Is Angelina Jolie a meth addict?

You’ve heard about Angelina Jolie’s collpase on the set of Salt, now here are the rumours!

Ian Undercover has an interesting take on Angelina Jolie’s recent collapse. According to him the actress might be using meth! Jolie claims that she`s on a strict liquid diet so she can lose 21 pounds. Since she`s already only about 98 pounds that makes no sense. Ian U says that when a star loses weight rapidly there are only two possible explanation: cancer or meth! He should know because supposedly he heard it from a drug dealer to the stars. Said dealer explained to Ian U that meth was currently the diet drug of choice – you can never be too rich, too thin, or too fucked up. He also revealed to the intrepid blogger that Mary Kate Olsen’s stint in rehab was for meth addiction, not an eating disorder.

The plot thickens. Ian claims that Jolie might be on the meth because her Brad Pitt relationship is practically over. He claims that the pair are ‘estranged’. Whether Brad has distanced himself from her because she’s on meth, or whether she’s on meth because he dumped her is not yet clear. Ian goes onto say that Brad was not doing the nanny. It sounds like sides are already being taken in a coming split up, and that Ian is on Team Pitt.

Worth her Salt?

Ian might be giving Brad too much credit for Jolie`s condition. Her career slump may have something to do with it too. She expected an Oscar for Changeling. When she blew that and director Clint Eastwood got a BO 1 spot for Gran Torino, it looked like Jolie failed to sell the film. Eastwood established that it wasn`t his fault by delivering the goods with Torino. So she might be currently on thin ice. If Salt doesn`t pay off and big, her future options might be limited.

Check out the original article on Ian Undercover’s site – Ian Undercover. He might be a rude conniver, but he doesn’t care who’s toes he steps on!
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Lohan – Ronson Over

Looks like the Lindsay Lohan Samantha Ronson fiasco is officially over. Reports are that Ronson has kicked Lindsay out, and changed the locks on her door. What more Ronson is apparently trying to taunt Lindsay by posting the following picture via Twitter. It’s a cake with Lohan’s favourite frosting!
That’s the way the cookie crumbles, except the cookie is cake
Perhaps it’s a sarcastic reference to those 1 year cakes they give out at AA? What’s more Ronson is believed to have gone so far as to have changed the locks on her doors. She has even banned Lohan from her DJing events, like the recent gig she did for her designer sister Charlotte. Charlote Ronson wanted to get her new JC Penney line off with a bang and so held a party at Chateau Marmont. Sam was playing, and left word that Lohan was not to be allowed in. Lohan showed up, and when she realized she was barred made a major stink about it. It took 5 bouncers to keep her out!
Drugs & lesbian sex: not as glamourous as you think
Red hot lesbian sex has provided Lohan with the longest lasting relationship in her adult life. However Lohan seemed to be too much of a handful. In the two years they’ve been together Ronson has lost weight, be admitted to hospital, lost DJ gigs (clients were afraid that their insurance would’nt cover Lohan related flip outs like wild brawls or cars being driven through their front windows), and has seldom been out of the lime light. To put it bluntly Lohan was to Ronson what Heather Mills was to Paul McCartney – a pain in the ass and more trouble than she was worth. It seems like celebrities are determined to take the glamour out of illicet drug use! Must they spoil everything they touch?
I can’t say that I’m completely surprised. After Hollywood issued an employment ban on Lohan Ronson became ‘any port in a storm’. Ronson kept Lohan in the high style to which she is accustomed: boozed out with her nosed powdered. She was really biting into Sam’s back account too. Rumours were than Lohan was staking a big bite out of Ronson’s bank account. Friends of the DJ say she wasn’t thrilled out picking up the tab. Then there was all Lohan related damage, like the recent St Patrick’s Day flip out when Lohan wrecked Ronson’s pad, busted windows, and went so wild that the cops were called out. 6 officers showed up apparently loaded for big game.
However Lohan recently found gainful employment again. She has gotten some kind of modelling gig. She celebrated by acquiring a new Maserati, which got dinged within 24 hours. Lohan claims it was like that when she got it, though with Lindsay anything is possible. She has had some bad luck with cars.
Sam Ronson – scared straight?
The important thing is that she’s working again, and financially independent. She’s earning her own money and can afford her own coke. So she doesn’t really need Ronson anymore. It would be understandable if she took advantage of their latest quarrel to end the relationship. Ronson is probably better off. We can just hope that this whole ordeal hasn’t turned her off of chicks or anything.
We can’t be too hard on Lohan. Drugs are a major part of the Hollywood scene. For instance poor old Redmond O Neal has gotten busted again for crystal meth, and with his mother Farrah Fawcett perhaps only days away from death. He was arrested last Saturday, and was released on 25 000 bail. I hope he`s worth it `cause it`s been a while since his dad has had a career or anything. Ryan needs that money for his own habit! Meanwhile Amy Winehouse has taken to smoking banana peals, if rumours are to be believed. Banana peals contain a mild hallucinogenic, but no one has actually smoked them since the 60`s. Remember Donovan`s Mellow Yellow hit? It seems that celebrities are determined to take the glamour out of illicit drug use. Must they spoil everything they touch?
Never fear L’il Lohan, ’cause when things are rotten I find a merry little tune can brighten things up. With that in mind here’s a special Mocksure video dedication to the love lorn Ms Lohan, the theme of forgotten TV comedy and Mel Brooks Robin Hood spoof When Things Were Rotten, sung in German. German is truly the language of Komedy!
Coming soon to Mocksure – Did Mischa Barton break up Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin?

