and star whackers.

BTW happy birthday to the world’s most beautiful woman Aishwarya Rai.

Incidentally, one of Ms. Rai’s biggest pet peeves is people who pronounce her lat name as Buchanan! You can call her the most beautiful woman in the world though, well right after this chick!


Natalee Holloway killer has new girlfriend

There’s no chick magnet like a homicidal maniac with 2 or 3 dead girlfriends under his belt. Perhaps that’s why accused Natalee Holloway killer Joran van der Sloot has made himself a new friend of the female persuasion. Sloot is currently banged up in the Miguel Castro prison down in Lima Peru. He’s been there since he was arrest for the murder of another gal pal, sometime in early June. Approximately 15 or 20 days after his arrest, on June 23, Sloot started receiving visits from a young woman. Referred to by prison officials as “the Dutchman’s gringa“, the young woman speaks fluent English and Spanish, and is described as “foreign” with short blonde hair.

Sloot has referred to her as “my girlfriend”. She calls on Sloot about 2 or 3 times a month to bring him care packages, like bread, water, beans, pork, etc. The relationship began innocently enough, with Sloot paying her $100 to bring him food and other items in prison. It continues fairly innocently too. Sloot is being held in a 2300 inmate prison, so there’s not a lot of private time for the alleged blossoming love affair. Also Sloot is being constantly guarded. His latest victim, Stephany Flores, was the daughter of a wealthy and connected South American businessman. So he’s a priority case in Peru. So getting enough alone time to develop a relationship is almost as unlikely as Sloot ever seeing the light of day again. Still it’s enough to have ruffled a lot of feathers among people who understandably feel that he’s gotten away with too much for too long.

Minding his business and pimping his meal ticket

Speaking of criminal types, Michael Lohan is speaking out again. He’s talking about the only thing he can get anyone to listen to – his daughter Lindsay. In fact he seems to spend way more time talking about Lindsay than talking to her. In this most recent interview Lohan gives his theories about how everything went wrong. He accepts full responsibility because in his words it was someone else’s fault.

As Mikey tells it some drunken relative showed up at a family function and Michael over reacted by kicking the guy out. Michael feels guilty because the guy was a wimp and was so easy to take that he probably shouldn’t have been taken so easily. Anyway that violent altercation somehow lead to Lindsay’s downward spiral. Here’s Michael with his latest likely story!

Michael almost sounds like he’s pitching one of those “it’s my fault but what would you have done” lines. So really his only fault was being too concerned a father. Then again many of you probably would do many things differently from Lohan. For one thing you probably aren’t pimping out your daughters as a meal ticket. Speaking of which Lindsay has a few words for Michael. She wants him to stop selling her stuff behind her back!

Lindsay Lohan slams dad for selling her stuff, dad balmes himself for being too overprotective of Lindsay


The Fabulous Clip Joint

liv tyler bilked out of 200 000 by celebrity hair stylistHow much does a really smart A List hair style cost? If you’re Liv Tyler it could run up to $200 000! To be clear that not only includes the cost of the hair cut, but also all the additional charges that could get run up on your credit card without your knowledge. Lovely Liv favors a salon called Chez Gabriela Studio, run by Maria Gabriela Perez. Perez boasts an A List clientele including the likes of Cher, Jennifer Aniston, and Anne Hathaway. It’s not only the glitterati that are beating a path to her door. Wednesday afternoon the Secret Service dropped by with an arrest warrant.

Allegedly Ms Perez was making free and easy with the credit card numbers of some of her celebrity clients. Ms Tyler, in particular, got hit up for 214 000 over the course of 5 months! She’s also accused of running up 68 000 in charges on the card of an unnamed jewelry designers. This is heavy shit, and could land the hair stylist in the klink for as much as 25 years!

Jennifer Aniston was a former client of Chez Gabriella, but left after a falling out. Jen says: We had a situation that was not cool, so I stopped going to her. Paid her the money and left. … I knew something like this would eventually happen. A lawyer for Perez says: At this time she is innocent of all charges. She is a legitimate business woman who provides legitimate services. We are confidant when the facts come out my client will be exonerated of all charges. Ms Perez better hope that some of her lawyer’s faith in her rubs off on the Secret Service!

