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Remember Jason Russell? He became well known for producing a film called Kony 2012, about the child victims of Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony. It was briefly referenced by Angelina Jolie shortly after she & her leg appeared together at the Oscars. Russell became even better known after he had a messy public breakdown. Basically he flipped out and got filmed naked in the street while having some kind of a fit. So he got arrested for indecent exposure and then got hospitalized. Not much was heard from him after that, until now!

Russell has recently made some public statements about what happened to him and how he’s doing today. Says Russell:

My mind couldn’t stop thinking about the future,” Russell told TODAY correspondent Jenna Bush Hager of how the stress of public demand contributed to his mental downfall. “I literally thought I was like the future of humanity. It started to go to the point where my mind turned against me.” 

Basically getting 100 million viewers in 6 days was a little too much for him to process. So he developed something called brief reactive psychosis. It what happens to people when they think that they are the future of humanity, or what happened to Capt James T Kirk when he periodically became unfit for command! Capt Kirk managed to successfully mask his condition most of the time, so he could continue to indulgence his delusions of grandeur. As for Russell, he’s treating the condition by getting more grounded – “It’s just been really spending time with my family, a lot of slowing down, yoga, therapy,” he said. “It’s really been healing for the mind, body and soul.”  Live long & prosper Jace.

In other news actor Danny DeVito & his wife actress Rhea Pearlman have split after 42 years together. They met in 1970 when DeVito was working on the Shrinking Bride, on Broadway. 2 weeks later they moved in together. By 1982 they had married. Their publicist has confirmed the split to ABC News.

Texas is winning the war on celebrity

You’ve probably heard that actress Daryl Hannah got herself arrested when she got in the way of that big pipeline that’s getting put through. Hannah was taking the part of an elderly protester Eleanor Fairchild when Ms. Farichild got arrested for trespassing on her own property! So when the cops slapped the cuffs on Ms Fairchild, Daryl got tasken along for the ride. She was eventually released on $4000 bond. She also made the news with RT (Russia Today). Here’s some of their coverage!

Kim & Kayne Kardashian

Now that might be bad but hold on for a real outrage – Kim Kardashian is planning to bread. I don’t mean to alarm you but reports are coming in that the reality TV actress, who’s whole family is more or less pimped out into the growing Kardashian TV empire, is planning to add to the number of potentially marketable Kardashian that might be used in upcoming reality TV series. As you know she’s seeing Kayne West. So that relationship could be grist for the mill. If she can get him to get her pregnant then she has even more to work with! Just imagine Kim with her very own little Honey Poo Poo perched on her lap like a ventriloquist’s dummy! Now lest you think I’m making up worst case scenario’s look at this!

So it sounds like she’s learned a thing or two from her last debacle. For one thing you lose credibility when you over hype yourself. At least she’s planning this thing out. Do you suppose that Kanye knows anything about this yet? Sounds like she’s got plans for his life that might not include him!

As for the rest of you, get back to bedlam by continuing to read Wondertrash – the blog with a plan that will fix you good!

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