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Suffering Sappho – pix from the scene of Lohan’s weekend flip out!

It’s pop o matic trouble!

By now everyone has heard about Lindsay Lohan’s rumble with Ronson last week end. This occurred during what proved to be a wild Lohan style week end that only Lindsay could pull off. There were late night drinking and drugging binges (allegedly), trips to visit Jack Nicholson in the wee hours of the morning, and online Twitter freak outs! 
Beware the Ides of March!
The whole thing was set off when a warrant was issued for Ms Lohan on March 13 – other wise known as Friday the 13th. Apparently Lohan wasn’t complying with some court order over some arrest for some  hit and run that happened a year of so back. There have been so many that you can’t really blame Lindz for losing track. Besides her recall (and grammar too, if some online messages are any indication) is not everything that it could be. When Lindz heard about the warrant she completely lost it. She whipped off a missive to Perezhilton, full of spelling errors, claiming that the warrant story was fabricated and could blow every deal she’s got going. I doubt that she’s got anything going, and what ever she’s got can’t be worth going ballistic over.
Anyway that sent La Lohan into a weekend long tail spin. During the way she had a 5 alarm blow out with Samantha Ronson. That was on Saturday morning, about 11 AM. She’d returned from her special tete e tete with Nicholson several hours previous (the English phrase might be heart to heart, but the French are just so much more knowing about these things. It’s their legendary savior faire). The source of the argument seemed to be some DJ engagement that Ronson had. Ronson couldn’t get out of it, and Lindsay could go with because she wasn’t allowed to leave the state. So the lid blew straight off.
Between 11 AM & 12 PM the neighbours phoned the police. They got alarmed when they heard the sounds of ‘something’ hitting the walls. Plus stuff was flying out of the windows, and that was leaving glass scattered around everywhere. Then there was the obscene yelling. By the time the police showed up everything was calm, and no one answered the door. So they had to go away empty handed. However we know that World War 3 went down on the premises (although I suppose that we really have to say World War 4 in our post Bush era, just to be accurate), because there are plenty of picture from ground zero – and here they are!
Hunting for beaver, loaded for bear
It looks like they had the SWAT team out. Then again from what the neighbours are saying, the frightful sounds emanating from the premises made them fear that Chris Brown might be beating Rihanna with OJ Simpson inside! As it turned out, it was only a couple of scared, coked up, boozed out lesbians. Still it would’ve be a good idea to bring along the riot gear and tear gas, just to be on the safe. At least some pepper spray.
You might be glad to know that Lohan’s madcap weekend has ended well enough. Ronson managed to get off to her gig, so some one will be bringing money into the household. 3 or 4 kind ladies with AA Blue Books showed up after the cops left, and stayed until Lindz could get it together (though that alone might have driven many of use to drink!) Lindsay and Sam are still together, because at this point who else would have either of them?? As for the warrant that started the whole commotion, well that’s been dropped. Seems that the courts are describing it as no big deal. So Lindsay won’t be going to jail, or not just yet (though she may give rehab another try). Jack Nicholson must have some clout in that town!! So it this Happily Ever After, or To Be Continued
Remember, when life hands you a lemon, throw in some club soda and whiskey – then shake violently!!
I never give you my pillow