Annie get your gun

In other news Sarah Palin has shown that she just doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut. Sarah had just cracked the difficult Levi Johnston problem. According to a story in the National Enquirer Palin felt that she had no chance as a 2012 presidential run as long as Levi was running his mouth publicly about her. So she lured him into a false sense of security by urging Bristol to get friendly with him, and invite him to spent quality time with the family.

The plan worked and Levi retracted all the stuff he said. He claimed that it was merely youthful indiscretion on his part. Damned by his own retraction anything he might say in the future would be regarded skeptically. However the plan hit a snag when Bristol and Levi announced their engagement and plans for a reality TV show. Sarah didn’t see that one coming. When the news broke that Levi had knocked up another young woman – a childhood friend of Bristol’s – the engagement was off and everything was coming up Sarah.

Soon Sarah herself would put a spanner in the works. The former Alaskan governor has recently coming out voicing support for disgraced radio shrink Dr Laura Schlessinger. Schlessinger got into a heap of trouble for using the N word repeatedly on air in response to a woman calling for advice on dealing with racist in laws. That lead to a speedy mea culpa on the partof Ms Schlessinger, and eventually her retirement announcement.

Palin has taken to twitter to support Schlessinger, claiming that she believes that Dr Laura’s 1st amendment right to use racial charged language has been suppressed. Below are Palin’s tweets:

palin tweets support for dr laura schlessinger
palin tweets supprt for schlessinger

Now it should be pointed out that Schlessinger’s right to use racist language has not been suppressed. She can stick her head out the window and holler the N word at passer bys to her heart’s content if that’s what she wishes. However privately owned radio concerns don’t owe her a forum. That’s the technicality on which Dr Laura’s persecution argument falls down. To give Laura credit, she’s claiming that she will continue to voice her controversial opinions on her own time, and at her own expense, by way of youtube and the blogosphere. Freedom of speech within a free market context is as much as any conservative has a right to expect. No word yet on how this affects Palin’s presidential hopes, but I don’t think she’s planning a Mel Gibson defense or anything.

sarah palin reloads for dr laura schlessinger


January Jones – Drunk at the wheel

More Celebrity Fail

Looks like the other shoe is dropping in the January Jones case. JJ is the Mad Men actress who recently got herself involved in a 4 car crash. 3 of the cars were parked at the time. Jones fled the scene and returned a short while later claiming that she couldn’t deal with the paparazzi. People thought that was a strange thing to do, especially since she’s not a paparazzi target, unless she was drunk and wanted to avoid the breathalyzer.

what’s cookin’?

Well now the Food Network’s Bobby Flay has come forward claiming that Jones had been drinking. Flay says that he saw Jones have one beer at least, but wasn’t really monitoring her alcohol intake. He was much more interested in getting to redo her kitchen. They exchanged numbers on that point of business.

fast lane to celeb rehab

According to witnesses, and IDon’tLikeYouInThatWay, Jones smelled of alcohol at the scene. After Flay arrived Jones left her drivers license and then fled the scene, She returned 45 minutes later with a change of clothes and chewing gum. She asked cops if they were gonna drunk test her, but they replied that there would be no point. It would be impossible to prove that she hadn’t had a drink after leaving the scene. The loophole in the drunk driving laws is that there’s no way to bust some one for DUI if they leave the scene, unless there are witnesses! Also there were no pesky paparazzi anywhere near the scene of the crime, though Jones may become a popular target of the celebrity pests now. You didn’t need to be the Amazing Kreskin to figure this one out.

No word yet on whether or not Dr. Drew wants tog et his hands on her.

