Tiger & Elin are done


Tiger Woods’ multi million dollar divorce from Elin Nordgrin is a done deal. Now that was only a matter of time ever since Tiger’s sleazy secret sex life became public. Gossipistas will recall that the Woods story came to light over the course of a wild and wacky weekend in which a text message meant for Tiger got intercepted by Elin. That resulted in one of America’s shortest getaways, a battered and toothless Tiger sprawled semi conscious across the front lane, and Elin trying to explain to CHP’s why she was holding a bloody golf club in her hand. Oh yeah and Tiger’s mother in law had a minor heart attack and had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital, after passing out in the bathroom.

After that Tiger’s world unraveled as slut after slut after slut came forward repeating the same story of pills, cheap sex in expensive hotels, and Tiger lying to Elin so he could keep on keeping on behind her back. Elin wound up looking almost as ridiculous as Sandra Bullock. So naturally the divorce talk started. Tiger’s worth upwards from 1 billion, and Elin was in line for a good chunk of that change.

For awhile it looked like they might patch it up. Tiger astonishingly persisted in playing golf – though now very badly. Elin released a statement that the divorce was on hold pending his performance in the Master’s tournament. Naturally he screwed that up, and the divorce was back on. The only question was how fast would they get it done.

Well word has come out to day that they have finally got it done, and even now the ink is drying on the divorce papers. Reports have Elin cashing in to the tune of 100 mill to 750 mill. Meanwhile Tiger’s income has dropped by as much as 100 mill. He lost 35 mill in endorsements, plus the rest in anticipates tournament winnings. There’s just no such thing as safe sex.


Larry King’s Wife Overdoses on Pills- makes bogus 911 call?

Divorce American Style – the Sue Ellen routine

There’s more drama in Utah than you might expect. Not only did Gary Coleman die in that state, but Larry King’s wife came close to joining him on the other side. The Gawker is reporting that on May 28 country music stylist Shawne King overdosed on sleeping pills. That resulted in a 911 call King’s father in law, Karl Engemann. Though Shawne wasn’t completely unconscious when the call was made, she was disoriented. This lead her father to “slap and holler” at her, ostensibly to bring her around.

Three things stand out in this phone call. The touch toned dialing, the ringing, and the insistence of Engemann that he doesn’t want this to get out because Larry King is his son in law. Though all 911 calls are recorded by the operator, they can’t record things that have happened before the operator answers, or before the call is even connected. Things like dialing, and ring tones. So that would lead careful listeners to conclude that this recording was made on Shawne’s end. So that makes Engmann’s insistence that he doesn’t want this to get out seem kind of phony. Besides, if he really didn’t want it to get out he just wouldn’t have mentioned who his son in law is, and given his daughter’s maiden name to the operator.

Good luck Larry, cause you’ve got your hands full! Oh yeah, and change up your will quick!

Now here’s a little music dedication to the Shawne kings and Shannon Prices out there:

They give love a bad name, although I’m sure that neither are a Lila Tournay or anything. Not that I’d bet on that.


Charlie Sheen shaves head

Charles is Charged

Charlie Sheen
has had his share of troubles. It’s not easy juggling a porn addiction, a crack using wife, and greedy ex and a hit comedy series. He snapped sometime around Christmas. according to his wife Brooke Mueller. Her lawyer says that he pulled a knife on her, she says it never happened if Charlie says he’ll take her back, and her lawyer says of course that’s what she’s gonna say. The police report says that she was way more looped than Charlie, and Perezhilton says that she’s been in rehab a bunch of times and on crack while pregnant. Meanwhile the charges against Charlie are still outstanding!

from buzzed to buzz cut

Maybe all that pressure has made Chuck start to come unglued or something. He was recently pictured going to his mistress wearing an outlandish disguise. Charlie got some kidding over that in the media. So Charlie has taken his first step towards Britney Spears style 5150 madness and shaved off his hair. Here’s some pix of Charlie showing off his new bald pate, and his InTouch cover. I haven’t witnessed such hilarity since Klinger tried to get out of the army by wearing dresses on MASH! Klinger should’ve skipped the dresses and gone straight to bed wetting – that works! Perhaps it might work on Brooke too, although in Follywood it ain’t worth the risk. She might be into that and then he’d never get rid of her (unless he intro’d her to John Mayer the Pee Pee Playboy).

move over Lisa Rinna – a new case of collegen overload

You have to admire his sense of humor. In fact it’s the give away. Humor is a sign of sanity and Charlie has too much self awareness to be genuinely crazy. Now if he really wanted to pull off insanity then he might have followed the example of this young woman. She’s Priscilla Caputo (formerly known as Priscilla Russo). She’s a model, actress, host, D Listed’s hot slut of the day, and ready for long term institutionalization. She poses for the camera as if nothing is wrong, even though it obviously is. Don’t look at this until after your breakfast has settled because it’s disturbing.

Ms. Caputo might have a possible malpractice suit against whichever surgeon did that to her, assuming he doesn’t work out of a mall or share the back of a van with an illegal abortionist. What could have made her think getting surgically deformed was a good idea? You don’t have to be crazy to work in entertainment, but it helps!

There were plenty of fat lips last night in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Just take a look at the following short video clip – narrated by Don Cherry – featuring some of Alexander Ovechkin’s greatest hits. He goes through the opposing team like a bowling ball through ten pins. There was some other good action too.