I only send you my invitations
And in the middle of the celebrations
I break down

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Marco Jaric – charges dropped

The charges of sexually assault against Grizzlies point guard, and Adriana Lima husband Marco Jaric have been dropped. Philadelphia police say the claims were unsubstantiated. Now I hate to say “I told you so” but Mocksure is the only celebrity gossip blog that did. While the other sites were beating the same drum, it was Mocksure that brought up Alexandra Paressant and Tony Parker, by way of a possible parallel. X17 was also brought up, as an example of a hi profile gossip site that got the story wrong – persistently. Mocksure may not be big, we were just right!
Twitter Twatter
Much more in  the line of entertainment gossip, Defamer is reporting that with police and counsellors descending upon Lindsay Lohan (God bless her, God bless her-  what would we do without her?)  in some kind of full frontal intervention, the former actress and current lesbian has flipped out – on Twitter! Def received an anonymous letter from some one complaining about Lohan’s online antics in the wee hours of Saturday morning. It’s not the first time Lohan’s early morning iniquities have provoked irratation – but this time the issue was her rapid fire Twitter updating!
The mystery e mailer claims that Lohan had some kind of online freak out – perhaps while under the influence. However their claims are backed up by the fact that they provided some interesting screen caps from Lohan’s locked twitter account – Sevinnyne! Then, to prove that they’re not just going all X17 on the word of some anonymous crack, they post those screen caps. Here they are!
The mystery e mailer then goes on to draw attention to one she describes as among the craziest of among a pretty messed up bunch of tweets – “should you end it if the one person in the world fails to love, hold/comfort, apologize, and CHERISH you the night before jail? LIARS R COWARDS cuz they don’t know what they got til it is far gone. and people-if you fucking love someone. PUT UR PRIDE A-fucking-SIDE AND JUST LOVE THEM BACK! do not ever dj before calling if they
Looks like there’s trouble in paradise. The gyst of it is that Sam went out DJing the night before the showdown – some one has to earn the bread in that relationship – and Lindsay took that as an excuse to go out and get wasted ‘with chicks who act like chicks‘.
Now here’s were it gets interesting. Sevynnine has only 20 Twitter followers, included I assume Samantha Ronson here self. The account is locked, so you gotta be in the inner circle to have access to those tweets. That means one of those twenty people is the person emailing Defamer, and apparently trying to make trouble for Sam and Lindz! It should be an interesting Saint Patrick’s day as a desperate Lindsay works here way through the suspect list!  As if she didn’t have enough troubles!
Girl most likely is a wanted woman!

Freaky Friday
BTW – the night before Lindsay online meltdown, the actress reputedly visited Jack Nicholson at something like 1:30 AM. Lindsay and her entourage showed up at Nicholson’s gate after a night at Chateau Marmount. They buzzed several times before Lindz was let in. She remained inside until approx 4:30, when a body guard showed up to take her back to Ronson’s pad. Sam Ronson showed up around noon, just in time for a major knock down drag out with Lohan, in which glass was hear breaking. The police eventually showed up.
One final thing on Lohan, she’s starting to look like Alicia Silverstone in that top shot, She’d better get a grip on the booze and drugs while she can still get her original face back!
Oh yeah, Lindz wasn’t the only young woman to go wild recently. A whole herd went berserk in NYC – the scene of the crime was America’s Next Top Model. Here’s the crowd scene video:
I suppose this proves that within every normal man and woman is the heart of a celebrity, beating like a hammer and  just waiting to get out to create havoc!

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Thrills, chills, spills, & pills

Jane Goody is assaulted with peace, love, & possibly a hammer; plus a brief history of booze and pills