Coming soon to Wondertrash: Does Angelina Jolie use secret voodoo rituals to steal her co stars mojo? Rumors have been coming out the Jolie is a voodoo practitioner. In fact it’s been a point of contention between her and long time partner Brad Pitt. Now some are questioning whether Jolie might’ve put the whammy on some of her co stars. Girl Interruppted Wynonna Ryder was riding high until she crossed paths with Jolie. Then Jolie got an Oscar and Ryder got busted for shop lifting. Jolie also co starred with former husband and Oscar winner Billie Bob Thornton in Pushing Tin. BB was fresh off of Slingblade and seemed to have an unlimited future as the next James Coburn. After his run in with Jolie his career has been permanently staled.


TV cook in hot water over wife murder plot

TV Chef Cooks Up Trouble

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TV chef jaun carlos cruz arrested for recruiting the homeless in a  murder plot targeting his wifeTV Chef Juan Carlos Cruz has more than a successful TV show. He has a marriage he wants out of. His wife is 47 and unable to reproduce. This was a cause of dissension in the marriage since both are pretty staunch Catholics. Normally a situation like this would be resolved by a divorce of even an annulment. Juan Carlos had other ideas. He thought that he might save lawyer fees and alimony if his wife died. Since he was too much of a gentleman to do the deed himself he thought that he could take care of the situation by recruiting some accomplices, and in the process throw some money to the less fortunate. It should’ve been a win win situation, but the police through differently.

JC went over to the wrong side of the tracks to recruit some guys. These homeless types really ought’a get off of their ass and pull their weight. JC even had an assignment that wouldn’t require an update resume full of current job experience. He found some likely prospects soon enough and a working arrangement was reached.

Things went wrong when one of the guys got busted for vagrancy. While he was being rousted by a friendly neighborhood cop, who was also an acquaintance of his, the homeless dude thought he could make an even better deal for himself. He told the cop about the dirty deal and offered to do the right thing, for some consideration in return. The police put the trio up in a hotel for a week, while the deal with Cruz was ironed out. Meanwhile the Trailer Park Boys dined on naught but pizza and beer, and enjoyed unaccustomed amenities like cable TV and indoor plumbing. Who says that the homeless have no hustle? Cruz went through with the pay off all unsuspecting. Since the cops were in on the act that meant he was quickly arrested and the whole case became public knowledge. There’s also a court case developing, something to due with conspiracy to commit murder.

So that leaves the principles in the case where they are now: The Trailer Park Boys are approaching TMZ to see what they can get out of this. The wife has avoided getting murdered. Plus she get’s to keep everything now, instead of the property and asset division that would’ve resulted from a divorcee. The lawyers haven’t been left out; they got something really meaty to get their fangs into now. There’s one less annoying cooking show on TV so the public should be happy. If they’re not happy about that then at least they have a trial and scandal to follow on TV, and through sites such as this! Now how could a bad situation have worked out better? If it’s not win win, then it’s practically a happy ending – minus that fairy tale bullshit. So even the cynics are happy!

There are some interesting twists int his case that put it beyond the usual 48 Hours Mystery. For one thing Mrs Cruz, alias Jennifer Campell, had been depressed about her infertility for years. She even wanted to kill herself. This leads to Juan Carlos defense, which is just as cunning as his murder plan. JC says that he wanted to help his wife and honor her wishes. Since suicide is a mortal sin he though that he could get her through this ordeal with her immortal soul in tact. He even promised to kill himself immediately after, and follow her off of the mortal coil – to encourage her. That kind of moral support is admirable, except that then he’d have committed the mortal sin and I don’t know what kind of consolation it could be for Ms. Campell to know that so concerned a husband was in hell while she was only in purgatory. That is unless he just said that, perhaps to make her feel better. Juan Carlos has better hope that his lawyer is better at his job than Mr Cruz was at picking out bargain basement hit men.


It’s deja vu again!

When lightening strikes

Whoever said that lightening doesn’t strike twice never met Anne Hathaway. Now Anne is striking, but that’s not what I mean. In this case the lightening has come in the form of more man trouble for Dreamboat Annie!

obliging Annie – the Dreamboat and the Deadbeats

Now you’ll probably recall that Anne had some heavy trouble with her previous beau, the Italian fraudster entrepreneur Raffaello Follieri! He’s the guy who got in shit for trying to cheat the Vatican and friends of Bill Clinton.