Larry King divorces wife, others quickly follow suit

Shaming Shawn

In Hollywood impulsive marriages are usually followed by bitter divorces. Few people have had as many impulsive marriages as Larry King. He’s currently married to wife # 7, ‘country music stylist’ Shawn Southwick. Now Shawn has had a long time battle with migraine headaches which eventually became a pain in the ass for her husband.


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Viagra side effect – causes migraines in much younger wives!

Coincidentally the headaches started about the time of her marriage to King, and reoccur every time the old boy tries to touch her. King has even had her on the show to talk about it, either to raise public awareness of the condition, or to shame her into having sex with him. Though Shawn’s headaches are highly debilitating, they didn’t stop her from screwing the cock off of her son’s little league coach. I guess that he must have been a very good bush league player. In fact I believe that Larry was conned talked into hiring the guy as a private ‘base ball tutor’ for his son. This may have been because Larry was gullible , or because he was trying to shame Shawn into having sex.

To err on the side of cleverness

Shawn is Larry’s 7th wife and he endured 13 years of this. No word on whether Brit pub song Henry the 8th will be sung at King’s almost inevitable 8th wedding, possibly to cash strapped hottie Pamela Anderson.

Get laid and get paid, like Oksana!

Larry King ain’t the only one to regain his freedom. Alcoholic anti Semite Mel Gibson has split from his Russian girlfriend Octomom look alike Oksana Grigoreiva. No word on what drove them apart, unless the paternity tests came back negative. Oksana is a star fucker who’s already getting paid of by former James Bond Timothy Dalton for having a son by him (Isn’t it funny how 007 never pays child support in the movies?). That lad is quickly coming of age and Oksana needed another meal ticket.

Mel sobers up

She was seeing David Foster at about the same time she was seeing Gibson. In fact she was staying in his guest house. It was a fact that may have lead to the dissolution of Foster’s marriage. Anyway she quickly moved on to Mel. Now it looks like Mel might have finally sobered up come to his senses. As long as he doesn’t try defending Jesse James, he might make a career recovery. If his estranged wife Robyn won’t have him back (they met through a computer dating service back in 82, believe it or not) I hear that Pamela Anderson is currently looking for a paying position.

“I can forgive a cheater, but I will not tolerate a loser!”

It looks like Elin Nordgren-Woods might be finally ready to make a clean break of it. Tiger Woods’ wife had an extensive meeting with divorce lawyers following Tiger’s defeat at the Masters. Extensive means that the meeting took several hours and took place in her Orlando, Florida home. Apparently Elin was willing to over look the umpteen sleazy sluts Tiger was cavorting around with, but when his abilities as a breadwinner were impaired she decided that she could do better. Good on her for finally asserting her independence, in the usual way, through divorce lawyers and alimony. Who knew that Tiger had so much riding on that tournament?

Grubby fame – just a little world of advice

In a side note to that sorry fiasco, one of Tiger’s women, porno actress Jamie Grubbs, has gotten herself arrested. She was driving around with a suspended license. That’s bad because she has 3 outstanding warrants. So she’s being held on $30 000 bail. Just a little word of advice to those seeking their 15 mins – when you in a position like Ms Grubbs (and she’s been in many positions) you can’t go driving around with a suspended license. Remember, people know who you are now!

Love is never having to tell your publicist

Finally Melissa and Tammy Etheridge have ended their 9 year marriage. They made the announcement to People Magazine via their respective publicists in which they asked for what all celebrities ask for: privacy and respect. When they’re ready to tell you what they want you to hear then they’ll tell it to Oprah.

commercial breaks & coitus interruptus

BTW it looks like Justin Timberlake has cut clingy Jessica Biel loose in favor of former flame Cameron Diaz. Remember that Americans aren’t interested in pulling out of anything except a drive through, or a relationship!

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Micheal Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones in Couselling

Link to Ian Undercover exclusive!


Will her fame survive intact? Well fame can go wrong, as Tom Cruise has shown. For an example of what can happen when a well known and generally liked TV personality goes sideways, let’s take a look at the life of former sportscaster David Icke! If it means anything Alex Jones thinks that Icke is full of it.
David Icke: Dangerous Anti Semite or Harmless Nut?
Now Jones thinks that Icke is asinine, and that’s like Paris Hilton calling some one an idiot. Big Alex feels that Icke is discrediting the entire conspiracy community, which needs every scrap of credibility it can get.  Then again, watch They Live too many times while tripping on acid, and you’ll probably need to be fitted for a tinfoil hat too!

Latest Gossip = Slap Egotists

Amy Winehouse Got 4 on the Floor

If you thought that that Amy Winehouse’s problems were behind her with her separation from Blake Civil Fielder – then you’ve under estimated her ablity for trouble! Amy did seem to be on the upswing with a trip to the Caribbean and the addition of a few extra pounds. How ever hold habits have come back with a vengeance. Amy was recently witnessed falling down drunk at her hotel resort; crawling around on all fours and stealing other patrons drinks. How bad was it?? Well take a look at the following shocking picture of Amy during her National Lampoon style vacation:

amy winehouse crawls on all fours during vacationamy winehouse crawls on all fours during vacation

Now before we go jumping to any conclusions there’s probably a perfectly rational explanation for why Amy is on her hands and knees, and apparently very slowly making her way to ward the bar. An explanation other that the obvious that is. For instance perhaps she lost a contact lens (or her crack pipe)? Maybe she is in prayer. More likely she has temporarily lost rack of the earth beneath her feet. Any way you look at it this chick got some serious problems. Hopefully she’ll get he help that she needs.

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