More drama in the life of terminally ill Brit Reality TV star Jane Goody. Goody was recently confronted in hospital by what tabs are calling a hammer wielding woman. Now the woman didn’t have the hammer when she confronted Jane. Jane had been dozing and awoke to find the woman standing over her a praying. Apparently Jane was terrified by this, even though she had just recently been baptized, and began shrieking. The woman scurried off only to be pursued by hospital security. I guess that’s where the hammer came into it.
Now the celebrity world is pretty well known for its strange antics. Pure craziness is often helped along by pills and booze too. There are a lot of high profile drunks in TinselTown, but oddly the most serious lushes are pretty good at keeping it secret. Sweetie Pie Heather Locklear was a raging alcoholic for years, but managed to keep it a secret. Though her ex husband Richie Sambora was the rocker with the rep, Locklear had the more serious problem. In fact Sambora had to stop touring after he came home and found Locklear suffering from alcohol poisoning. Locklear was whisked off to hospital and successfully treated, despite an official misdiagnosis of ‘exhaustion‘. However it still came as a shock to people when she was picked up after flipping out and stopping her car in the middle of a busy freeway.
Nor is Heather Locklear the only example. When Jessica Simpson was hospitalized for a kidney infection some time back, news quickly leaked out that the real reason was alcohol abuse. She had drank so heavily that she’d started to burn out her kidneys, liver, and her urinary track.  In fact one medical professional who managed to get quoted went so far as to use the phrase “an obscene amount” to describe her consumption. As a matter of fact the lawsuit she’s currently engaged in over her fitness video arose because she showed up too drunk to perform.
If her recent weight gain, and sloppy emotionalism during some performances were any indication, it seemed like Jess was trying to straighten out. Abstinence can be an ugly, ugly thing. However it seems that Jessica has completely taken off the excess poundage, and there have been no more weepy public outbursts, so it may be safe to assume our Jess is back on the sauce once more.
Now when alcohol isn’t the culprit, pills usually are. It was a mixture of medications prescribed by some less than vigilant doctors that lead to Heath Ledger’s untimely demise – though that undoubtedly helped his chances with the Oscar. Heath was reputedly knocking back Ambien like candies, plus some other party favours like Oxy Contin, that were allegedly supplied to him by his alleged girlfriend Mary Kate Olsen at the time of his alleged death in her alleged apartment, allegedly.
Now that lead to some ugliness. For one thing the public wanted to roast MKO on a spit. They probably might have to except that they got distracted by the colourful antics of Heath’s Australian kinfolk. Once they realized that Heath had been worth 20 mill, and had died without an updated will, they got very involved. Friends of Heath claimed that he’d have wanted his daughter Matilda to have his money, and the failure to update his will was an oversight. No one plans for death in their 20’s, except Lindsay Lohan, and possibly Mischa Barton.
Though Heath’s intent seemed clear to everyone else, the family wouldn’t back off. They did make some vague claims about Matilda being taken care of. No one seemed very reassured by that. They also got embroiled in a prolonged legal squabble over the estate, and some bad press in the Aussie media. Before it was through and uncle of Heath’s had even gotten busted down under for stealing farm equipment. Things seem to have resolved enough for the Ledger’s to attend the recent Academy Awards. They’ve claimed the late actor’s Oscar too. Now to be clear they insist they’re only hanging onto it for Matilda. Their words “We plan to keep this for her forever“. Forever really is keeping, isn’t it. When asked if they might ever hand the award over to their grand daughter, Heath’s father replied “Yeah, maybe, someday“.  With his double talk and kiss my ass attitude it seems like Heath’s dad still has some resentment over the way things have worked out. So let this be a lesson – if you plan on dating Mary Kate Olsen, then make sure you’ve updated your will.