Anne was in that one deep too. He’d made her the chairperson of a few of his dubious charities, and also used her as a frequent ‘business expense’ excuse when he needed to explain where the money was disappearing. In fact when he fled the country, the govt. threatening to go after Anne. They seized her diaries and other valuables as evidence in a possible case against her. So Anne was obliged to help herself by talking Raffaello back to the states, and ultimately into a 8×12 rat infested jail cell!

Never repeat your mistakes, there are plenty of new ones waiting to be made!

When the shit went down everyone had a good laugh, especially Anne herself. She even sent herself up on a SNL monologue. She joked about it on various TV chat shows (This was coincidentally about the time her ironically title movie Get Smart came out. Sandra Bullock’s Blindsided must be a pain that Anne herself knows). Then she moved on to new beau Adam Shulman.

well heeled heels & riff raff rogues … and now for something completely different. New and improved might have to wait for more of the same!

Unlike Raffers, Adam wasn’t well heeled. In fact he has been described as a manipulative social climber who uses young women to improve his position in the world (& also to camouflage his secret life as a crime fighting serial murderer!). If that’s what he wanted Annie was prepared to oblige him. She let him live with her rent free. She paid for all their together time: restaurants, trips, and splashing out on award show attendance. For instance Anne would buy him his tux if she wanted to take him to the Oscars or something. People gave her shit for sugar mommying him, but Anne apparently thought it was safer to pay a man’s way than it was to take money from a con man. So now for something completely different?

Shit for sugar – Where’s Mr. Clean when you need him?

If this was Anne’s idea of playing it safe then she’d have been better of covering the angles instead, since her new beau is in some old familiar trouble. It started like this: Adam was involved with a guy called Ken Hart. Hart is the president of the H&H Builders. He is also the owner of an expensive mural done by acclaimed New York Street artist Dr. Brainwash. Dr. Brainwash sounds like one of Wonder Woman’s foes in the comics! The story is already getting good! Now had the artist in question called himself Dr. Mouthwash the thing really would be picking up steam!

new situations old complications – same old song & dance

Though Hart is the owner of the Dr. Brainwash piece, he is not the possessor. That’s because according to Hart, Shulman up and ran off with the mural. Though possession is nine tenths of the law it’s the other one tenth that’s the problem. Putting it bluntly the lad stole it, allegedly (just because you’re being blunt doesn’t mean that you still don’t have to cross you T’s and dot your i’s!). Now Kenny is trying to be big about this. He’s said publicly, through the New York Post, that if Shulman returns the missing piece he’ll forgive and forget. If not he’s gonna call the cops about it! So that means Anne will have another guy behind bars. Strike two!

Love & war: Anne’s scorched earth policy

As for Anne she doesn’t seem to be talking about this. Maybe she feels that she’s said all she should have to say after Raffers made her look ridiculous. For instance she told David Letterman, after some of his patented malicious teasing: “You do have to give me credit because as far as relationships crashing and burning goes, c’mon, I did pretty great. I mean, scorched that earth!”

Fighting for her rights, in her satin tights against the toxic heart of gossip

Well Anne, Wondertrash is giving you as much credit as we can. You not only scorched the earth, but left radioactive fallout that Internet bloggers are still tapping to power our posts (like Tony Stark’s toxic arc reactor in Ironman 2. That was a fantastic film BTW and you really have to see it if you haven’t already. If you have then see it again!). Besides she did say it all in that Letterman statement. So idle gossip couldn’t really ask any more except “What does Dr. Brainwash have to say about this?” I can wait until Law & Order features Anne in an episode. If she’s really a sport she’ll portray herself in the show!

BTW Anne, take it as a consolation that like comic book super heroines, you have an attraction to dudes in distress! Another consolation, if Robert Downey jr. can rise from the ashes of his scandals like some glorious phoenix of the box office, then you shouldn’t worry. Though you might have to consider a role requiring red boots, magic bracelets, and occasional bondage (Just kidding. Annie’s more of a Hawkgirl than a Wonder Woman!


