Richard Syrett Firing – international reaction

Richard Syrett’s firing is making waves in the international conspiracy community. It got covered on the Alex Jones show. The caller mentions it at approx 4 mins into the clip.
Notice Jones visibly wince when the caller informs him about Syrett’s dismissal. Alex Jones had been a Richard Syrett guest on numerous occasions. Syrett got canned without warning and despite high ratings. He was beating Coast to Coast AM in many markets, and did a vastly superior show. his last program was on Jan 20, when he covered the Barack Obama citizenship story. Current buzz among the conspiracy crowd is that the citizenship story may have had something to do with his sudden firing by Astral Media! Keeping checking Richard Syrett’s website for updates!
Speaking of behind the scenes going on, here’s a ‘behind the scenes’ look at some of the actors from classic 1970’s sci fi series UFO out of their on screen characters, as the attend some of the numerous fan conventions.
UFO only lasted about 30 episodes, approx half as many as Star Trek, yet is developed a devoted fan following. Interest in the show began to spike again in the late 80’s when the theme started to become popular in dance club remixes. When the series finally got released on DVD, it became a sensation in Japan and Italy. It still enjoys growing popularity in sci fi circles. incidentally UFO co stars Ed Bishop and Michael BillingtonCommander Straker and Col Foster respectively – died less than a week apart in June 2005.

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