Another wise idea might be to keep track of the drugs you’re taking. Prescription pills can pack a mean little punch. They can also have some odd side effects. These can range from drowsiness and itchy eyes right up to amnesia and restless leg syndrome. Mirapex, better known as Pramipexole, can cause amnesia. It’s often prescribed for restless leg syndrome. Statins, the cholesterol med de jouer, can also cause amnesia. Astronaut Duane Graveline had been prescribed the stuff, and reported not recognizing his wife after returning from a short walk. Now it wasn’t a space walk either. Then again if they’d been together for a while that might be more a cause of traumatic amnesia. Then again his doctors think it was something to do with the Liptor he was taking.
Remember when kids were told “you go blind if you don’t stop it” Well prescription drug power house Viagra has been known to cause vision problems. Some patients have reported blurred vision after taking it. Others claim that they failed to distinguish between blue and green. Doctors have an explanation for this – lack of blood flow to the optic nerve. I guess the blood is getting redirected to other areas!
Colour related side effects aren’t restricted to vision either. Their effect on body wastes has given rise to the phrase ‘rainbow urine’. Deferoximine – used for anemia – can turn urine red. Nor is red the only urinary special effect. Blood pressure med Aldomet, often given to pregnant women, can make your urine appear black. This is because it reacts with toilet bowl bleach. Phenolphthalein, formerly a popular laxative, can turn urine purple. It’s falling out of favour these days due to some concerns about cancer. Anti depressants and relaxants Elavil and Robaxin can turn your water green. Perhaps strangest Dyrenium, a diuretic, can turn your water blue!
Moving on to some of our more popular side effects we come to Mirapex once gain, but this time in the hallucination category! Lariam was an anti malaria drug given to US troops but hat had to be pulled back in the ealy 2000’s when it also was shown to cause hallucinations, and violent outbursts. From hallucinations to dreams, anti smoking drug Chantix gives some people night terrors, and causes them to wake up screaming. Lunesta and Ambien can produce similar effects. Ambien tends to hit even harder, making some people sleep walk, and even engage in such elaborate activities as sleep eating and sleep driving. Some users have awoken to find themselves shopping in a near by store, or driving their car down the highway.
Speaking of kooky behaviours Mirapex – by boosting dopamine levels – has been know to make some of it’s users go OCD. In some cases they’ll become compulsive drinkers. In other cases they start gambling full tilt. In other cases people will become hyper sexual (so that’s why Charlie Sheen allegedly buys drugs online), or they’ll uncontrollably binge eat. in one case a man successfully sued Mirapex maker Pfizer claiming that the drug turned him into a compulsive poker player. He won 8.2 million, from Pfizer not from playing cards.
You really have to be careful with meds. Drug companies are an even more powerful political lobby force than Big Tobacco. They’ve got lots of money to throw around and friends in high places, so when a promising new med comes along the temptation is to push it onto the market before all the i’s are crossed and the t’s dotted. What could go wrong?? Then ten years down the road their on the hook for some class action be cause a group of women who took their new birth control pills wound up growing beards and standing up to pee. Millions might be lost, but billions were made. That makes the pharmaceutical game a buy beware deal. Though it should be mentioned that winning a posthumous Oscar is a pretty extreme side effect.
The evolution of desire
Has but matured a toxic wine,
~EJ Pratt