Erin Andrews Gets Flustered

Erin Andrews has her problems, what with peep hole videos and deranged stalkers following around threatening to throw acid in her beautiful face. That hasn’t stopped her from showing her face in public. She’s signed on with Dancing With The Stars, and brought her security detail with her. She also insists that she’s in it to win it – despite having to work under tons of pressure. Just ’cause she doesn’t scare easily doesn’t mean that the fair Ms. Andrews isn’t capable of getting flustered though.

In the following video clip Erin stops by the Jimmy Kimmel Show to talk about dancing, death, and to have her cage rattled. It’s the celebrity experience in encapsulated in a nut shell!

So they didn’t talk about death. They spoke of sex and that’s close enough. Jimbo also had a Bible handy (who’d have thunk it?) to put Erin on the spot. One would believe that Jimbo had little faith in Ms Andrew’s veracity. Maybe he just enjoyed watching her squirm for wiggle room. I’m sure the audience did.

To give Kimmel the benefit of the doubt I’m sure that he hears more bullshit than a bartender at closing time over the course of his show. Assuming that every celebrity is a sociopathic liar would be cynical. Dragging the Bible into it just makes folks uncomfortable. Erin jumped at the sight of the Good Book like Dracula at garlic. Has she gone Faustian, or is she a full blown Morlock? Jimmy might’ve saved her much embarrassment if he’d watch the following short video about how to spot a liar! It might also help liars out there avoid getting caught. When people take to playing games with each other, it helps if everyone is playing by the same rules & the same play book. Have fun!


Bling Ring Leader

Remember the Hollywood Hills Gang alias the Bling Ring? They were the gang of teenagers who robbed the rich and vaguely famous. They became vaguely famous themselves in the process. Using computer message-texting services, they managed to rip off Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Megan Fox while the young stars were out on the town an drunkenly tweeting away – all unsuspecting as it were. Some how they got caught. We actually it was in the usual way – they got ratted out by one of their own who was trying to wriggle off of the hook over something else. Well the alleged Bling Ring leader is breaking his silence and telling his side of the story. Here’s a little preview of what you can expect:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Help I’m Alive

cheating death and taxes

olivia newton john and john mcdermottWhen Olivia Newton John’s former fiancee Patrick McDermott disappeared 5 years ago it made headlines. For one thing Ms Newton John is kind of well known. Then there were all the irregularities in the case. The body was never found. McDermott was deep in debt. There was also a 100 grand life insurance policy in which his son was the beneficiary. So people started talking insurance fraud fast. The working theory was that McDermott had faked his death to escape debt and so that his son could cash in on the insurance.

Wasn’t this on the Rockford Files?

Nothing was ever proven. People kept claiming to have seen McDermott down around Mexico. ONJ gave interviews asking him to contact her if he was still alive. Professional and amateur sleuths got involved in the case. The was a lot of notoriety to the person who solved it. Plus the insurance companies would probably pay a percentage on reclaimed money to anyone who could prove he was alive. One man claiming to have come close is Texas based PI Phillip Klein. PK has come forward and stated that McDermott is alive.

Klein got involved in the case when an American investigative journalism type program hired him. The Coast Guard had previously failed to make a conclusive determination. The Coast Guard and the media eventually lost interest moved on to other things, but Klein intrepidly continued. He even set up a web site to keep track of McDermott sightings. The web site paid off big. Seems that Mr McDermott himself regularly logged onto the sight – according to Klein, and that’s how they found him.

“pay up sucker”

Now Klein isn’t a bad guy and agreed to leave Mr McDermott alone (after doggedly perusing him for 5 years). In exchange Mr McDermott supposedly provide some documentation and voice recording verifying his identity. Klein says that McDermott is still leaving in Mexico and that it is his wish not to be hounded. So what’s in it for Klein. Apart from the satisfaction of a job well done Klein is planning to release a book on the whole deal. Now that should be an interesting read. Hopefully Mr McDermott has a piece of that action.

Now from one mystery to some others, here’s Gary Bell with the View From Space to blow the whistle on the whole C S Lewis Narnia thing. Just click on 2005-12-11-space on the player below.
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