How close was America to a coup d’etate over the past 8 years?? Watch the following documentary video from CBC’s 5th Estate and decide for yourself.

Speaking of conspiracy theories, here’s a doozie.
How deep does this conspiracy go? Listen to Vic Beck discuss the money matrix with Richard Syrett. The show begins with a mysterious e mail from a Mr XYXYX, who passes on some cryptic warnings.
As Richard’s many fans will recall, he was unceremoniously dumped from his popular radio program back on Jan 20. Well there is finally some good news to report – RS has landed a new gig with Glastonbury Online Radio.

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Vince Vaughn engaged to a gold digging tramp!

Things are going great for Jennifer Aniston. The Oscars worked out fantastic. Giving John Mayer a taste of the limelight side of show biz seemed to show her exactly how big a deal she is. He was so excited at the Awards that I thought he was gonna wet the carpet for a minute, and expected some one to ask Jenn at any moment “Hey Aniston, you do have that guy toilet trained right??” Now there are even Ansiton pregnancy rumours floating around, and Jenn is so full of herself that she even has the confidence to start frightening the beJezuz out of Anne Hathaway! The gals had a little spat when protegee Anne unwittingly compared herself to Anston by saying that they both had bad taste in men. Though Jen has picked a few losers over the years, none of them have been jailed, or accused of trying to con the Pope – so Aniston shot back with a response that made Hathaway look like some kind of gangster moll who specialized in going anal for the Mafia (or as Anne allegedly put it “Feeling like a woman in that special way!“)!
So that brings us up to speed with Jennifer Aniston, but what of her former partner in crime Vince Vaughn? Well Vaughn has bounced back too. Recent reports have him engaged to a charming young woman from Western Canada. The lady in question is real estate developer Kyla Weber. Her father has confirmed that happy news that’ yes his daughter is marrying a movie star, to the Montreal Gazzette, but he refused to make any further comments. No use in queering the deal before the names are even on the contract! We do know that Vince has been out to Calgary and has met the whole family, and Kyla has been to Chicago to meet Vince’s folks – who just love her!
Now here’s the unofficial story – Kyla had been seriously seeing a guy from her home town of Okotoks Cal for about a year when she goes to LA to attend the wedding of a friend. Vaughn is there cause he knows the groom. Well Vaughn and Weber hit it off, and the next thing you know she’s telling her steady boyfriend to shove off and go for a flying leap. So it sounds like the girl is all heart, and decided that it was no time to get senimental/stupid when she could do better for herself.
Better she did do too. Vaughn has already popped the question and laid a $125 000 4 carat diaimond and platnium ring on her. He even went down on one knee to propose – although I’m sure she would’ve if it had come to that. Word has it that the wedding is set to take place in either Hollywood or Alberta sometime soon (I’m guessing that Alberta was Vince’s idea – how sweet!), and that they’re ready to start a family pronto! 
So it looks like this one is the bag! I’m sure that the Webers aren’t too concerned about the hurt feelings of Kyla’s ex and his kin folk, since having a Hollywood son in law is bound to make them a big deal in Okotoks and enhance their status within the community. In fact I’m sure that Kyla has been profiled ever night on the evening news since word got out! But ex boyfriend’s hurt feelings aside, the Weber Family might not want to go cashing in their winning lottery tickets just yet. Vaughn has a personality that is pretty much a convergence of bad habits – then there’s the booze, cocaine, strippers, and hookers – allegedly. So our little snow bunny might have a bit to put up with. Marrying a movie star isn’t all face lifts and eating disorders – there’s also the bad stuff! Still with her family’ support, I’m sure that she’ll stay in it for as long as she can bear it and as much as she can get out of it! After all – she’s lucky to have him, and that will define their relationship from the word “go”!
BTW Prince Charles has just been named Best Dressed by Esquire mag, and beat out Pres  Obama who came in 4th. Chuck can’t take all the credit though, since his Saville Row tailors, Gieves and Hawkes actually make the cloths – he just wears ’em.
Quantum leap ego trip
Speaking of the folk on Pennsylvania Ave, it has just leaked out that Michelle Obama has congratulated Beyonce for being the perfect role model. The 1st Lady told Beyonce that Sasha and Malia were lucky to have someone like her to look up to. Of course by extension that means America is lucky, and the rest of the world too. Perhaps the entire universe is some how blessed by Beyonce’s presence – right out to it’s most remote corners. Of course we know Mrs Pres said this ’cause Beyonce is going around telling everyone. Speaking of singularities – her ego is expanding out of all proportion!
Entertainment quote:
You spend the first forty years of your life trying to get in this fucking business, and the next forty years trying to get out. And then when you’re making the bread, who needs it?
~ Lee Marvin

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Regis and Danny Philbin: drama continues

The plot thickens in Regis and Danny Philbin’s father and son drama. Only last week Danny’s estranged wife gave an interview to the National Enquirer claiming that Regis was ignoring his double amputee son, and that Danny was suicidal. Well the other shoe has dropped. This week Danny is the one talking to the NE, and his pointing the finger of blame directly at ex wife Judy.
According to Danny, Judy is a violent head case who is addicted to crystal meth. She has a $1000 a week habit and she usually got her drug money from her long suffering husband. When Danny refused to cooperate any further, Judy became desperate.
Determined to get drug money, Judy threatened Danny with violence. Now Danny is as mentioned a double amputee and confined to a wheel chair. He also weighs about 85 pounds. Allegedly Judy had told him that she had harmed other boyfriends. She’d supposedly gotten on ex in a head lock that she held for hours. Besides, if she didn’t harm him, she knew people who would. She lead Danny to believe that if he didn’t make with the loot and quick, she’d been sending some cold hearted bad asses around. Seemed that her generally idea was that Regis is a money bag without a bottom, and Danny was the way to get loot out of him.
Now Judy naturally denies this – not that she has ever harmed men but that she would ever harm Danny. Danny tells a different story. According to him Judy was yanked out of his home by police several months back and with a gun in her possession! This is probably why Danny had a restraining order sworn out against Judy. He swore out more too: in official court documents Danny states that “I have learned by her admission that she planned to blackmail and extort money from my father“. As for Danny he is photographed in this week’s NE siting side by side with his father as the pair beam happily at the camera.
These new allegations are taking things to the next level. Judy’s allegations were highly embarrassing, and if true even damaging to Regis image and career. The counter claims are criminal. If any of them can be proven, then Judy could wind up serving some serious time behind bars. Since court documents have already been sworn out accusing Judy of criminal conduct, it looks like Team Regis is prepared to take this to the limit. These new allegation would explain why Danny reputedly sleeps with a baseball bat.

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Kiefer Sutherland’s Drunken Pub Punch Up!

It was previously mentioned on Mocksure that Kiefer Sutherland was back on the sauce. It was the post that included a picture of a toasted Kiefer sitting at a bar table with his pants and under wear down ’round his ankles. Well here’s the rest of the story!
The details, by way of the National Enquirer, are that Kiefer was drinking it up at Manhattan night spot called Peter Dillon’s. He was enjoying round after round of Maker’s Mark Whiskey cocktails. At first he was easy going and a gentleman. As the night wore on and Kiefer got more lit up, he pulled his Jekyll & Hyde routine. Some one at a near by table made a remark, and that was it. Kiefer was on his feet, unsteadily, and swinging punches in the fellow’s general direction.
Fortunately Kiefer was far too uncoordinated by that time to do any serious damage. His buddies easily managed to restrain him, and hustled him towards the door.  Meanwhile Kiefer was apologizing, and throwing $20’s around. Now that was a wild night! He’d better watch it or he’ll be looking at more jail time, and that will mean another celebrity mugshot! It might mean the end of 24, too!
BTW a very special birthday greeting to veteran actor Abe Vigoda – who starred in The Godfather and Barney Miller among others. As you’ll see, he’s a real gent. Just watch!
Now Rosario Dawson on Wonder Woman!

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Head Trips

Fame is like being the stiff at your own funeral!

Overdosing yourself is not the sort of behavior that should be rewarded. I say that as a Heath Ledger fan – giving him an Oscar for overdosing disgraces his memory more than anything else. I’m not sure he would’ve wanted it that way. He seemed like a basically decent and good natured guy: so I don’t think he would want his career cheapened with the idea that he won for something other than his performance, nor would he want the message sent to other young actors that death can be a shrewd career move. Ledger’s performance as The Joker outclassed Jack Nicholson’s. Had he lived and kept performing at that level then he would’ve been the guy in Hollywood. Had he kept improving as he did from Brokeback Mountian to Dark Knight, then in ten years we would’ve been saying “Brando Who?” As it is in 10 years people are gonna look back at Ledger and say “Oh yeah, he’s the guy who OD’d and then won an Oscar“. 

The implication being that ODing was a major factor in his winning the award. Maybe it’s some sign of Hollywood’s collective sense of guilt (remember River Phoenix? Johnny Depp got to wear the blame – scape goat style – on that one for a while, so Hollywood wouldn’t have to face responsibility for the milieu they created. Depp may have owned the Viper Room, but who packed it full every night and made it a fashionable place to be?? The Viper Room didn’t exist in a vacuum but as a response to a milieu that doesn’t look over your shoulder while you’re having fun. Drugs is a big part of the fun). Then again clumsy gestures, like crude humour and simplistic politics, are among of Hollywood’s specialties!

Is Hollywood power structure more of a nervous system?
Oscar Night was a great night for the family of Heath Ledger. His mother and father flew in from Australia to honour his memory and claim his award on behalf of his daughter Matilda. They’re so busy claiming stuff on her behalf that it’ll be wonder if they leaving anything for her to claim, when she comes of age (the Heath clan has a reputation for being acquisitive – one of his uncles even got arrested for stealing farm equipment down in Australia, only months after Ledger’s death). Had her father lived then that wouldn’t be a problem.
Ledger goes down in history – the guy who won because he OD’d
Heath Ledger became a Hollywood causality. People who live that lifestyle seem to share a reduced life expectancy, along with air traffic controllers and pro wrestlers. Some might argue that abnormal personality types are attracted to the profession, and that they were more likely to off themselves in any case. All stars egos aside, there are other pressures that contribute to the fatal Hollywood head trip: there’s the constant flattery of hangers on, the pressure and mind games of agents and managers, the unrealistic expectations of the studios, and of course the mutual mind fucking of the rich, famous and idle. Then of course there is drugs.
His moment of triumph? “Well Heath I’m sorry you couldn’t make it tonight”
Heath Ledger died of drugs, and he was the latest in a very long list. Drugs are a part of the Hollywood scene the way cocktails and cigarettes were for 1950’s middle class suburbia. They are a way for aspiring actors to explore their ‘consciousness’ and there by potentially improve their performances. They are away to escape the constant pressures associated with the high powered big money lifestyle (wrong hard play hard). They’re a way to loosen up and escape inhibitions so that the Hollywood player can more fully participate in the fast lane lifestyle. They’re away to fit into tho the drug saturated LA milieu. They are also an excellent way to go off your head. 
It helps if you’re crazy, and there are ways to help the crazy along!
Observers can’t help noticing the sometimes bizarre behaviour of the glitterati. While some of that is attributable to the personality quirks of person who crave fame, a lot of it might be caused by deliberately induced chemical imbalances. Just take a look at the following documentary for more info.
You’ve gotta go out of your mind to use your head“. That’s like saying you’ve got to blow your brains out to open your mind. The only sane answer to that would be “You first” and hand them back the loaded revolver. After listening to some of that drugged out prattle it should be obvious where the New Age started – surprise, surprise!

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Guess Who’s Back on the Sauce!

I just hope that Keifer Sutherland is keeping his underwear clean!

Actually they appear spotless from here! There’s not so much as a skid mark or a urine stain!

Now let’s not be too hard on KS, from the looks of Katie Holmes lately, she could use a drink, that is if Scientology didn’t strictly for bid it! 
In fact I hear that Katebot has joined an ultra secret society called Skin & Bones!
Still times are rough all over. Even Kate Winslet, in her moment of triumph, has found something to bitch about.
Look on the bright side Winslet, at least your not Lindsay Lohan. That poor girl is tweaking like crazy!
Is this the only party you’re attending tonight?” That reporter just hasn’t been paying attention! So does Lindz have ants in her pants, or does she just need a drink really really badly!
Oh yeah, Charles Barkley is gonna be spending the night in jail, to sober up and think about what he’s done! He’s not alone in his shame – take a look at TMZ’s Celebrity DIP Rogue’s Gallery by hitting the link – Celeb DIPS!
As for Jennifer Love Hewitt, is she on something, or just nuts? JLH went out in full Breakfast At Tiffany’s regalia – including tiara – to commemorate her 30th birthday.
Turning 30 can be rough, and more so for an actress who never really made it. I can’t believe she let Steven Spielberg talk her into joining the Process Church!! It didn’t quite pay off in career dividends! The Process Church is a sort of Scientology rival, and may be the real reason for Tom Cruise’s public disgrace, and the war on Sci. Tom may be nutty but come on, he’s no Joaquin Phoenix!
For course the nefarious machinations of insidious secret societies might drive anyone to drink. Here’s some stuff you need to know!
Incidentally there is a Hollywood connection to Freemasonry – Director James Cameron is a 33 degree mason. Pres Barack Obama is a 32 degree mason, though his lodge is a black chapter (Prince Hall LodgeNelson Mandala was also a member), and not universally recognized within masonry. Rumour has it that when he was sworn in the second time, it was using George Washington’s special ‘masonic’ Bible! That’s the one where they reveal that God is actually called Asmodius, and that Moses commanded him using secret ‘coptic’ spells!

According to Masonic lore the Knights Templar went to the holy land to prevent the magical secrets of Moses from falling into the hands of the Muslims. They brought that magic back from Palestine, and it became the source of their legendary wealth and power. Of course other factions immediately began fighting over it, and that resulted in the official suppression of the order. The tradition was carried on by sects such as the Masons, and the Knights of Malta. Today reputedly the Jesuits are in on the act – and their metaphysical dabblings have made them the most powerful and controversial order with in the Catholic Church. Masons feel that the Society of Jesus has hijacked the Templar Legacy, which is rightfully theirs, and hence they are cast has heavies in pro masonic fiction like the DaVinci Code. Further more some Catholic traditionalists feel that the Church has been infiltrated by Masonic occultists. Vatican 2 was at their instigation. These are the ideas of Mel Gibson’s father Hutton, among others.
Now when you consider that orthodox Christianity and much of Western Politics have been infiltrated by Masons and are guided by their agenda, you can see why Islamic nations refer to the west as the Great Satan, and also see the source of their disagreement with us. Though the West’s ‘orthodox power structures’ refer to themselves as Christian for the sake of PR, they actually practice the worst kind of paganism! Truly we are still fighting the Crusades. It’s the oldest show going in Western political history! Pres Barack Obama – 32 degree mason – has authorized 20 000 more troops for Afghanistan. Now that’s a strange sort of pull out.

A members list of masonic like club Bohemian Grove reads like a who’s who of American Politics. The following guest list is of attendees to a “Cremation of Care” ceremony. That’s the one where the cream of American politics and finance traipse around stark naked – male nudity is mandatory – and worship an owl!

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